Training the Average Person to be an Extraordinary Athlete

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At those Games, even as a part-time athlete, she won a silver medal at meters for Czechoslovakia. She then began training full time here on a cinder track and forest paths. The stories about her immense willpower and strength are legendary in the track world. And whether they are repeated matter of factly, or told with awe or wariness, they remain astonishing. She sprinted in spiked shoes on a frozen pond when snow covered the cinder track in winter. She ran repeats of meters while dragging a tire filled with varying amounts of sand.

According to Kratochvilova and her coach, she possessed such power and stamina that, in a single, several-hour session of weight lifting, she could hoist up to 25 tons. A Czech newspaper said it was 16 tons. Either amount, while not independently verified, would be extraordinary.

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Miroslav Kvac, the coach, said Kratochvilova had needed coaxing to nap between morning and afternoon training sessions. Still, her performances from — the world record at meters and another world record of It seems inevitable that any attempt to delete records en masse will end up before a judge or an arbitrator. Yet for Eastern bloc athletes, the questions are potentially more complicated.

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How ethically responsible were they? By what standard should they be judged? Should they be stripped of world records because they competed in systems that have been discredited?

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  • Or should officials have to prove their complicity in doping case by case, relying on incontrovertible evidence instead of suspicion, no matter how well informed? Arne Ljungqvist of Sweden, a retired, longtime medical and antidoping expert with the I. Ljungqvist said. But as sports leaders, we have to have the proof. Unless we have proof, we can say nothing. To meet Kratochvilova today is to meet a former star who is not conspicuously muscled, as many found her in the s.

    She is trim and more closely resembles a fit jogger than a chiseled champion. On July 26, , at a meet in Munich, Kratochvilova ran meters in the stunning time of Only one runner has come within a second of her performance in the nearly 34 years since.

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    On Aug. Her record has been broken, but it remains the second-fastest time ever. Built almost like a field event athlete. Others felt more sympathetic. I always felt sorry for her. I just assumed she was a pawn in this machine. She seemed like a really nice person. It seems like every day, a new study claims to show how your microbiome influences the way your body converts food into energy, responds to illness, or handles inflammation.

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    But as scientists are learning, our bugs are also affected by the way we treat them. The miles you log, the food you eat, the mountains you climb—everything seems to shape your internal ecology, too. And is there some mythical bug that all kick-ass athletes share? The microbes in our digestive systems can affect everything from our mental health to our weight and vulnerability to disease. So why not athletic performance? New science is set to revolutionize the way we eat, train, and live.

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    So, in the spirit of science, 15 weekend warriors at Outside contributed samples to the American Gut Project. We also corralled some extraordinary athletes and convinced them to pack fecal swabs off to the lab. Project manager Embriette Hyde and her team then compared our microbiomes with those of student athletes at UC San Diego, a cohort of surfers around the world, and all 10, AGP contributors.

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    Crushingly, the Outside microbiomes were nothing to write home about. Some research has noted high levels in endurance athletes. The most common driver for a gut full of Prevotella is a vegetarian diet. How to Boost Your Microbiome Wondering how to ensure that your gut is healthy? We're here to answer your most pressing questions.

    More informative than the average number of practice hours required to attain master status, however, was the range of hours.

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    • One player in the study reached master level in just 3, hours of practice, while another player needed 23, hours. And some people do that and still have not reached the same level. The renowned 10,hours violin study only reports the average number of hours of practice. It does not report the range of hours required for the attainment of expertise, so it is impossible to tell whether any individual in the study actually became an elite violinist in 10, hours, or whether that was just an average of disparate individual differences.

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