Multimedia-Technologie: Medien-Server und Datenbanksysteme (German Edition)

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Aberer K, Klas W The impact of multimedia data on database management systems. Technical Report TR Aberer K, Klas W Supporting temporal multimedia operations in object-oriented database systems. Bresenham JE Algorithm for computer control of a digital plotter.

Research on Multimedia Database Systems at GMD-IPSI

Kim W Modern database esystems — the object model, interoper-ability and beyond. Addison-Wesley, Reading, Mass. Google Scholar. Lux G MuSE — multimedia technology for systems engineering.

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Informationstechnik und Technische Informatik, R. Oldenburg Verlag, No. Computer March 92, pp 25—37 Google Scholar.

The homepage of the Education Server now allows visitors to suggest entries into the data base in the section "DBS-Datenbank". It is also responsible for SchulWeb, which is now a subportal of the Eduserver. A team of online editors enhances the topic areas and the technical development of the server. Additionally, the Education Server is to promote innovative projects in the field of web based educational information. The financial means provided for this task are invested in several projects and portals in the following years.

By November , the navigation structure of the German Education Server is basically the same as today. The homepage of German Educational Resources is enhanced by the provision of an overview of its most frequently visited sites, Moreover, it now offers link collections for special interest groups, such as teachers, pupils, parents, scientists, and professionals in education. SchulWeb , an information network for schools, goes online with its own logo and design. Its first prototype was designed in Spring The platform consists of the columns Information, Communication, and Resources.

Information concerning the original design can be found in the archives of the Eduserver, for instance in the project application. The concept dating fron April 2, and a thesis published by one of its initiators, Prof. Peter Diepold, provide further information. In September , the German Educational Resources receive their first logo, and go online for the general public.

The server defines itself as "a central entry point for communication and information in the field of education within the rapidly developing German educational network. More information on the development of the German Education Server can be found in the archives. Deutscher Bildungsserver Bildungsserver. Search Deutscher Bildungsserver Bildungsserver Suchbegriff eingeben.

Inhalt Milestones in the development of the German Education Server The German Education Server is relaunched in September , with a focus on responsive web design.

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Display all. Inhalt auf sozialen Plattformen teilen nur vorhanden, wenn Javascript eingeschaltet ist. Methods and apparatus for searching backup data based on content and attributes.

Research Interests

Automatic computer docking station having a motorized tray, cammed side connectors, motorized side connectors, and locking and unlocking guide pins. System for managing local database updates published to different online information services in different formats from a central platform. Coherent file system access during defragmentation operations on a storage media.

System for backing up files from disk volumes on multiple nodes of a computer network.

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Procede de surveillance en temps reel d'un systeme informatique pour son administration et l'aide a sa maintenance en phase d'exploitation. Computer system and process for accessing an encrypted and self-decrypting digital information product while restricting access to decrypted digital information.

Audio support for an object-oriented database-management system | SpringerLink

Computer system and method to track and control element changes throughout application development. Multimedia data storage system and method for operating a media server as a cache device and controlling a volume of data in the media server based on user-defined parameters. Client-side application-classifier gathering network-traffic statistics and application and user names using extensible-service provider plugin for policy-based network control.

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  • Method computer program product, and system for assessing the performance of a packet schedule. Method of displaying temporal and storage media relationships of file names protected on removable storage media.

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    Integration of a database into file management software for protecting, tracking and retrieving data. Profiling program execution to identify frequently-executed portions and to assist binary translation. Recording in a program execution profile references to a memory-mapped active device. File server system using connection-oriented protocol and sharing data sets among data movers. File server system using file system storage, data movers, and an exchange of meta data among data movers for file locking and direct access to shared file systems.

    Method of performing a high-performance backup which gains efficiency by reading input file blocks sequentially. System, method and article of manufacture for configuration management in a development architecture framework.