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How I was saved from the Titanic: A Titanic survivor’s story (1912)

The violin was recovered along with his body 10 days after he and other band members played to calm passengers on the deck of the stricken ship after it hit an iceberg on its maiden voyage. From Maria.

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Captain Edward John Smith, too, went down with his ship both in the movie and in real life. He was completely heroic.

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Smith aboard the Titanic during the run from Southampton to Queenstown, England. The man who took the photograph, F. Browne, got off at Queenstown, three days before the ship hit an iceberg and sank. In addition to Brown, Hartley, and Captain Smith, the movie also features historical figures who, though they only appear briefly, had incredible stories in their own right. Remember that famous scene where Jack and Rose climb up to the stern of the ship as it sinks?

The Titanic: Before and After Photos

None of us had the slightest realization that the ship had received its death wound. She refused in a very determined manner to leave her husband, although she was twice entreated to get into the boats. Straus declined with great force to get in the boat while any women were left.

I have learned since that twelve of the steerage passengers were shot altogether, one officer shooting down six. The first-cabin men and women behaved with great heroism.

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One of the stewards of the Titanic, with whom Mrs. Dodge had crossed the Atlantic before on the Olympic, knew them well. He recognized Dodge as the thirteenth boat was being filled. The steerage passengers were being shot down and some of the steerage passengers were stabbing right and left in an endeavor to reach the boat. The thirteenth boat was filled on one side with children, fully 20 or 30 of them, and a few women. All in the boat were panic- stricken and screaming.

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The steward had been ordered to take charge of the thirteenth, and, seizing Dodge, pushed him into the boat, exclaiming that he needed his help in caring for his helpless charges. The panic was in the steerage, and it was that portion of the ship that the shooting was made necessary. From the upper rails heroic husbands and fathers were waving and throwing kisses to their womenfolk in the receding lifeboats.