Remarkable Stroke Of Luck Trilogy 1 of 3: As fast as lightning strikes I became a stroke survivor.

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You, as the reader, are lead to believe the other guests are either entirely mad or dead. The protagonist spends a good portion of the middle of the book trying to distance himself from other guests to find signal on his phone but can't to call his girlfriend. At the end of the book it's heavily hinted that the protagonist actually died in a plane crash and has been dead the whole time.

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The book was billed as a thriller but had rather humourous moments if you like dark humour. The author of the book seemed to be English and possibly had a double barrelled surname. The cover may have been yellow on the hardback edition. I am looking for a children't book I used to read as a child. It was a short read about a young girl who wanted to purchase a black stallion but couldn't afford it. So she ended up purchasing a beat up old black horse instead.

Essentially, this book is the ugly duckling book about a horse. It would have been published prior to the early 's. That is when I remember reading it. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a book that is about a Havard student. When he passed away, his friends came to his funeral and they decided to have a speical sign for their children. His son grew up and he got the help from his father's friends to take revenge for him.

Please let me know if you know any information about this book. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. He then set out to find his family along the way he comes across a man and a women in a house and he uses the words full of spunk to describe her. He also uses a bike mask to be protected from the air. And he has a picture of his daughter in his pocket. Along the way they come accross a hospital where a nurse and a child have been hiding in an X-ray room where they were protected from radiation. The kid was wheeled around in a wheel barrow I do believe. Looking for a book about a girl who lives in california who is goth but carries around a doll and falls in love with a surfer who works at a juice bar and her mom and boyfriend send her to her father on NY an she meets her half siblings.

The cover is pink and yellow-orange stripes with a combat boot and a doll. One is about a man who proposes to his girlfriend with a green ring, next to a dock or some water, and a sea monster like pops out and steals the ring. The man jumps in after it. He eventually gets it back and returns. He gives the ring to his girlfriend and she says she'd like it better if it was blue or some other color. Might be called Suburbia? Looking for a book from the s I think, about a girl whose teacher stays with her while her parents are away.

I don't remember much except she had a party and the teacher made a "cake" with tuna in the middle of a loaf of bread and frosted it with cream cheese. I know it's odd but that's the main thing I remember to this day lol. Underground cult uses magic to overthrow system and a leader eventually achieves lifetime ambition of disappearing into a diamond. Published prior to One leader eventually disappears when not a diamond using magic. In looking for a book i read to teens. It's about a young girl camp counselor that took misfit teens camping. They had a volunteer grandma with them.

Along the bike they encountered a group of motorcycle guys that followed them and caused trouble. If I remember right, it's categorized as a Young Adult book. It's about this girl and boy who I think they used to date, but for some reason they split and part their own ways, but they keep writing letters to each other that's how the book is narrated; with the letters i can't remember but i think the girl stops writing and the guy is struggling to keep up with growing up and becoming a responsible adult.

I think the girl goes of to college and finds someone else. I am looking for a play theather play that I watched many years ago. It is about two boys raised by their parents in very different ways. Like a psychological experiment. The parents or one of them is a psychologist. One is raised in the attic, locked and isolated.

And the other is raised freely, regularly registered at the school. I am looking for an illustrated children's book I read 30 years back. The publisher was "Treasure Press". The title had the words "The Golden Monkey" I forget whether it was Legend of the Golden Monkey or Tales of the golden monkey or legend of the golden monkey. Any clues? I am looking for a book that i used to read when i was very young. A male assasin partners up with a female assasin and they start to save people instead. One novel involved an Eastern European police officer who the mob killed and sold the young ballet dancing daughter into sex slavery for revenge and fear to the village.

The daughter ends up being trafficked to Las Vegas and main characters save her. I am looking for a book from the 90's. It was a young adult book. There's a girl who loses her virginity to the town bad boy then runs away. She hitchhikes to California and works as a waitress or maybe in a resort. She meets a guy and they fall in love. She finds out she can't have kids because of some STD the bad boy gave her. In the end she uses a payphone to call her mother. The cover had a backpack, postcards, and a red bra in sand on it.

Guillermo del Toro’s quest to get amazing creatures onscreen.

I am looking for an anthology of sci-fi short stories. One story I remember is about a girl who rides her bike beyond her block and discovers a gas station. Later she can't find it. It turns out the town is just an elaborate facade. Her parents aren't her parents. Something dealing with a pumpkin shows a glitch in the false reality. Looking for a girl born given to her sister. Has two ballerina outfits on it and a person hugging the girl. Am looking for a children's book I read in the s. Great aunt Jane was going to the airport and had a flat tyre.

