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Dark Horse Comics has been granted the license for a collectibles program. The line will consist of 15 different trolls, some of which are rare, sold in mystery box assortments. Dark Horse felt the Good Luck Troll would be a natural fit in the designer vinyl and specialty retail arena, and has created Trolls with unique variations of color and surface treatments. The product development was closely supervised by Dam Things and its brand manager Dannie Festa of Festa Entertainment, including a trip from Denmark to the West Coast prototyping facility to assess and approve the works in progress.

The ratio of availability is printed on a graphic on each package, so the consumer knows the relative scarcity of the figure purchased. This type of assortment is common in Japan, but a relatively recent phenomenon in the U. Each Troll is packaged in an opaque foil bag inside its box to prevent tampering or viewing prior to purchase. Rather than reprint its Domo figures, the company has simply created new designs, and presented a new series.

This will be the approach intended for Good Luck Trolls as well. The new Yo Gabba Gabba! Jumbo Action Figures are vinyl, articulated, and will range from seven inches to 10 inches tall. PPW Toys will introduce two lines of plush dolls based on characters from the Mr.

Men and Little Miss book series in the U. The large Designer Plush dolls will measure 12 inches tall. The collectible four-inch Minis include a plastic clip to conveniently attach to any bag or backpack. Both plush lines feature colorful and embroidered character logos. Potato Head line will make its debut in the third quarter of this year. Elvis Presley Mr.

As with the first two versions, production will be limited and focused on the specialty retail channel. Potato Head Blue Hawaii. The line includes twirling and spinning animals, from the makers of Furreal Friends. Pull the included dizzy cord to set the pets in motion, spinning round and round. More than 50 Dizzy Dancers characters will be available this year, and girls can interchange the top and bottom of any pet to create a custom Dizzy Dancers collection of her own.

Appropriate for ages 4 and up, the pink play set features tons of places for pets to twirl, including various dance floors, slides, and ramps. The dance studio includes one Dizzy Dancers pet, a spinning base, and a dizzy cord. Hasbro celebrates Mr. Mashly in Love Mr. Potato Head can hold hands and show off their rings as they celebrate the big day. The limited-edition, piece set includes Mr. Potato Head and lots of accessories: holding hands, top hat and tux, veil, wedding handband, and more.

The game requires skillful shots, and executing precision landings helps players accumulate points. The Kidz Bop Glammerati Party Like a Pop Star product line includes blinging microphones, instruments, fashion accessories, glam kits, and more with on-trend styles and color palettes, and technological features. Imperial expects to launch the line timed to coincide with the release of Kidz Bop 22 this summer.

Each Go Bubbles push toy stands over 18 inches high, produces a continuous stream of bubbles when pushed, and includes a full bottle of Super Miracle Bubbles Premium Plus bubble solution. Kaos Cyclops and Nemesis are one-handed water balloon launchers designed to launch water balloons up to feet with a simple flick of the wrist. They have large scoop tops for quick reloads, and come with 25 biodegradable Kaos water balloons. The Kaos Catapult is a super slingshot that launches water balloons up to feet.

Imperial plans to produce novelty toys that will be available beginning this fall, and Lalaloopsy bubble, sand, and beach toys beginning in spring Rookie players start with the auto-return Brain, while seasoned pros will go for the Raider and Maverick. Perplexus Twist adds a fourth dimension—the player must twist and realign the tracks to escape traps, decoys, and cliffhangers. Each Perplexus game, available in 3-D and 4-D, is a marble maze game in which players maneuver a small marble around barriers inside a transparent sphere. Unlike traditional flat-surface mazes that are composed of one path, Perplexus has numerous paths to choose from and dozens of barriers to overcome.

Players can race one another or the clock. Perplexus exercises problem-solving, motor, and dexterity skills, and improves hand-eye coordination. Perplexus Twist is designed for ages 6 and up. PlasmaCar is propelled by the natural forces of inertia, centrifugal force, gravity, and friction, and requires no batteries. The new polyurethane wheel sets are available separately as an accessories kit, or fully equipped on the new PlasmaCar Pro line. Also launching this year is a new line of PlasmaCar Pro car decals, so riders can decorate their PlasmaCar to fit their personality.

Styles range from flames to flowers. PlasmaCar Pro is recommended for ages 3 and up. Talking Tom and Talking Ben have talk-back functionality in the same recognizable voices of the well-known characters. Additionally, there are sensors spread over the body of each toy to allow for playback of the identical sounds that appear in the free apps.

Dragon-i will also feature a range of inch and inch Talking Tom and Talking Ben beanies in basic plush and press-and-talk functionality versions. The first wave of the Dragon-i Toys Talking Friends line rounds out with an entry-level price point key ring of Talking Tom and Talking Ben, with and without the sounds from the app. Mount the double-bladed lightsaber to your wall and rotate it for a horizontal or vertical display. It makes authentic Lightsaber sound effects, and is more than 50 inches long. Anteater Bug Vac. The initial line includes Fruit Ninja-themed headphones, ear buds, and a portable speaker set.

