Tourismus in Osteuropa (German Edition)

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Close Print. Visual History english version. As one of the founders of Visual History in the field of modern and contemporary history, Gerhard Paul presents well-informed the research area: Pictures are in the wider sense sources as well as distinct objects in historiographic studies. Visual History also concerns itself with the imagery of history and vice versa — the historicity of the visual. The article provides an overview of the fields origin and the relating debates of its role within history.

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Fields of research, terms, capacity, desiderata By expanding historical image research, visual history has in the recent past established itself as a field of research in late modern and contemporary history, which considers images in a wider sense both as sources as well as independent artifacts of historiographical research and likewise looks at the visuality of history and the historicity of the visual.

Images as sources Drawing on older research of historic images, particularly established in medieval studies and early modern history [16] , in which images, for a long time and on a high level, have been used as sources and objects of historical knowledge [17] , newer endeavors primarily strove to develop images as additional sources in contemporary history research which it was hitherto lacking, for historic research questions often inspired by cultural science, as well as for sources of contemporary perspectives, for social and cultural points of view, to use them as media of interpretation and thus also as sources of the history of memory.

Images as media Since the s and 90s, impulses to broaden the approach to the visuality of history as an independent research area, as well as of the image as a communicative medium and a self-referential aesthetic system, have come mainly from the related fields of teaching, research and work, both at home and abroad, such as the Anglo-Saxon visual culture studies and art history.

Visual History as a transdisciplinary research field Unlike historic image research, the emerging field of visual history acts on the assumption of a multi-layered image concept that understands images as signs and sources, as media generating significance and interpretation through their aesthetic quality, and as an image act creating reality.

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Recommended Reading. Quote as. Gerhard Paul , Visual History english version , Version: 1. Gerhard Paul , Visual History english version ,. Version: 1. Literaturempfehlungen 9. Online-Artikel 18 aus den "Zeithistorischen Forschungen". Web-Ressourcen 0. Rezensionen 0. Tagungsberichte 0. Crew, Visual Power? Von der Miniatur bis zum Film als historischer Quelle, Pfaffenweiler Disziplinen, Themen, Methoden, Frankfurt a. A up-to-date collection of links of the most important databases for static and moving images would be an important tool for visual historians. Was zeigen Fotos aus dem Irak-Krieg, in: Fotogeschichte Die Visualisierung des modernen Krieges, Paderborn ; id.

Von der Symmetrie zur Asymmetrie, Weilerswist Historiker und visuelle Quellen , in: id. Probleme — Wege — Beispiele, Berlin , here 9. Virtuelle Fachbibliothek Osteuropa. Politische Bilder im Historische Bildforschung, in: id. Berichtsband, Konstanz Krieg und Fotografie, Marburg ; id. Fotografie und Propaganda im Ersten Weltkrieg, Darmstadt ; id. Bildkompetenz in der historisch-politischen Bildung, Herbolzheim Ein Lern- und Arbeitsbuch, Vol.

Typen, Interpretationsmethoden, Unterrichtsverfahren, Seelze- Velber 3 Fotoalben aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg, Bielefeld Der Erste Weltkrieg in der Farbfotografie, in: Paul ed.

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Bildatlas I, S. Autochromes , Paris A Cultural History, London Briefmarken als historische Quellen, in: Gerhard Schneider ed. Empirische Erkundungen zu Erwerb und Gebrauch von Historie, Stuttgart , who for a long time has demanded dealing with the aesthetic of image-related sources in history classes. Industrie- und Arbeiterphotographie von der Jahrhundertwende bis in die er Jahre, in: Historische Anthropologie 1. Industrie- und Arbeiterphotographie von der Jahrhundertwende bis in die er Jahre, in: Wilharm ed.

Dokumentarphotographie und Karikatur, in: Geschichte lernen 1.

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Der Historiker im Kino, Berlin Fotografien des Holocaust in der deutschen Erinnerungskultur. Hamburg Schauprozesse vor laufender Kamera, in: Paul ed. Bildatlas I: Fotografie und Staatssicherheit, Berlin The articles by Cameron impressively demonstrate how national, social, ethnic of gender identity in the USA consistute themselves centrally via visual perception, that race, f. Bilder aus dem Kibbuz, in: Paragrana.

Fotokritik am Ende des fotografischen Zeitalters, Vol. Ecologic Legal. Read more. Publication Report. The threats to forests from trade liberalisation under the WTO.

Tarasofsky, Richard G. It is the purpose of the study to examine the possible options for more competition. In this case, existing gaps and deficiencies in the regulative framework are to be exposed highlighted and recommendations were developed for shaping and expanding upon the framework in such a way that undesired side-effects can be avoided.

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Hintergrundstudie zur Erweiterung der EU. Ecologic Institut, Berlin. Ecologic, Berlin. COM has chosen English as your language setting. COM in 30 languages. Deutsche Welle.

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