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Jack Vander Wal and Ray Bielecki. Both of these two I. At the time of the picnic, both Jack and Ray turn eighty years young within the next few weeks. Happy 80th from Ring !

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Coincidentally enough, the last issue of the Linking Ring, for October, lists 53 Theme Suggestions on pages 80 to Pete has asked for everyone to pick five from the list and email him their choices before October 27 that means, like, immediately! He wants to be able to announce our future Programs at the next meeting. July Mentalism or Mental Magic Dust off those Zener cards and multiple-out envelopes, as you prepare yourself to utterly amaze your Ring audience with a demonstration of your mental prowess. Please be prepared to do about five minutes at each of four to five tables.

February Barnyard Magic The farm is a truly magical place, one that many magicians take advantage of with great effect. Kitchen Magic : Perform a trick using something found in the kitchen, such as a glass, paper towel, rice, spoon or cup. Hank Prank : Do a trick with a handkerchief, silk, or other cloth as the main component. Pocketful of Miracles : Perform an effect using anything usually carried in the pocket. Matchbox Miracles : Do a trick using any piece of apparatus that will fit inside a matchbox, or do a trick with the matchbox itself.

Cheapskate Trickery : This is a trick or routine that you have made for less than three dollars. Mime-a-Miracle : Mime a trick, and the members try to guess it. Then perform the same trick with the apparatus.

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Rope Razzmatazz : Perform a trick using rope, string, or cord. Pasteboard Pranks : Do a card trick using no more than ten playing cards. This excludes lengthy tricks, such as those which require laying out pile after pile of cards. Sponge Sensations : Perform magic with sponge balls, cubes, or pieces, or anything made from foam or rubber. Adult Audacity : Perform an effect suitable for Adults, but not anything offensive.

Tabletop Trickery : Do a trick using any apparatus that you can do close-up, on a close-up mat or a tabletop.

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Fantastic Food Magic : Perform a trick utilizing anything edible. Mental Miracle : Do any mind reading effect that does not involve cards. Box Baffle : Use a trick utilizing a box, any kind of box, as long as the central apparatus is a box of some kind. Honesty Time : Perform a trick that you borrowed from someone ages ago and never returned. Screen-Printed Sorcery : Do a trick utilizing props that have been screen-printed silk-screened , such as printed cardboard or fabric props. One-off Wonder : Perform a trick of your own creation that no one else will have.

Blast from the Past : This is an old trick that you have revamped, either by updating the apparatus or updating the routine. Novelty Notion : Do a magic trick that incorporates some form of joke or novelty trick item. Just Chance : Each member places a standard or reasonably self-working trick inside a paper bag. The bags are mixed and each member selects a bag by chance with no force involved. Each member has two minutes to view the apparatus and plan a trick before performing it.

Incomplete Feat : This is similar to 23, but instead of being bagged together, the individual components of the tricks are all mixed together.

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Action Auction : Each member performs a trick of their choice ad then there is a vote for the best trick of the evening. The trick is then auctioned to the highest bidder and the money goes to the club. Siamese Sensations : This is any trick in which two or more single items join together, either tied or in a chain. Every One a Gem : Perform a trick using a gem or piece of jewelry. Plastic Fantastic : This is any trick, old or new, that is manufactured in plastic.

Turn Back Time : This is a trick in which the main theme is time, and in particular, the present becoming the past again. New Lamps from Old : This is a trick, a recognized standard, that is now used for an entirely brand new purpose. Party Pranks : Do a trick using anything you would associate with objects found at a party. Jubilation Juncture : You show the best trick you ever bought and explain why you think it is the best. Open out the paper and the egg has vanished. You display several white silk hankies that may be produced or used in a previous effect.

The hankies are gathered up and spot of color appears which grows into a full hanky. From these folds another color appears and so on until twelve colored hankies are produced. We were the first to produce the Fountain Productions effects. The candle is 8" tall and about 2" in diameter and feature our Omega Candle firing System.

Self contained. No extra steal necessary. From these folds another color appears and so on until twelve colored hankies are produces.

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THEN from the center a live dove flutters out. If you are a dove worker you can't be without this fantastic effect. Same as above but with the production of stemmed glass of liquid. You can drink the contents of the glass. It comes with sealing system to insure that the contents do not spill out. A tall plastic tumbler is shown and a silk hanky placed inside. A sheet of paper is wrapped around the tumbler, and you then reach underneath, and apparently pull out the hanky right through the solid bottom. The tumbler can then be filled with water to show that it has a solid bottom.