A plush line will include a Mini Plush Assortment with Sound, a five-inch Plush Assortment with Sound, and a inch Plush Watermelon with Blade, which includes sound and a slicing feature. ZipBin Dinosaur line, Neat-Oh! ZipBin Farmland line. New products from the Neat-Oh! New from the Neat-Oh! Easy to carry and decorated with animals, the Pony Day Tote unzips into a stable ready for play.

It wipes clean with a damp cloth, and unzips flat to make cleaning easy. Each item features detailed artwork and a play mat on the inside and outside of the case and the bag. The masters of Spinjitzu have leveled up. The new Lego Ninjago Neat-Oh! Battle Arena features new artwork this year. This battle arena doubles as both a storage case for the Ninjago masters to hide in, as well as a supreme battle arena.

There are pull-out storage areas to protect Ninjago figures, spinners, weapons, and cards. The battle arena has an easy-to-clean, wipeable surface. Lego bricks are not included. Fashionistas can create their own fashion week with the Barbie Neat-Oh! Both items unzip to reveal a scenic ski slope play area. The Go Sport Basketball Backpack features a dropdown hoop, net ball return, and three-inch basketball for basketball play.

The company was founded in by A. The company changed the name to American Plastic Toys in APT has operated continuously for 50 years in various locations in Michigan and Mississippi. APT currently has more than one million square feet company wide, and approximately employees, with shipping points in Walled Lake, Michigan and Olive Branch, Mississippi. The company has a comprehensive line of injectionmolded toys. The current product line features approximately items, excluding customer-specific special items. APT distributes products throughout North America and beyond, including Puerto Rico and South and Central America, and has products listed at most mass merchants, on many websites, and in nationally distributed catalogs.

What are the benefits of manufacturing your products in the U. While there are many, four benefits stand out. The first is confidence. It is easy to have a high confidence level that our products are safe and high quality since assembly is done in our U. The vast majority of components are either molded in-house or purchased domestically.

The second is control. Domestic production provides APT the ability to closely monitor all aspects of molding, production, testing, and shipping of our products. The third is service. Domestic production also affords retailers the ability to tailor their replenishment according to changes in demand, weather, or product popularity. Importing seasonal products is inherently riskier since retailers order containers rather than full or partial truckload shipments.

APT employees and customers all benefit from the company staying in the U. Everyone at APT can sleep well at night since they know that they are involved in something special— making affordable, quality, safe toys in the U. The 50th anniversary will be a key aspect of our increased marketing effort in The entire APT team takes great pride in and understands how special it is to manufacture affordable toys in the U. New product introductions for include two new additions to our successful My Very Own line, a new unique approach to the classic doll stroller and shopping cart.

The BattleChipz come in Zombie vs. Ninja and Colorburst styles. Tung Too Text Toos are candy-flavored, temporary tongue tattoos that display the latest in texting abbreviation lingo. The customizable character collection attaches to everything from fingers to flip-flops. The Floppets have a versatile connector and hook-andloop fastening tether.

Kids can attach them wherever they please, or link them together by connecting their tethers to create instant wrist bands, rings, anklets, and necklaces. Kids can collect, share, and trade them with their friends. Kent Pinkalicious bicycles in , , and inch sizes feature a handlebar bag, doll seat, pink streamers, adjustable training wheels and seat, and rear-foot brakes. Another Pinkalicious bike is adorned with pink peonies and butterflies, as well as all the aforementioned features. To keep fledgling riders safe, a new Kent Pinkalicious helmet also hits the market this spring.

The helmet has jewel accents and 17 top and side vents to help keep the head cool while riding. The headpiece is adjustable and secures with nylon web strapping and a quick-release buckle. The helmet is designed to fit children ages 5 to 8. As our business opportunities extended beyond the Canadian toy market, we felt it was necessary to communicate to the trade and licensing communities that TCG was a global company.

Please share some of the history behind The Canadian Toy Group. Jerry Smith, George Fegan, and I established the company in to offer full-service distribution to toy companies in the Canadian market. We came from a variety of backgrounds and brought more than 80 years of toy expertise to the market. We entered the U. We are expanding our distribution throughout the U. It has allowed us to introduce innovative new products with strong branding as a point of differentiation.

Our recent partnership with Fisher-Price has opened up avenues for us in the preschool puzzle market. Justin Bieber allowed us to tap into the preteen market with games and room accessories. Licensing will remain a key element of our growth strategy as. Puzzles and games have historically made up the greatest percentage of your business. Do you plan to expand beyond these product categories? We are preparing to launch Roxx, our hot new collectible product, globally.