I remember the phrase "as flat as a pancake". Hi im looking for a book who had the drawing of a crocodile on front on the french version anyway I think it was an american teen novel but with mystery and murder. Two bad? A tree house where a kid witnessed a murder, a cleaning lady. Its all a big blur i tking i read it in bit it might be older. Hello, I am looking for a children's picture book about a boy who was trying to find a friend.

He tried to make a friend out of a tumbleweed, and out of a cactus. Finally he rode across a rainbow, and at the end found a friend. This was from the late 70's, early 80's. Thanks for the help! Christine Amaryllis. The main character gains abilities from small figures that he found, all i can remember is that one of the figures was a necromancer. It was only one novel not part of a series of novels.

Looking for a children's book about two sisters who are at the beach when the beach is evacuated but they are left stranded. An old woman who lives at the beach beckons them to come out of the oncoming storm. Hi, my son is trying to find a book he read about 5 years ago but cannot remember the name or the author. It's about game hunters in Africa that get stopped by 2 children.

Not much to go on I appreciate this but it is worth a shot. Thanks Gaz. Cutbytheshell22 If you're still looking for the crow book it might be Trickster's Choice by Tamora Pierce. Gypsiegately The book you're looking for is Haunted by Meg Cabot. It's the 5th book in the mediator series. I used to love it and really want to find it so my kids can read it. I'm looking for book that is a series. It was about a girl who is human AMD half sky spirit.

She meets a boy who turns in a loupe which is the french word for wolf. I cant remember the name of the 1st book but I remember that if the wolf gets touched by sun or transforms during the day he stays that way forever. Help I loved the series. I was reading it when I was in middle school. I cant remember the name of a childhood book I've read!

It has a girl character that never wanted to bathe and she was so dirty, flowers began growing out of her skin. I'm looking for a book I read from the older young adult section when I was in elementary school.

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  8. For some reason, white tennis shoes seem really relevant to this book. Trying to find a book about a boy set in a medieval time period who finds out he has illegal powers where he can control an invisible force. He leaves his home on a journey to find his traitorous brother who is like the advisor to the king. The brother is also an illegal mage who tries to kill the king but the boy saves the king.

    I'm trying to remember a romance book I read about 7 years ago or so. It takes place in the modern day, and went back and forth for main characters by a vampire and a human woman who was a vet. She had a birthmark that when the vampire saw it know she was his soul mate but only saw it after he attacked her when he needed blood. She also had a power to heal at will but tried to keep it hidden except for one time she healed a dog who was going to die. Later in the story she met other vampires with their mates who also had the same birthmark as her and they each had different powers too.

    He ended up at a small cottage on the ocean. Swam a lot, layed in the sun a lot, and began to heal. At some point he began to keep some special kind of bees. Any thought on the name? I read a book in that was about an elderly man who took his money out of the bank - bought a car perhaps a Cadillac and drive off. It was quite amusing.

    I would love to know the name of the book. Thank you. One day the boy was driving the car down a country road and he either hit a little girl on her bicycle or swerved to miss her. The boy ended up on crutches and the grandpa was not seriously injured, but I think the little girl was. The grandfather claimed it had been him who was driving the truck, and he was arrested for reckless driving or something like that. The rest of the book revolves around the main character, the grandson, struggling to decide whether to tell the truth that he was the one driving or let his grandfather take the fall for him.

    I remember some minor details such as the main character begins dating a popular girl named Maxine, Justine, or Georgina, something like that. I also know there was a certain country song that was playing when the car accident happened and the main character hears it on the radio several times throughout the book.

    I remember that his dad has been a firefighter and was killed trying to save a little boy who had fallen from the ice. I have spent years trying to Google the name of the book based off details I remember, but have come up with nothing. If anyone recognizes the book, please let me know. There's a book I remeber reading in the beginning of highschool.

    It was about a vampire that had bitten this boy? Anyways the plot I remember is that he resists biting someone and its a really big struggle. There's a specific scene I really remember it's when the family is cooking a steak dinner. He asks for his steak rare and his older brother is grossed out. I remember it ending on an ambiguous ending, where he shuts himself in his room. He struggling a lot and I'm pretty sure he was getting weaker and weaker as he wouldn't drink human blood. The cover was black and had a yellow smile face, I think there was fangs and it had blood on the fangs.

