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There are also many guest houses such as Brittons Farm Estate , or group, conference and team-building venues such as Folly Farm Centre. After a fun-filled day out, visit one of the many local towns and villages such as Frome, a historic town with quaint cobbled streets. There are delicious restaurants and lively pubs and bars, or for some evening entertainment check out the Cheese and Grain , a leading venue for live music with over events per year.

Motor enthusiasts can spend the morning at Castle Combe Circuit and take to the tracks with an action-packed driving experience, or even spend a full day during racing season to catch all the action.

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Now there's just one more place to go. Head towards the center of the map and go up to the base of the tower. Jump and grab onto the stairs, then start making your way up.

Once you reach the top, enter the room to find that Longlocks has hung herself Let's hope this is the last tragic twist on these old fairy tales. Of course, the wraith of Longlocks will take to fighting you.


As you fight her, Longlocks will summon soldiers who can easily be taken down in one hit, but take note that while you're distracted, Longlocks will heal. Yrden is good at stopping her in her tracks. With that complete, walk over to the bed to find the yellow magical bean.

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Walk out through the window and jump off the plank. You'll land in the water, don't worry! Before planting the beans, you can also travel to the end of the rainbow to find a pot of gold. Interacting with it releases a panther. Use the marker on your map to guide you to the garden where you'll plant the beans. Fight off the Pixies, plant the beans, the climb the giant beanstalk.


At the top you'll face off with the Giant. His powerful attacks should be avoided at all costs, and watch out when he dives into the clouds. He'll pop back up wherever you're standing, so be ready to dodge and roll. Make use of Qven here as well. After the fight, you'll be able to trigger a romance with Syanna.

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From there, right towards the castle. As you cross the bridge, you'll notice another Will-o'-the-Wisp.

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Follow it down below the bridge and enter the cave. Here you'll find the silver sword Gesheft that you can grab after lighting the campfire the sword is stuck in Dark Souls, woo! To exit, continue into the cave to return to the surface. Start running across the bridge again. In the courtyard, find the well and hop inside to end the mission and to start Tesham Mutna. Was this guide helpful? Al-Futtaim Malls is busy with the Festival Plaza development, which will add , square feet of gross leasable area in Jebel Ali, fast emerging as a residential location of choice for freehold property owners.

The Festival Plaza, which will have an Ikea, is scheduled to open late this year. Is there a perfect formula that mall developers need to work on?

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Where needed, we will take on partners to do something creative. You can manage them any time by clicking on the notification icon. Friday, June 28, Business Retail. A light and sound show at Dubai Festival City.

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  • Al-Futtaim Malls is busy with the Festival Plaza development, which will add , square feet of gross leasable area in Jebel Ali. What shoppers here keep telling us every Friday and Saturday is that they love going to the malls. We expect new assets coming to market to focus on big-box anchors such as a cinema, family entertainment, supermarkets or fashion retailers focusing on fast fashion, for example. Omni-channel retail to take up space at a new mall in Abu Dhabi. A tech start-up is offering last-mile delivery services to online shoppers in the UAE, hoping that there would be sizeable user base wanting to pay for instant delivery.