Does TCG plan to enter into similar joint venture relationships in the future? When it came to bringing Roxx to the U. Upon close examination of all the elements necessary to make the biggest impact in the U. Imperial has enjoyed meteoric success with multiple toy crazes over the past five years, and is an ideal partner to launch Roxx for the U. Imperial has committed to a very significant promotional program to support the brand in all forms of media. By the time this article is published, I am certain that we will have announced our plans for all territories outside of North America.

We are in discussions with various leading toy companies around the world. Whether it will be a distribution agreement, a license arrangement, or something inbetween, our final determination will have been based upon the financial support from our international partners, so that Roxx is the key focus for any company that we are fortunate enough to enter into an arrangement with. Nearly five feet tall by almost four feet square, each Tee Pee is large enough for an entire tribe.

Made of durable percent cotton canvas and wooden poles, the Tee Pees are easy to set up and can be used indoors. The bright walls feature interesting designs, and the tents have an easy-access opening, as well as a mesh window for ventilation purposes. The Tee Pees assemble easily and are extra durable. Each Tee Pee comes in its own carry bag for easy storage.

Cowboy Tee Pee. The Nerf DVR is a palm-sized digital video recorder, which features a 1. It also comes with a built-in microphone and light, an SD card slot for video and still image capture, a USB connector, and a TV cable. The Nerf Helmet Cam, whether mounted on a helmet or the bike itself, lets kids record and display their street exploits, hands free, at a x resolution.

It comes with two helmet mounts and one bike mount. An additional line of electronics based on the Nickelodeon series Victorious will include a digital camera, SMS text messengers, a pocket digital video recorder, a microphone, a clock radio, MP3 and CD players, a portable karaoke system, and computer accessories. Sakar will bring the Hello Kitty brand into the kitchen with a new line of appliances. The products range from a hand mixer and tea kettle to a slow cooker, pancake maker, rice cooker, ice cream maker, popcorn popper, cotton candy maker, and cordless hand vacuum.

The three-wheeled bike comes in orange and white, and runs completely on pedal power. The YBike features two easy-to-grip handles that make the ride secure, and the unique back wheel steering allows for control on the pavement. Coming to Disney Junior this year, Doc McStuffins is a new animated series about a 6-year-old girl who communicates with and heals stuffed animals and toys out of her backyard clinic. Just Play will release a full line of plush, feature plush, small and large dolls, play sets, and dress-up and roleplay items inspired by the show.

The toy line will feature Doc and her pals, and will embody the core message of the series: the importance of taking care of yourself and others. Inspired by the Disney Junior animated series Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Just Play will launch a line of plush and role-play toys for the property. Just Play will bring a line of Barbielicensed role-play toys and dress-up items to retail this fall.

Items include dresses with ruffles and bows, styling sets, tea sets, and vanities. Doc McStuffins. With its four treads positioned around triple sets of wheels for traction and power, the Descender extends snowboarding and surfing into every season. The Descender can hold riders up to lbs. The faster kids rock, the faster it goes. The RBX stands at an adjustable handlebar height of 48 inches, and is available in a black finish.

The RBX can hold riders up to lbs. Among its licensed products, Sun-Mate will develop ATM machines, arcade-style games, tabletop games, and guitars based on the Star Wars brand. Sun-Mate will develop various pinball game machines under the Power Rangers brand as well. Sun-Mate will manufacture a variety of outdoor and backyard games for the entire family under the World Wrestling Entertainment WWE brand.

Consumers will be able to purchase WWE blasters, pool and beach toys, water guns, and vinyl balls. These products include cameras, MP3 players, cell phone cases, iPhone cases, laptop computer cases, microphones, headsets, headphones, SMS text messengers, PDAs, musical instruments, electronic watches, boom boxes, speakers, walkie-talkies, amps, ATM machines, karaoke machines, and doll houses. Through its licensing agreement with Union Pacific, Sun-Mate will continue to manufacture opening-priced toy train sets. Sun-Mate has acquired North American licensing rights for Chevron, Texaco, and Gulf, part of the Chevron Products Company family of brands, and will continue to manufacture toy oil tanker trucks.

The dollhouse is child-safe and parent-friendly, folding flat for quick and convenient storage.

The Littleton Ladybug Family Counting Book (Paperback)

The Cody Simpson Fashion Doll Collection features bendable joints and each includes a pair of shoes, sunglasses, a microphone, a guitar pick, and a lanyard. Pop Grrl is a brand new line of fashion accessories for tween girls. Nail Charms combine the collectibility of charms with the personal expressive nature of safe and easy stick-on fashion nails.

Licensed Nail Charms include Blow Pop, in strawberry, grape, watermelon, and apple scents, as well as chocolate Tootsie Roll and Gummy Bears varieties. Squinkies and Monster High Nail Charms will be available as well. It attaches to any bag, backpack, purse, key chain, or clothing with a belt loop and comes in four designs: lollipop, cherry, star, and diamond. It has retractable earphones and a power plug, and comes in strawberry, zipper, heart, and bow varieties. Each pop out toy design is detachable from the clip-on bracelet. It has a retractable power plug and is hands-free, attaching to any mobile phone, computer, or audio device.