    Please help? I read a book a long time ago in middle school and a very important theme was the main girl wears purple lipstick and always blotches them on a napkin. She and this girl have been competing for ever and I think at some point the main girl figures out her boyfriend was cheating with the other girl. So the boyfriend ends up dead with a purple lipstick mark on his cheek and everyone thinks it's the main girl.

    She fights to prove she's innocent and shows the other girl was keeping her purple lipstick blotches napkins in a drawer and convinced people she used the napkin to frame her. The other girl ends up in a psych ward, main girl ends up with her male best friend and confesses she truly did murder her boyfriend and framed the other girl. In the 's or early 's I read a book about a teenage girl who lives with her single mother and younger sister. Both the mother and sister seems to look to the teenage girl to take care of them emotionally. The teenage girl meets a boy and develops a relationship while the younger sister is promiscuous and ends up pregnant.

    The younger sister lies about how far along she is so a nice boy thinks it's his and married her. The younger sister husband leaves after discovering baby isnt his, younger sister baby is removed and they expect teenage girl to fix it for them. Girl decides to leave for art school and let her family and her clingy boyfriend to care for themselves. Anyone remember this book? Its driving me crazy trying to remember the name of the book and the character names. They try to go into the city by jumping onto a train and they end up finding they need to get her on a boat to get home, so they have to either swim across a ocean or pay to cross the bridge.

    There is also this beast who I believe left his master, he ends up fighting an alligator and winning, but just barely, after he accepts death. I can't remember the name of the book I read about a girl in a dystopian world may have had a mother and Brother die in very beginning, don't remember but she comes across a group of men and to protect her from a severe rape and possible death, one of the men "gently" rapes her and she either escapes or the men just leave since they successfully got her; and she ends up pregnant and has a baby girl.

    Years later she is living in a cave society and ends up meeting the father of her daughter and learns h e had done what he did to try and save her from worse, and they end up falling in love, though there is more to the actual book story. The book was the first in a series.

    I cant remember the name of this book I read. Its about a girl who is in art school, her dean tells her shes failing. She goes to look for this like retired artist who could mentor her. Hes an alcoholic. He lives with this younger guy whos like a bad boy. And the mentor had been in a relationship with her mom before her mom died and she found letters in the mentors house. I think the girl had a really unique name and went by a shorter version. I think she had drawn the bad boy the first time she met him and he kept that drawing. They I think started like dating and she got jealous of some girl who I think was his step mom or sister or something.

    Looking for a young adult book I read around It had 2 plots, one that took place during the present day and another during an s type time period. It was a conservative rural family and the baby conceived out of wedlock - so consequences from the abusive father were dire and the stakes were high. In the end the older sister ended up having the baby but it died and she put it in the river.

    Im searching for a book about this little boy who gets abducted while waiting for his mom. This female detective moves into town and tries to find him. She finds a dairy of maybe the abductor and in it the person describes how they watched a grown police man throw up at the sight of the dead body.

    So its also about a group of people who have been killing since they were kids. Looking for a book about a women whom travels into a new neighborhood that is run by a mafia. She has caught the eye of the mafia boss and he protects her sometimes when he see her. IN this book, I believe they have powers in the mafia that allows the mafia gang to shadow creep into places that normal people can not.

    I'm searching for two books. The first is a book about a group of college women and their lives after graduation. Not a movie. May have Club in the title. May be by Jeanne Dixon. Looking for a book that the cover is a theme of purple and butterflies. The boy spends his whole life trying to get her out and succeeds in the end. Looking for the title of a novel about a black funeral home director who must find a wife. The wife he is advised to choose should be submissive, dark-skinned, the perfect color, in order to carry on the tradition as his father did. I believe that the story is set in the late 19th or early 20th C.

    Would love to find this book--thanks! Plot was angel torn between Heaven and Hell, not feeling worthy Monks take bad men to a monastery and basically torture them? In it, an angel fell to earth from his cloud and landed on earth, in a big city. He explored a department store, and was taken home by an old woman who gave him a bath. It was regularly read aloud by Captain Kangaroo, on his TV show. I am looking for a book that I believe is only a picture book or at least very few sentences, about two gorilla families.

    The illustrations are marvelous but also contain some weird elements like trees turning into light poles, bowler hat clouds etc. From what I remember the main characters are two child gorillas from very different households one being rich and distant parents, the other being poor but very loving parents. They meet at a park and play together.

    Looking for adult book about characters Blue and Pink in kids book. Spider weaving web on porch. Old woman fies. Settling estate. I'm looking for a book that was about this boy with his father not having a good relationship his father is a doctor I believe and is rich.

