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Inland navigation vessels Read More. Materials, welding and equipment Read More. Offshore units Read More. See more. Your toolbox. Veristar Info Log in to your portal and monitor the status of your fleet. A lighter incident occurred regarding that accusation during the Nebraska primary campaign. The state's former governor, Frank Morrison , who was actively campaigning for McGovern, sought to counter the Jackson and Humphrey campaigns' effective use of the accusation.

During a campaign speech, Morrison declared, "They say that George McGovern is for the legalization of marijuana, but I say --" At this point there was thunderous applause from the younger people in the audience, which left Morrison puzzled, but when it died down, he finished, "I tell you that George McGovern does not advocate the legalization of marijuana. He continued, "They say George McGovern is for abortion on demand, but I tell you--" Again there was deafening applause, followed by sighs of regret when he finished the sentence: "But I say to you that George McGovern is against tampering with our state laws on abortion.

I'll get the oldsters for you, and you take care of the young ones as you think best. McGovern lost several primaries, including Florida to George Wallace. Due to Wallace's "outsider" image, he did well in the South he won every single county in the Florida primary and among alienated and dissatisfied voters. What might have become a forceful campaign was cut short when Wallace was shot and left paralyzed in an assassination attempt while campaigning. Wallace did win the Maryland primary, but his near assassination effectively ended his campaign.

But in the end, McGovern succeeded in winning the nomination by winning primaries through grassroots support in spite of establishment opposition. The new rules for choosing and seating delegates created an unusual number of rules and credentials challenges. Many traditional Democratic groups such as organized labor and urban constituents had small representation at the convention. Their supporters challenged the seating of relative political novices, but for the most part were turned back by the supporters of McGovern, who during the presidential primaries had amassed the most delegates to the convention by using a grassroots campaign that was powered by opposition to the Vietnam War.

Many traditional Democratic leaders and politicians felt that McGovern's delegate count did not reflect the wishes of most Democratic voters. The stop-McGovern forces tried unsuccessfully to alter the delegate composition of the California delegation. Although the anti-McGovern group argued for a proportional distribution of the delegates, the McGovern campaign stressed that the rules for the delegate selection had been set and the Stop McGovern alliance was trying to change the rules after the game.

Maneuvering by the McGovern campaign ensued during the convention as they sought to ensure the Democratic nomination despite attempts by the Humphrey campaign and other candidates to block McGovern. As with the credential fight, McGovern's army carried the day, effectively handing the nomination to McGovern. The Illinois primary required voters to select individual delegates, not presidential candidates. The delegation was challenged by McGovern supporters arguing that the results of the primary did not create a diverse enough delegation in terms of women and minorities. The credentials committee, headed by Patricia Roberts Harris , rejected the entire elected delegation, including elected women and minorities, and seated an unelected delegation led by Chicago Alderman William S.

Singer and civil rights activist Jesse Jackson that pledged to McGovern. McGovern thus secured enough delegates to the Democratic National Convention to win the party's nomination. McGovern and his campaign brain trust lobbied Senator Kennedy heavily to accept the bid to be McGovern's running mate. Nevertheless, McGovern and his staff felt that a Kennedy-style figure was needed to balance the ticket : an urban Catholic leader with strong ties to organized labor and other working-to-lower middle class constituencies. Belying his previous support, Kennedy vetoed White when the Massachusetts delegation threatened to boycott the convention due to White's previous endorsement of Muskie.

Once it became apparent that White's candidacy was infeasible, McGovern asked Senator Gaylord Nelson to be his running mate. McGovern's team only conducted minimal vetting of Eagleton as the senator had been previously recommended by many of the prospective running mates. Eagleton was relatively unknown to many of the delegates. This, along with the inexperience of many of the delegates who were wary after the protracted infighting, caused the vice presidential balloting to become almost a farce. By the time the roll call finally began, the delegates were in a prankish mood, casting ballots for the fictional Archie Bunker , Martha Beall Mitchell , New Mexico Lt.

With hundreds of delegates either actively supporting Nixon or angry at McGovern for one reason or another, the vote was thus chaotic, with votes scattered over 70 candidates. The eventual winner was Eagleton, who accepted the nomination despite not personally knowing McGovern very well, and privately disagreeing with many of McGovern's policies.

Eventually, Eagleton secured the nomination but the last-day-of-school atmosphere of the proceedings dragged out the process. This probably hurt the McGovern campaign by not creating the so-called "convention bounce. The McGovern Commission changes to the convention rules marginalized the influence of establishment Democratic figures some of whom had lost the nomination to McGovern. Many refused to support him, with some switching their support to the incumbent President Richard Nixon through a campaign effort called " Democrats for Nixon ".

This also had the effect of leaving the McGovern campaign at a significant disadvantage in funding compared to Nixon. In addition, McGovern was repeatedly attacked by associates of Nixon, including the infamous Watergate break-in , which eventually led to Nixon's resignation in Just over two weeks after his nomination, it was revealed that Thomas Eagleton had received electroshock therapy for clinical depression during the s.