Designs include bear, bunny, popsicle, and boombox. Cody Simpson Fashion Doll. Yoha is continuing to build the product line and brand with the addition of the Charging Fruit, Baby Tandars, and clothing. Every Bobble Bots Moshi Monsters product will include secret codes to unlock digital assets in the online world. Innovation First continues to innovate and create new Hexbug Micro Robotic Creatures with both the Nano line and its mechanical line of products. New for this year is the Hexbug Scarab.

Scarab is a high-speed, mechanical, beetle-like robotic bug.

Children's Books for Fall

Scarab skitters around on six angled legs, propelling itself forward and backward, bouncing off objects in its path, and jumping from its back to its feet if placed upside down. Its inner body is full of robotic intelligence and is protected by a hard, transparent exoskeleton casing. This set makes a great connecting piece that can bridge the gap between other existing habitat sets, enabling children to customize and create the ultimate playground for their Hexbug Nano to traverse.

The Hexbug Nano Zipline Starter Set includes 23 easy-connect pieces and one extremely rare Nano mutation with a removable zip line backpack. Collect all six colors. The Avengers Sculpted 3D Collectibles clip on backpacks, belt loops, and other strategic locations.

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The Justin Bieber Talking Doll speaks 10 different phrases in his own world-famous voice. Blingoos are available in four styles, all with shiny embroidery and lots of white space for maximum doodling. The web series comes to life with these talking 3. The transparent tubelike container has been expanded to hold up to three Toobees, and doubles as a carrying case. To play with Toobee, grip it and throw it; it spins like a football. It has no sharp edges, and is safe for indoor play. Toobee is made in the U.

Kids can transform into Jake with the included jumpsuit, bandana, and boot covers. The Spider-Man Movie Classic Muscle Costume is an updated look for web-slinging wannabes, based on the May relaunch of the film series. Disguise is set to complement two Disney re-releases with new costume sets. The Jumparoo Boing! It includes foam grips on a T-handle and a rubber-like, non-slip foot.

The new Fly Max Football can fly up to yards, and creates a whistling sound as it soars through the air. It uses patented RPM turbine technology, consisting of a super-aerodynamic shape, a hollow interior for less wind resistance, and adjustable fins. The set, for kids ages 6 and up, includes two foam rockets, each with patented Thrust Boosters for longer flight.

Also new is Jump Rocket Triple Shotz, which launches one, two, or all three foam rockets at the same time, flying up to feet. Jumparoo Boing! More than new Trashies including limited-edition Trashies and a new Trashie family will be brought to market. This year, Moose will also introduce new play sets in The Trash Pack line, which will offer children a new way to collect and play with their Trashies.

It can be used for a game of flying catch or as a boomerang for solo play. It can also be used indoors. The deluxe version features LEDs that ignite automatically when launched. Targeted to kids ages 8 and up, Surf has three different levels. The Extreme and Pro balls are for open water, and the Blast is for swimming pools. Tosy AFO. The cave is filled with paintings, raised lookouts, and a rotating waterfall, as well as a giant woolly mammoth. The set includes four figures, foldable trees, a Stone Age Cave with Mammoth wolf, and other accessories. The product is recommended for kids ages Equipped with a swiveling LED spotlight to help illuminate the surrounding terrain, a knockout cannon to disable enemy vehicles, and a functional solar fan module, this galactic headquarters is filled with top-notch technology.

The included balance racer can be converted into a propeller or jet car racer. Little girls ages can create their own dazzling and regal fantasy world with the Princess Fantasy Castle. With turrets, a gilded entrance gate, a grand staircase, and lots of rooms, this castle is a great home for her royal highness.

The set includes two figures, many accessories, and a life-size tiara, bracelet, and ring. Tech Electronics brings dinosaurs and vehicles together to create a two-in-one play experience. Dino and vehicle sound effects are included, as well as educational facts about each dinosaur. The FunPod was developed by a UK mom aiming to get her daughter up to kitchen worktops safely and involved in food preparation.

The product is available in five contemporary colors to match kitchen interiors, and is height adjustable, allowing kids as young as 1 to safely reach counter levels. It can be used for kids up to age 6. The sofa is constructed using a mixed hardwood frame that is padded with foam for greater comfort and durability. The backrest can be unfolded, which transforms Pinkalicious Skirted Rocker the piece into a inch surface to use as a sleeper for guests.

The Pinkalicious Skirted Bench can be used at the end of a bed, as a seat in front of a vanity table, or just as additional seating. The Pinkalicious Skirted Rocker includes a matching skirted ottoman. Spin the tops on top of one another to make a top tower. Spin one on your hand, or spin them on any hard surface. The tops are offered in a variety of colors and designs. The battling set includes a battle arena, two Lightning Tops, and two stick controllers. Agent J comes with a neuralizer that transforms into a hover cannon, while Agent K rides in on a Noisy Cricket, which transforms into a Cosmic Hopper.