    The father has a bodyguard and the son I believe has is taking summer classes due to his father. They own a house near the beach and the boy plans a party with his group of friends not knowing that the word of having a party started to go around like wildfire. Then later on in the book he and his girlfriend and guy friend go on an airplane trip to France to find more about his father or the bodyguard secret.

    When they arrive there the main character the guy goes into a car dealership he tries to get a car but fails after being a minor in France. Even though in America he isn't a minor. They then bribe the worker to file fake documents in order to get a car. They go to this hotel near a beach that you can go to fully nude at the beach But it appears that they are being followed by somebody. The main character tries to get more information about the one specific man. Says who are you looking for and the main character lies that he was eager to find his dad after years of trying to find him.

    Looking for a second chance mc romance about a female realtor who gets beaten up by a potential client. She then runs into her biker ex and his club , she knows his club, at a wings restaurant on bike night. This is a very remote chance and I dont have a lot of info but Im looking for the names of a trilogy written about a girl growing up in a religious school and coming to grips with her catholism???

    Have a feeling the names of the books were something to do with the seasons but could be wrong. Looking for a book about a teenage girl who if I remember correctly was called either Deliah or Delilah. She had an older brother who ran away from home due to her finding out he had a drug addiction.

    Her best friend was this Indian girl who ended up sleeping with her boyfriend Adam, the son of a police officer. Her mother was a clown and the book was within a series all focusing on Delilah and her brother. The first book ended with her brother calling her to tell her that he was alive.

    Please help, have been searching for literally years x. I'm looking for a book about a motorcycle president and a woman hiding her past. She was raised in a group home that her father sold her to when she was a very young child after her moms death. The group home is abusive and the heroine protects the younger children. The lady running the home beats the heroine or locks her in the dark basement for says. A young girl shows up with no memory and the heroine protects her.

    The woman that runs the home son attacked the young girl and the heroine attached him and together they ran. Now the heroines friend was on the way to work and was kidnapped. The heroine is looking for her at a strip club where she heard she might be. Bikers show up at the motel room of heroine saying the president of the club wants to talk to her. She says fine she will dress and follow them. They grab her and she tells them she doesn't like to be touched. They don't listen and she kicks their booty.

    She paints rufus on Mc clubhouse wall. Her list uncle comes back and sees it. He knows his sister always had rufus.

    Off Camera Secrets - Crash Bandicoot - Boundary Break

    Heroine is also interloped with the homeless vets. It had copies published in Cortez Colorado by Beaver publishing in I have befriended the author, and would like to read futher adventures of his horse trading days. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am searching for a book that I think was called "The Promise". It is about reincarnation with an actress and writer discovering they had lived and loved in another lifetime. Others from this past life have also been reincarnated and are now closely involved in their current lives as well.

    I don't recall all details, but seem to remember the actress's mother in the past interfering in her life and manipulates people and events until she ultimately and accidentally kills her daughter I read this book back in the 70's, so it is rather old. I can't remember the title or author. I read this book back in the 90s. The book is about an English woman who inherits a mansion but only if she goes on a quest to return a dragon egg within 1 years time.

    The woman was a teacher in London. When she leaves on the quest, she takes a street-wise London boy with her. The egg is from the union of a dragon and human woman and is watched over and accompanied by an oriental unicorn creature. I think it was called a Ki-lin or Ky-rin maybe Qylin, not sure. The creature starts off as a small statue and he can shrink to tiny size or grow to the size of a horse. And he never harms anything, not even a blade of grass. At the end of the book, the woman returns home to open an orphanage. When the egg hatches, there are twins inside. A perfect little dragon and a human baby.

    My friend thinks there might be a fox in the story also. I'm searching for a book that I was assigned to read for a college class in or It probably fits under the category of Intermediate Reader or possibly YA. Definitely historical fiction. It's the best book I've ever read, so I can't believe I don't remember the author or even the title.

    The story is set during the time when white people are leary of their Japanese neighbors. The story centers around a girl and her family who have a farm I think on one of the San Juan Islands. Relatives come to stay with the girl's family and she is not happy about it because the female cousin is spoiled and tries to get her in trouble. The girl likes to go out sailing in her sailboat. One night she is out in her sailboat with her friend and it is foggy and they hear another boat nearby and they hear voices and the sound of a body being thrown overboard.

