Whos In Charge of Your Life?

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I have never, in 25 years of medical practice, had a patient ask meto call a government bureaucrat to decide treatment. Yet, government control of medical treatment is exactly what we are facing with the healthcare bill, nicknamed Obamacare. They face fines if they do not comply.

Who’s in Charge of Your Life? You, God, or the Government?

Federal panels will decide what treatments you are allowed. The FDA is de-labeling approved medicines to lower costs. We only need look to Canada and Britain, to find that government intrusion and control harms patients, increases costs, and shortens life.

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Examples abound from published reports:. In Canada, patients wait an average of months for hip or knee surgery.

Who’s in Charge of Your Life? You, God, or the Government? | AAPS News of the Day Blog

Patients can wait 6 months to a year to see a primary care physician. I would be a quadriplegic today if I had to wait as long for surgery for my own spinal cord compression as people in Canada wait.

Women: Who's in Charge of Your Life?

Long waits can be deadly. Published studies of British hospitals describe patients dying of starvation or dehydration while in hospital. National Institute for Clinical Excellence. When government controls medical decisions, it makes your life a property of the government. Medical decisions properly belong with you and your doctor and your God.

How and why to answer the questions

We have seen what happens when totalitarian regimes control healthcare: human life is no longer valued and respected. People suffer and die. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, when it comes to your life and health, government is not the solution, it is the problem! Or will you fight to preserve your freedom to choose healthcare and health professionals without government panels deciding for you?

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When it comes to who controls healthcare, your life is at stake. You get to decide this November 2 — whose life is it? Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.

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Finally, in a series of quantitative experiments, test subjects were asked to rate the value of each question. The top 32 questions left standing make up the new life-changing questions tool. Here are a few examples of those that remained:. Imagine that you have received a message from a version of yourself five years in the future.

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What warnings would the message give you, and what advice would it offer about how best to achieve your goals? What meaningful or important thing should you tell a particular person that you haven't told them yet? Sit down with someone and answer all of them and you'll be in love at the end. What end result exactly can those who answer these 32 life-changing questions expect, I asked Greenberg.

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He offered examples from his research, including one person who understood a lack of gratitude was at the root of their unhappiness , another who vowed to get therapy for out-of-control anxiety, and a third who came to understand she was letting her husband control her life. We hope that the Life-Changing Questions can help people connect in more deep and satisfying ways with one another.

Interested in getting to know who you really are so you can chart a clearer course in life?

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