Moving on to electronics, the Action Shot Camera will be released for those who want to capture themselves playing on the edge. The portable mini camera can be attached to skateboards, bikes, or helmets with a secure mounting system to record up to 20 minutes of footage. A guitar pick necklace is also included. Icons light up the console to show dancers exactly where to step.

Each collection offers wallpaper, rugs, flowers, bins, mirrors, clocks, curtains, and valances. The Couture Collection is more whimsical, concentrating on details young girls appreciate and featuring prints like houndstooth, fleur-de-lis, damask, and scroll.

Realistic 3-D images help children learn animal or fruit and vegetable names in three languages: English, French, and Spanish. Each set includes 20 durable cards with card rings to keep stacks organized. Available in three styles, the cards are recommended for ages 3 and up. With Magic Flash Cards and 3D Magic Magnets, kids tilt and see images flip to learn the alphabet, numbers, opposites, or animals. Special lenticular printing makes these cards interactive for children ages 3 and up.

Each Grab Zag has one toy, blind-packaged, inside each foil bag. Every assortment has collectible Marvel Minis—1. There are also mini-projectors, disc launchers, and other novelty toys. Each assortment has up to 24 toys with more than toys in the entire Grab Zags line. In addition to the Marvel Grab Zags series, Trick or Treat Grab Zags, featuring a collection of goblins and ghouls, will be launched in time for the Halloween shopping season.

When they see the moon, they know to stay in bed until the alarm picture changes. There is even a nap-time setting. Parents can use the pre-programmed image to set an alarm time, or can personalize the awake and asleep photo alarm images using the included USB, flash drive, or SD card slot. The Photo Clock features a rotating photo frame, music, an audio book, an alarm clock, and video. It also includes an song compilation of music built right into the memory. Listen to your own music, or play and dance to these built-in tunes.

Download the free app to mix it up with songs from your own library, or connect another Paper Jamz instrument—drums, guitar, or microphone—to start a band with a friend. It also includes a built-in microphone to record vocal loops, and offers beat synchronization between two tracks. You can also scratch, rewind, fast forward, speed up, or slow down your beats, as well as crossfade and add various sound effects. Lite Sprites talk in their own language.

Bleak is a rebel who likes to stir up mischief and steal color. Brooke is an adventurous Sprite who colors the waters. Meadow loves all plants and flowers, and is a prankster. Astra is a dreamer who adds sparkles to the stars and glow to the moon. Lite Pets are forest friends that add a little more color and sparkle to Lite-Topia.

Styles include butterfly, firefly, frog, bumblebee, snail, turtle, and caterpillar. Flower Buggy is a new play set. Lite Sprites hop in the Flower Buggy to travel around Lite-Topia, and paint the town red, blue, or any other color. Another new play set is the Gazebo and the Fountain of Lite. Girls can be just as fashionable as their Lite Sprites with wearable interactive necklaces and rings.

A Lite Sprite game will also be introduced, designed to take girls on a journey through Lite-Topia to help Lite Sprites color the world. Any half-band connects with other half-bands to create a whole band. Children can design, collect, and trade necklaces, anklets, and other jewelry. Each package of Mungi Bands comes with three half-bands of differing shapes, colors, and styles. The bands are offered in small and large sizes and come in a variety of themes. The Pony Royale collection includes 12 Princess Ponies, one for each month of the year.

Each pony has a jeweled birthstone blaze and a realistic look. The mane and tail slide in and out easily. The ponies have articulated heads, and their 6.

Each pony comes with an extra mane and tail, a hair brush, and one set of Mix-It-Up Fashions, including a saddlette, saddle blanket, crown, and skirt. There are three mirrors and a styling center, with storage for a hair brush and saddlette. The Dressing Carousel comes with two Princess Pony skirts, which also double as curtains. Each assortment will come with a saddlette, saddle blanket, crown, skirt, and decorative Pony Royale Princess Pony, Harmony hair accessories.

Razor USA is improving on the classic three-wheeler of the s with the FlashRider , which turns, drifts, and sparks. Riders engage the spark bar while riding and spinning for real sparking action and a flashy riding style. The spark bar has a replaceable spark cartridge to keep the sparks going.

The FlashRider has rear, dual-inclined caster wheels for degrees of resistance-free drifting and spinning. It features an all-steel frame and double crown fork, with MX-style handlebars FlashRider with rubber grips. Recommended for ages 5 and up, it can hold up to lbs. Kids can shoot up to rounds of vapor gel ammo without reloading their Vapor Delta gel ammo blaster. It comes with rounds of ready-to-go vapor gel ammo for mock battle. There is no mess to clean up after blasting, and you never have to retrieve the single-use vapor gel ammo.