    When the boat leaves, the girl and her friend retrieve the body from the water and bring it back to shore. The body turns out to be a Japanese man and they hide him and nurse him back to health. The would-be murderers of the Japanese man discover that he is still alive and chase the girl and her friend and cousin and the Japanese man across Puget Sound in their sailboats to Friday Harbor. It is an intense chase. Wish I could remember more of the book. Does anyone know the title of the book I'm thinking of?

    Guillermo del Toro’s Movie Monsters | The New Yorker

    They get him on board and the chief engineer poisons him and takes money. The characters are, Lt. Commander Cordeau, Lt. Beech, Zola the stoker can't remember any more!! The rogue engineer shoots Cordeau and takes Beech prisoner and then lets him go as he has run out of bullets. I think the book was called "Dead Mans Chest".

    Thanks in advance John. I can't for the life of me remember the rest of the book or what it is called! Can anyone see if they know! I am looking for a novel about a girl whose tree in her back yard has a world within where her parent go and get balloons of life that keep them young. Cover I believe depicted a tree and red ballon of some sort.

    It was about a female inmate who was in a horse training program. I think a guy adopted the horse she was working with, but I remember she ended up going to his house to help train the horse. His child had special needs. And of course like all good books they fell in love in end. Horses name was something like Wildfire Its about some boys and a girl all working as detectives with sherlock holmes. There at a circus and some people perform tricks in code.

    I want to learn the tricks but i dont know the book. Any ideas? I am looking for a book that I read in 5th grade. I am pretty sure the title was something like The Family. It was essentially about a family with 5 or 6 children, mostly boys, and their antics. This book was stuck in my mind because one of the sons dies after riding his bike down a hill and then crashing into the side of a car at the bottom.

    There was also another kid that really like to eat butter and was caught eating a whole stick of it and later got sent to the hospital with a really high fever, like The family's first Easter after the son's death was really hard. The end of the book had the family go to Thanksgiving with their famous pudding and as they are about to leave the car one of the younger boys accidentally stepped in it and the mom was devastated that the pudding was ruined but the dad was like no it's fine the shoe was clean we don't need to tell anyone.

    When dessert came around the parents were told that the pudding tasted better than ever so the mom and dad went to the kitchen to laugh really hard, the first time that they had laughed so hard since their son had died. This book is about a girl who met a guy while on vacation and decided to go back with him to his country and meet his family They first met with his brother who didn't seem to fond of her.

    A novel about a confused woman she sees shadows in a mirror, and she loses time. They are chased and watched and end up in an alternate universe where there is a backwards ticking clock. A countdown of some sort that she has on her to accomplish a task. The driver can help, but it diminishes his life immensely to do this and she feels as though she has done this before. Can anyone help? Book is about a boy whose father was murdered in his childhood by a thief, he waits all his life with a knife to avenge his father's death.

    The boy later grows up to be teacher in his own village and finds out that his favourite students father was the murderer of his father. At first he plans to seek revenge but after seeing his health condition he leaves him to his fate. Book about a boy whose family moves into a new house; he rides a bike to school I remember reading that he had to remember to go in a different direction than usual to get to his new house, otherwise he would've been at his old one.

    I thought it could've been Time For Andrew, but it wasn't; there was no aunt in this book. YA paperback, read before Book about a guy, bitten by a snake, wakes to find humanity gone. All the people in town think they are crazy too. The mother has a miscarriage and stays locked up in her room, and the brother is a drunk who Runs over his younger brothers cat, clementine. The older brother then crashes the car and lights it on fire with himself in it. At the end of the book the little brother decided to kill the rest of his family.

    The book was about a young black man. His parents are killed in a car accident or a train hit them unsure. He is found in a pig pen at some point, is taken in to foster care, and endures racism throughout his time as a foster child. He is locked in a shed for sometime and manages to escape.

    He sleeps outside a few times and carries a picture of his mother in his bag. It may have taken place in or near Mississippi because it had a jazz influence. Looking for the name of a romance book where the heroine is daughter of a demon lord and she kills him at end of first book for her love and is taken to hell to rule to save her unborn child. This book starts out with a woman, her husband, and twins moving into a new neighborhood I believe around the late s earlys.

    They also learn that they all like to read. This begins a lifelong friendship and monthly book club. They are there for each other over the years as they face the challenges of raising their children, keeping their marriages together, supporting friends through divorce and ultimately through cancer. Through the mountains and across the long dry stretches of Mexico, Napoleon Childs, an aging cavalryman, leads an expedition of inexperienced horse soldiers on seemingly fruitless searches.