Complete with 12" silk hanky -. You have never done it before but with the help of an assisting adult you will try it. I just bought it and I don't really know how to do it but I have the instructions here, so if I can get an adult to come up and read the instructions I will do the trick. The spectator reads the First Step the book is in steps, one per page.

A boy is brought up and a cup placed on his head, then an egg is broken into a mug and poured into the cup on the boy's head. Now you see the comedy as it develops. The instructions then tell you to remove the plate from underneath the cup. The finale is very funny. This is different that the Don Allen routine where the instruction card is used to cover the container on the head. This never made much sense. You act skeptical, but after all, this is MAGIC, so they must know what they're doing- and so you do it. This is a very funny, funny routine.

Comes with cup, Instruction booklet and gimmick. Produce a live dove barehanded. This is the safest and the easiest Invisible Harness to use. Don't be fooled by copy cats. NOTE Unfortunately we not only have to cope with Masked Peers giving away our secrets, we also sometimes have to cope with unscrupulous dealers who copy others ideas and marked them as their own.

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Our Invisible harness has been copied. In some instances it has been modified with extra loops to go around the head, the tail, the wings. Try ours you will find it to be the simplest and safest to use. You show a foam coffee cup and puncture a small hole on the bottom. You then insert a corner of a silk hanky into the cup and out through the bottom so that cup is centered on the hanky. You push six sharpened pencils right through the side of the cup and apparently through the hanky.

You tug on the hanky but it does not move because it is impaled by the pencils. A magic word and you pull out the unharmed hanky and show the interior of the cup with the pencils crisscrossing the inside.

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Imagine running a silk hanky through your hand and suddenly a lit candle appears from the hanky folds. Fire fascinates and it always gets good audience response. Produce a few candles during your act. The Omega Candle features our new Electronic lighting system. Guaranteed Laugh Getter in the right circumstances. Good comedy item. You request a young lady to assist you in a magical experiment. You tie two silk hankies together by diagonal corners and have the lady hold on to the knot.

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You and another spectator hold on to the ends of the dangling hankies. Complete with two silk hankies and pair of panties. There are inferior copies out there. A selected card penetrates into a previously shown empty glass. A glass, which may be borrowed, is covered with a cloth and placed, inverted, on the table. You have a spectator look at a card. The deck can be examined. Four plastic tumblers are shown together with a small board. Three of the glasses are placed on the board in a triangle. The fourth glass is placed on the rims of the other three and the unit turned up-side-down.

Amazingly the glasses remain suspended on the board.. Before placing the glasses on the board insert a colored hanky into each glass, effect the suspension and while the glasses are suspended remove the hankies one by one. Finally upright the board and remove the glasses one by one. It is a very good effect for children or adult audiences. Complete with board and plastic glasses. No silks included.

You show a tube and unroll the outer cover to expose the transparent interior. The cover is rolled back over the tube and a white silk hanky inserted into the tube. You pick up a glass of RED liquid and drink half of the contents. You blow into the tube and out flutters a RED silk hanky. The cover on the tube is unrolled to show the tube empty. For the finale you insert a fourth white ilk into the tube and drink the remainder of the three drinks.

You blow into the tube and out flutters a tri-colored hanky. The tube again i s shown absolutely empty. Everything is self contained. No mirrors or secret compartments in the tube. Comes complete with all silk hankies, gimmick and three glasses and a small tray for the glasses. Get it from you Food Store or Super Market. You display a long strip of red paper and drape it over your extended index finger. You set the ends of the paper on fire and as the paper burns it begins to float into the air.

As the ashes descend you cup them into your hands then remove the paper fully restored. Strips for 12 performances. Excellent for the harmonious transition from a rope trick to a silk hanky trick. A piece or rope is held between the hands and a loose knot is tied in the center. As the knot is pulled tight a silk hanky appears tied on the knot. The rope can be held by the fingertips as nothing is concealed in the hands.

No silk hanky included. The BEST! No phony moves. Great sensible routine. You offer to show how a magic trick is done. But they must watch you very carefully because you will try to fool them. You show a silk hanky and push it into the hand making a 'funny looking' move indicating that you did not put it in the hand but placed it in your pocket. You then tell them how it is done. You show that the egg is really a plastic egg with a hole on the side and the hanky is inside. I would say practice it every day, twice a day and after about - thirty depending on your age years you should be able to do this.

This is not the old method where you take out a coin or some other stupid object to wave over the hand. This is so strong that I use it in most of my adult show as a closer. You show a rolled up stiff tube and open it out to show the inside completely empty.