Refill packs are also available. The blaster is recommended for ages 14 and up. Moshi Monsters accessories include key chains, zippsters, and charmlings. Zippsters are 3-D mini figures that come blindboxed and attach to a backpack or jacket with 11 in a set. Charmlings are enameled charms that come in a variety of 12 Moshling characters, and attach to a specially designed Moshi gel bracelet.

Packaged in a blind foil bag, each includes two Charmling charms and a bracelet. Kids can create their own Pinkalicious scenes with tiny magnetic pieces, by opening the Pinkalicious Storybook Keychain to find a background from Pinkalicious. They can then pull out the drawer, and use the pieces to recreate some of their favorite scenes from the book. All games play like the originals. The Battle Launcher comes with three Spider-Man tops that load and can be stored inside the launcher. Load the tops into the launcher, squeeze the handle, and watch the tops fly away and spin.

Also, collect all three styles of The Amazing Spider-Man key chains. Each three-inch mini figure comes in a different action pose. Additionally, collect all four styles of Power Rangers Samurai mini key chains in red, blue, green, and gold. Each figure features a Super Samurai action pose and measures 2. Super Samurai Power Rangers harness the mystical Samurai Symbols of Power to fight evil with the elements of fire, water, forest, and earth. Kids can battle as their favorite Ranger with the Battle Launcher. Each launcher stores all three tops for play on the go.

Once kids are ready to battle, they load the tops, squeeze the handles, and the tops fly and spin. The FyrFlyz Tryphoon features two sides that contain a static LED light, but adds a blinking third side to the action, giving kids the opportunity to create different shapes and light shows. For younger children, the new FyrFlyz Vortex features three soft vinyl edges and handles designed for smaller hands.

Nine new colors for the line include Fyrblaze red , Nytryder transparent , Goldstar gold , Stryker orange , Icefyr silver , Nytstorm aqua green , Fyrstar lime green , Super Nova ash blue , and Skybryte sky blue. Each item spins and cycles through a series of six LED-lighted designs. Spy from the sky and upload your videos within seconds to YouTube, Facebook, email, etc. The Wi-Spi Intruder is the ultimate spy car.

Controlled by your smartphone or tablet, the Intruder offers live video transmission to your device and allows you to record video, pics, and sound. Then, you can upload your missions and share with your friends in a matter of seconds. Wi-Spi Intruder. Using infrared technology, they can navigate mazes on their own. Using the free Desk Pets app, you can battle and race the CarBots. Sakar unveils Disney AppClix, a 7.

Developed under liDisney AppClix 7. The Disney AppClix 7. The cards contain characters and items that spring into action when touched to the screen of an iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone in conjunction with the free Animal Planet and Monsterology game apps being released in the iTunes App store. Virtual Nuko cards are also available within the free Nuko application.

Players receive one free pack of virtual cards when they download the Nuko app, and can purchase more of the digital version by paying for them via their iTunes account. Physical Nuko cards are more powerful than the virtual ones. The Monsterology Nuko game, based on The New York Times best-selling Ology book series, is a world of monsters and myths that comes alive. App Commander brings digital first-person gaming into the real world. Zombie Burbs is a collectible line of zombies that battle it out with human opponents. The figures unlock missions, abilities, and new levels of game play. Alien Jailbreak is an augmented reality shooter game in which the user looks through his or her smart device at included set markers to see an alien prison rooftop and searchlights scanning the area.

The object of the game is to stop the escaping aliens by shooting them. Foam Fighters is a collectible line of small, detailed foam airplanes that look realistic and really fly on their own. The Foam Fighter attaches to the device to allow your hands to fly the planes. Mysterious Ray Gun is a container of 12 random parts. Put together in dozens of different ways, players create their own unique ray gun that is scanned via image recognition into your smart device Zombie Burbs and used in-game.

Designed to entertain and educate, the planetarium brings astronomy education into the bedroom. With the multimedia speakers, kids can play their own music through a smartphone, an iPod touch, or an iPad. Automatic star field rotation is available in five different speeds to match the music.

A built-in radio is also available to keep listeners up-to-date with the latest news and information. Users can set an automatic off timer for 30 or 60 minutes. It is available in six colors. Each Appfinity item is compatible with iPhone 4, 3Gs, and iPod touch 4th Generation devices, and will be available for select Android devices this fall. Make any iPhone a playful plush pal with Appfinity Applingz. Download the free app and slide your phone into the sleeve.

Adopt an appling and give it a name and birthday, and then care for him, play with him, and build a relationship. The more you play with it, the smarter it gets. The Appling will talk back and respond to voice commands, touch, and motion. Take fishing to a new level with the Appfinity Appfishing Rod. With real casting and jiggling, it uses device gyro to simulate a real fishing experience.