    Though he is seasoned at such missions, things go terribly wrong, and his patrol is suddenly at the mercy The year is Though he is seasoned at such missions, things go terribly wrong, and his patrol is suddenly at the mercy of an enemy intent on their destruction. After witnessing the demise of his troops, Napoleon is left by his captors to die in the desert. Through him we enter the conflicted mind of a warrior as he tries to survive against all odds, as he seeks to make sense of a lifetime of senseless wars and to reckon with the reasons a man would choose a life on the battlefield.

    Olmstead, an award-winning writer, has created a tightly wound novel that is as moving as it is terrifying. Get A Copy. Hardcover , pages. Published May 26th by Algonquin Books first published January 1st More Details Original Title. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Far Bright Star , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details.

    More filters. Sort order. Aug 21, Steve rated it liked it Shelves: fiction , westerns. If, years from now, there were a recognized school of Cormac McCarthy influenced writers, there is little doubt — to my mind at least --that Robert Olmstead would be pointed out as the leading practitioner. Olmstead knows the drill — guns, extreme violence, campfire philosophy, gorgeous and stark landscapes, realistic dialogue, all of which are captured in a dark poetry of language that seems to jump the whole deal into a kind of an American myth.

    Far Bright Star , while good, is something less. Normally I favor brevity over length when it comes to novels, but in this case, I think Far Bright Star could of benefitted from an extra 50 to pages. The novel opens in a wobbly way, as the reader is dropped into the middle of a patrol largely comprised of fools pursuing Pancho Villa, led by an aging horse soldier, Napoleon Childs. Relationships and back stories are hinted at, which is fine, since such things can come out later. He lifted the field glasses, and scanned the vast emptiness of the broken country.

    Books I've Read

    The Rattler horse was vibrating with the news of their surroundings and who occupied them. Then he saw them. The distant riders had multiplied and placed themselves between him and the direction he intended. He caught sight of them as if miniature points on a compass of their world. They knotted the landscape in twos and threes. They appeared and disappeared in the shimmering glaze of heat, as if ink drawn and washed away and drawn again.

    What follows is a battle — a rather fantastic battle in a storm that seems more like Gettysburg than a fight between a few dozen men, and after that an ordeal to survive that involves beatings and torture and a long brutal walk in the sun. Tolstoy sensed this, which is why he packaged his baloney in a thousand page book. As the novel inched toward its closing, I was actually getting irritated with this stuff, but the closing, which was beautiful and profound, to some extent won me over.

    Lots of 5 star writing, but overall a book where the parts are greater than the whole. View 2 comments. Jul 05, John of Canada rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-fiction , western. Cowboys,horses,shoot em up,what's not to like? Olmstead is a very good writer. This western is porn for readers who are into extreme violence; I assume the only people who give the book five stars are those who sit through endless Tarrantino movies and felt positively chipper after reading Cormac McCarthy's The Road.

    The first part of the book describes, in hyper-realized detail, the gory deaths of all the men in the troop except the leader and the smart ass that fires the first shot. You can bet Olmstead has got something really special planned for them. Then, the This western is porn for readers who are into extreme violence; I assume the only people who give the book five stars are those who sit through endless Tarrantino movies and felt positively chipper after reading Cormac McCarthy's The Road.

    Then, there's the long torture sequences of the two men leading up to the Napoleon Childs's excruciating, hellish drag across the Mexican desert. Just to top it off, you have descriptions of Childs's long convelescence after his body is just basically one big blister. Some of the language is beautiful, but it seems put to poor service writing about such a ghastly adventure. The comparisons to McCarthy and Hemingway are sure to follow. My question is: How many books can a guy write like this?

    I wasn't sorry I read Coal Black Horse. I was glad this gorefest was only odd pages long. Sep 04, Ben rated it it was ok. Far Bright Star was a beautiful story hindered by Olmstead's steadily infuriating prose. I've never read anything that made me want to throw it against the wall with such force. Olmstead's writing is terse, taut and Cormac McCarthyesque yet simultaneously superfluous and overly affected. Throughout the novel Olmstead made myriad awkward and unsuitable word choices as if he were a college student writing an essay while mining a thesaurus.

    Wait, why are the stars of a bright Milky Way pallid? You Far Bright Star was a beautiful story hindered by Olmstead's steadily infuriating prose. You just spent three paragraphs telling me about the brightness of the night sky, the shining of the stars and now they're all of a sudden pallid? Or "Other men were now emboldened: the envious and resentful, the invidious". Fucking shoot me in the face.. Though all in all, despite being filled with writing I flat out hated, Olmstead will occasionally hit his mark- and with what visceral force and beauty!