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Eagleton had made no mention of his earlier hospitalizations to McGovern or McGovern's staff, and in fact decided with his wife to keep them secret from McGovern while he was flying to his first meeting with the Presidential nominee. Eagleton had promised to bring his medical records for McGovern's review, but he did not. He initially concealed the fact that he was on Thorazine , a powerful antipsychotic; when he did disclose his use of the medication, he noted that it couldn't be discovered by the press because it was issued under his wife's name.

McGovern spoke to two of Eagleton's doctors, both of whom expressed grave concerns about Eagleton's mental health. Ultimately, a portion of Eagleton's medical records was leaked to McGovern, at which point McGovern saw a reference to "manic depression" and "suicidal tendencies.

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McGovern had failed to act quickly when he learned of the mental health problems though not their severe extent because his own daughter was seriously depressed and he wondered what effect dumping Eagleton because of his depression would have on her. Ultimately, Eagleton threatened that if McGovern tried to force him off the ticket, he would fight the move.

Eagleton conditioned his resignation on McGovern's releasing a statement, written by Eagleton, that Eagleton's health was fine and that McGovern had no issues with Eagleton's mental status. Though many people still supported Eagleton's candidacy, an increasing number of influential politicians and columnists questioned his ability to handle the office of Vice President. Nonetheless, the press made frequent references to his 'shock therapy', and McGovern feared that this would detract from his campaign platform.

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If he kept Eagleton, the selection did not look good for the decision-making ability of the McGovern team, while if he removed Eagleton, he appeared to be weak and vacillating. McGovern subsequently consulted confidentially with preeminent psychiatrists, including Eagleton's own doctors, who advised him that a recurrence of Eagleton's depression was possible and could endanger the country should Eagleton become president.

This perceived indecisiveness was disastrous for the McGovern campaign. A new search was begun by McGovern.

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Kennedy and Ted Kennedy. By this time, McGovern's poll ratings had plunged from 41 to 24 percent. McGovern's handling of the controversy was an opening for the Republican campaign to raise serious questions about his judgment. The Eagleton controversy also put the McGovern campaign off message and was speculated at the time to perhaps be a harbinger of what would become McGovern's subsequent landslide loss. Nixon ran a campaign with an aggressive policy of keeping tabs on perceived enemies, and his campaign aides committed the Watergate burglary to steal Democratic Party information during the election.

Nixon's level of personal involvement with the burglary was never clear, but his tactics during the later coverup would eventually destroy his public support after the election and lead to his resignation. McGovern ran on a platform of ending the Vietnam War and instituting guaranteed minimum incomes for the nation's poor. The Vietnam issue, which remained the one McGovern was most passionate about, did not work for him overall; a majority of the electorate thought that Nixon was a strong leader who would secure "peace with honor".

Nixon's so-called " southern strategy " of reducing the pressure for school desegregation and otherwise restricting federal efforts on behalf of blacks had a powerful attraction to northern blue-collar workers as well as southerners.

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An infamous incident took place late in the campaign. McGovern was giving a speech and a Nixon admirer kept heckling him.

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  • McGovern called the young man over and whispered in his ear, "Listen, you son-of-a-bitch, why don't you kiss my ass? Several years later, McGovern observed Mississippi Senator James Eastland looking at him from across the Senate floor and chuckling to himself. He subsequently approached McGovern and asked, "Did you really tell that guy in '72 to kiss your ass? In the last week of the campaign, Henry Kissinger spoke of the ongoing Paris Peace Talks and said that "We believe that peace is at hand.

    The general election was held on November 7. This election had the lowest voter turnout for a presidential election since , with only 55 percent of the electorate voting. McGovern's two electoral vote victories came in Massachusetts and Washington, D. Nixon's percentage of the popular vote was only slightly less than Lyndon Johnson 's record in the election , and his margin of victory was slightly larger.

    Barry Goldwater , who was defeated by Johnson in , sent McGovern a newspaper political cartoon depicting the two of them together "like Grandpa and Granny [patterned after the painting American Gothic ] linked by our defeats", with a note scribbled "George -- If you must lose, lose big. In his telegram to Nixon conceding defeat, McGovern wrote, "I hope that in the next four years you will lead us to a time of peace abroad and justice at home.

    You have my full support in such efforts. The campaign was also assisted by over a hundred well-known professional American football players, organized by Ray Schoenke of the Washington Redskins. After the resignation of Nixon following the Watergate scandal , a bumper sticker became popular: "Don't blame me - I'm from Massachusetts". McGovern recognized the mixed results of the changes that he made to the Democratic nominating convention, saying, "I opened the doors of the Democratic Party and 20 million people walked out.

    Robert Novak was accused of manufacturing the quote that led to the "amnesty, abortion and acid" label. Then he never would have been picked as vice president. We had a messy convention, but he could have, I think in the end, carried eight or 10 states, remained politically viable. And Eagleton was one of the great train wrecks of all time. United States Senator, South Dakota, — From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the People [1]. See also: Democratic Party United States presidential primaries, See also: Democratic National Convention.

    See also: United States presidential election, George McGovern dead at 90". Retrieved October 22, January 19, The New York Times. Vanity Fair. Retrieved January 21, Edwin Kuh is dead; Pioneer in Econometrics at M. June 10, June 19, Retrieved Christian , pp. The Forum: Politics of Presidential Selection. Streisand: The Woman and the Legend. Meet the Press. July 28, The original story is a dead link.