Reel and casting buttons are connected through touchpad technology. Put the pedal to the metal with the Appfinity AppDrive. Take to the streets with racing, to the air with flight games, or head off-road with motocross games. Four console-designed buttons create a seamless driving experience. Using dual triggers, trigger-tap technology, and augmented reality applications, the AppBlaster turns any environment into a virtual gaming experience.

Discover the fusion of reality and technology through seven different apps: Alien Attack, Overkill, Marine Sharpshooter, Pull! Download the free Appmates Cars app from the iTunes App store, place a Cars 2 Appmates character on the screen, and play. The virtual play mat provides a seemingly endless world to explore where kids can re-create favorite movie moments and dream up new stories in the world of Cars. Each character unlocks different features and content. The Interactive Bluetooth Blu-Tech Heli is a three-channel helicopter with full-gesture controls that connect and follow the movements from an Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Sound effects and force feedback vibrations simulate a real flying experience, while the gyro stabilization design allows for easy flying. The app is free for download with the purchase of the product. The Ferrari Enzo is an interactive Bluetooth-controlled vehicle with full-gesture controls that connect and follow the movements from an Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

This scale Ferrari includes full-function digital controls, variable speeds, multi-racing steering, and head, tail, and turning lights. Full-gesture control allows you to control the car with the tilt of the controller, giving you the feel of real racing. The classic Porsche body features functional headlights, tail lights, and signal lights. Smart Link Ferrari is recommended for ages 5 and up. The soft foam ball, together with specially designed mobile apps, allows players to have an entertaining movementbased experience while safely protecting people, their smart devices, and their surroundings.

TheO works with the iPhone, iPod touch, and Android smartphones to create a fresh approach to gaming and physical activity. The ball features a secure cushioned slot to hold a variety of smart devices, enabling fun, ball-based games and activities to be played by a single player or a group. The smart ball can be safely rolled, tossed, and bounced, with the smart device protected safely and securely inside, while players physically interact with each other. Current apps include Hot Potato, Bowling, and Interrogo, a social interactive game.

A variety of custom app-based games are in development. They all take advantage of the unique features of smart devices such as acceleration sensing, direction, and motion sensing, plus sound and Bluetooth capabilities, allowing TheO to link with additional accessories. To get started, download the free iNitro Speeders functionality app with controller-themed skins. Each vehicle includes a compact carrying case, which also doubles as a charger.

The monkey entertains baby with more than 10 songs, tunes, and phrases, without a device inside. The new Mini ZombieZoo clip-on plush, in four-inch sizes, are soft replicas of each character that hang from a red hook. Each character comes with a tag telling its story. J Products introduces two new styles in its Pillow Pets plush foldable stuffed line. The Fire Truck is bright red with black and gray accents, and has a gray ladder design on top.

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Both styles will be available in the large inch size. Pillow Pets Fire Truck. They are available in a variety of outfits and with fun accessories. Lola, a inch, all-vinyl doll, is available again, and dressed in a floral print dress and matching hat. Her new outfit is embellished with bows and ribbons. Each articulated doll comes with extra styling accessories so girls can change their look or style. The pets also have their own styling accessories. The Cutie Pops line includes fashion packs, accessories, and the Decoration Station, a carrying case to hold the Cutie Pops accessories.

Jada enters the small doll category with Flittles, a collectible line of fairies in training. Imagine a rainbow-filled sky in a world where animals fly with sparkly wings, and the sweetest of babies are being trained to be Flittle Flyers. The line includes dolls, accessories, and play sets. Little Puppets are specially sized for younger children, scaled down to approximately seven inches tall to fit the small hands of a young child. Folkmanis also offers full-bodied plush puppets. The American Alligator Puppet is 31 inches long, with soft, plastic teeth, realistically rendered scales, and a long tail.

The 15inch Cow Puppet has a movable mouth and soft hide, horns, and hooves. The colorful Crab Puppet has a inch, multicolored body and rounded shell. Slip your hand into his underside to wiggle his legs, pincers, and movable mouth. The Duckling is a small, nine-inch puppet with moveable wings and mouth. Its bright-yellow faux fur emulates soft down. The Golden Eagle Puppet features feather-like bronze-and-golden plush fabric, a movable beak, and broad, flappable wings with a inch wingspan.

The Gopher features a movable mouth, soft buckteeth, and long child-safe claws made for digging. The inch Horse Puppet has a flowing mane and tail. The six-inch Nibbling Mouse Puppet sits with his wedge of cheese while his rotating head is always on the lookout. The Leatherback Sea Turtle Puppet is the largest living sea turtle, recreated in this inch Folkmanis puppet with a movable mouth and flippers.

Brown leather-like fabric creates a realistic-looking shell. Folkmanis introduces its line of finger puppets, the Minis. The Mini Lop-Ear Rabbit is four inches tall, off-white, and has a lop ear that flops. The black-and-white Mini Woodpecker is six inches tall with a scarlet Mohawk tuft. Underground also has the license for Lalaloopsy. Aurora will launch the new Garfield Collection, including classic and seasonal styles, in October. Garfield plush will be distributed to specialty shops, gift stores, and retailers in the U.