    I felt the elegy of the horse soldiers. This book was worth it for that. Jan 05, Louis rated it it was amazing. Robert Olmstead's book uses language to weave a spell which made me feel the heat of the Mexican desert. Napoleon Childs, a grizzled career soldier, is part of the U. Although the unit never catches anything beyond rumors of Villa, they do find savagery and brutality.

    This includes in themselves. Honor was supposedly at stake, that of the U. Rather than depressing, the book's hypnotic prose creates great suspense. This was my first exposure to the work of Robert Olmstead; now I want to read more of his books. Jun 23, Bill Krieger rated it really liked it.

    Customer reviews

    This is great guy reading: the Mexican desert, rugged individuals, horses, soldiers and mercenaries and ultra-violence. Olmstead's terse but romantic writing style sets a perfect tone for the story.

    See a Problem?

    His description of the desert heat was amazing. If I described them to you, the characters would sound like caricatures, but they feel rich and alive when you're reading the book. QOTD "His was a dirty death, but in the end if was his own death and no one else's and it'd been waiting here fo This is great guy reading: the Mexican desert, rugged individuals, horses, soldiers and mercenaries and ultra-violence. QOTD "His was a dirty death, but in the end if was his own death and no one else's and it'd been waiting here for him all these years and now he'd walked into its chain and it'd taken him in it's embrace.

    Jun 22, Charisse rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction. I started this book thinking I would be reading about a group of men trying to bring in Pancho Villas, a little western action etc This is a gritty, sparse novel which revolves around one event really. Napolean is an aging veteran who guides a misfit crew of men out into the Mexican landscape to find Pancho Villas.

    What happens to Napolean and his men is horrific and violent. Olmstead does a great job describing human nature and the need to survive. He reminds me a bit of McCarthy - terse yet I started this book thinking I would be reading about a group of men trying to bring in Pancho Villas, a little western action etc He reminds me a bit of McCarthy - terse yet beautifully written prose. The way he wrote about the open sky at night was breathtaking. View all 3 comments. May 29, Terra rated it it was amazing. This is not a book I would typically read; initially I thought I had erroneously picked a western oh horrors!

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    I found myself wanting to write down passage after passage. It is a skilled author that makes me slow down and think. Robert Olmstead has down this. Jul 06, Jill rated it it was amazing. All of this coupled with a good plot makes 'Far, Bright Star" impossible to put down. He worried that his next few films might be his last. Maybe it was time to resist temptation. There were dragons on the map—as much of a fact as sunrise. Just as a Renaissance painter relished the challenge of rendering the Crucifixion, a true monster-maker wants to take on the icons.

    Del Toro is sometimes mocked for his tendency to announce projects prematurely. He is a master of animatronics—making puppets move with robotics. It innovates with latex, not pixels. We headed to the sculpting area, at the back of the warehouse. Monster maquettes were crammed atop bookshelves, like sports trophies in a locker room. A headless Hellboy suit hung on a gray mannequin. Desks were strewn with muscle magazines—the sculptors consult them when designing monster physiques. A torso lay on a long table, harshly illuminated by a swing lamp; several maquettes had been wrapped in black garbage bags, in preparation for storage.

    The place felt like a makeshift morgue. At Spectral, a monster design is first rendered in clay. A mold is then made, and a plastic compound is poured into it to produce a maquette. Even when a creature is destined to be primarily computer-generated, del Toro commissions maquettes; seeing a beast in physical form helps him detect design flaws. They shared a distrust of excessive computerized effects, which often looked weightless onscreen. Just before we got there, del Toro stopped short. Del Toro, who considers Gill-man the apex of man-in-a-suit design, informed me that its creator was Milicent Patrick, a former Disney animator.

    Wink, a troll with a mace for a fist. Most appallingly, the Creature lacked a nose; a single bridge bone protruded over an oval breathing hole. For ten seconds, del Toro beheld the bust. Del Toro unleashed a twenty-minute critique, largely in Spanish, lessening the sting with humor and pats on the back. The nose bridge was implausibly long, del Toro said. The facial decay was inconsistent: if the nostrils and underlying cartilage had rotted away, the earlobes would be long gone, too.

    You need to really believe. The bust was modelled on the face of Doug Jones, the former mime, who had already agreed to play the role. Jones has performed as a monster so many times that Spectral Motion keeps a full-body cast of him on hand. Jones is prized by del Toro for his tiny head, swanlike neck, and spindly physique six feet three, a hundred and forty pounds.

    Makeup artists can layer prosthetics on him without giving him a clunky silhouette. The figure, about a foot high, was lurching forward. Torres took some warm clay out of his oven and began Karloffing the jaw. When an actor acts with his eyes, you want to be looking at his eyes, not at a breathing plug-hole.

    Elizalde liked the idea. There are some very tiny, skinny bones in there. As del Toro emerged outside, the Angel of Death was being gingerly lowered into the back seat. Elizalde wished del Toro good luck in New Zealand. Del Toro climbed in and headed toward the freeway; a seat-belted maquette of Mr. Wink rode shotgun. In May, after the earliest possible release date for Part 1 slid back a year, to December, , del Toro abruptly flew home to Los Angeles. He was a bit sheepish, perhaps because his sudden departure raised the question of whether he had been fired. Though the studios initially announced that another successor would be found, Jackson soon signed on himself, and the green light came.

    At the restaurant, del Toro had trouble squeezing into the booth; he had gained weight in Wellington. He admitted that there had been discomfort over his design of Smaug. In an attempt to approximate his collections at Bleak House, assistants had shipped two dozen boxes of duplicate material to Wellington, but del Toro still felt as if he were in a sensory-deprivation tank. A different kind of man would have enjoyed being close to the New Zealand Alps, but del Toro, the ultimate indoorsman, rarely left Wellington. Being stuck in New Zealand caused him to lose important creative opportunities.

    He had agreed to launch a new animation label at Disney, Double Dare You, specializing in scary movies for kids, but the deal foundered during his absence. All options are equally painful. I had color-coded the movie: there was a green passage, a blue passage, a crimson passage, a golden passage. In Tolkien, there is a clear season for autumn, winter, summer, spring in the journey. And I thought, I cannot just stay in four movements in two movies. It will become monotonous. So I thought of organizing the movie so you have the feeling of going into eight seasons.

    So a certain area of the movie was coded black and green, a certain area was crimson and gold, and when we laid out the movie in a big room, we had all the wardrobe, all the props, all the color-coded key art. When you looked and saw that beautiful rainbow, you could comprehend that there was a beautiful passage.

    Del Toro had gone on a quest, but he came home with no treasure. He needed a comeback project. And del Toro was now less wary of making digital monsters. The movie would not be an easy sell, though. Rarely is there a beautiful orchid that blooms. It was a big-budget movie. It had Edith Head designing costumes, it had all the luxuries. And it was appealing because it had all the polished aspects of a studio film. On one summit is a hidden, ruined city whose bizarre architecture suggests that its inhabitants were not human. Hyper-intelligent aliens, the Old Ones, landed on earth millions of years ago.

    Creating organic life forms as tools, the Old Ones fashioned every creature on the planet, including human beings. One of their inventions, shape-shifters known as Shoggoths, were intended as slaves; but the Shoggoths rebelled, slaughtering the Old Ones. After the explorers accidentally thaw a few surviving Old Ones, a hidden army of Shoggoths emerges from the shadows, and the humans find themselves caught in an alien war. By the end of the year, he would present his vision to the studio.

    I met with del Toro in Los Angeles on the first day of preproduction. Del Toro had transformed his own silhouette. He had lost twenty-seven pounds in three weeks, after undergoing sleeve-gastrectomy surgery. These men had been sketching Shoggoths since junior high school. What had Lovecraft made them see? You need to be inspired by National Geographic, by biological treatises, by literature, by fine painters, by bad painters. Greene had identified thousands of moments in the script where special effects would be employed.

    Most of them, del Toro declared, required C. Del Toro wanted to shoot in Canada, which offered tax rebates. From his mouth, he extrudes himself. Barlowe still draws with pencils, and he sat in a sunny corner room. He had been sketching Cthulhu in a surprisingly soft hand. In his rendition, many appendages emanated from a central vertical column; it had the majesty of a redwood tree.

    Then it gets one eye and has this cavernous companion. Mummies always freak me out because they have sockets but no eyes. Allen Williams was the neophyte; del Toro had hired him at Comic-Con, in July, after seeing his illustrations on display. He sliced the air with his hands, suggesting aerodynamic contours. Peter Konig, who also designs characters for video games, sat in a pitch-dark room, before a glowing screen.

    His work was sharply etched, like Egyptian hieroglyphs. He had been playing around with symmetry, and showed a Shoggoth that appeared to be perched on spindly legs. With a click, he flipped the image upside down, and the legs became long arms, like those on a monkey.