In January, Aurora released three five-inch Air Penguins plush in pink, blue, and brown. Signature by Aurora is a new, high-end plush animal line that is detailed and handcrafted using sumptuous materials. The line initially includes 30 plush animals in the wildlife, jungle, and exotics categories.

Signature pieces range from seven to 43 inches. Aurora also debuts new dinosaur-themed plush toys, featuring five lifelike dinosaur designs and three hand puppets that join an existing line of more than 15 plush dinosaur pieces and puppets. The five new dinosaurs include Triceratops 10 inches , Pteranodon 10 inches , Stegosaurus 12 inches , Brachiosaurus 11 inches , and T-Rex 12 inches.

The dinosaurs have plastic eyes, and their scales are highlighted with a reflective material. Three new dinosaur hand puppets include Iguanodon, Parasaurolophus, and Oviraptor, each 10 inches in size.

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The short pile plush appears reflective and bright from one angle, and soft and smooth from another. The Silly Monkey assortment includes six CJ Products offers Pillow Pets plush in a premium line for specialty retailers and a standard line for the mass marketplace. The Premium styles are exclusive to specialty retailers for a limited time, and then will be introduced to the mass market as new Premium styles are created.

Minnie Mouse Pillow Pet. The Uglydoll family began with a drawing of an orange character called Wage, and this spring, Pretty Ugly will release a nine-inch 10th anniversary Wage plush doll. Uglydoll plush characters are available in a variety of sizes and styles. What if I follow my heart, ignore others who doubt me, and work night and day to make my dreams come true? This line consists of a nine-inch plush with a four-inch plush buddy.

Everybody needs a buddy. Buddy is ready. BBQ with pie after? Kick the ball around? Ride in the cart at the market? Help with rude people? Help with homework? See, your buddies are there like 90 percent of the time! But they are percent behind you as you work hard to make your dreams come true and do what you love. OK, now get in the pouch. Owl have five owlets, including Cheeky Chicken and Pipsqueek the Pirate. Rest your head on Mr. Owl pillows, or take your Howly Owl everywhere with Howly Owl key chains. Each owl comes with a name and backstory. Ruffle Totes have layers of frilly ruffles filled with floral prints and polka dots beneath an embroidered yoke.

Each eight-inch bag has two wide coordinating print handles embellished with grosgrain ribbon. Douglas Company will debut seven new Sillo-ettes wristlets this year. Sillo-ettes are the silhouette of an animal shape fashioned into a wristlet purse that swings from the wrist, or readily clips on to a larger bag. Each quilted fabric bag is trimmed in coordinating cording. The new Furry Couture pieces feature peace signs and animal prints in four new styles. Rachel Chihuahua and Kira Shih-Tzu are covered in high-sheen animal prints. Ebooks and Manuals

Each design is detailed with its own citrus hues, polka dots, geometric patterns, and plenty of paisley and florals. Along with plush Clifford dogs of all shapes and sizes, Douglas has created a fashion line for Clifford, too. The set comes in puppy, teddy bear, frog, turtle, giraffe, elephant, and monkey versions. The totes come in lemon yellow and raspberry color schemes, and are adorned with plush frosting, embroidered sprinkles, and a red cherry on top. Also new for Fiestalicious is the Peek-A-Boo Plush, a cushion that unzips and turns inside out to become a pink smiling cupcake.

Furbulous Fashion Friends, available in bear, kitty, puppy, and bunny varieties, are four inches tall. Fancy, Grooving, Daisy, Hip Hop, Ruffles, and Jazzy are dressed in mix and match fashions and include shoes and earrings. The four-inch Shopping Fur Fashions bears are dressed in casual daytime outfits, but come with an additional dressier nighttime option complete with a handbag. Basic and deluxe play sets are also available. They come fully dressed with a coordinating fashion bag, nonmatching socks, and a headband.

The dolls are The City Girls dolls are fresh from college and ready to start their careers. The deluxe dolls come fully dressed with removable outfits designed by Robert Tonner. The basic doll comes with a dressing gown and separate fashion packs. The dolls measure 16 inches tall with 12 points of articulation, allowing for maximum poseability.

The dolls have rooted saran hair for styling fun. Maudlynne Macabre is a quirky young girl who lives in a slightly sinister Victorian mansion in a sleepy Upstate New York town. The doll is She has rooted saran hair for hair play. Fashion packs are also available. This multipurpose blanket transforms into a plush toy.

When unrolled, the blanket is made of hypoallergenic material that is machine-washable and stuffing-free. The Giggle Time new collection of Each doll has been handcrafted to be lifelike, with a soft, doeskin body and a bean bag-weighted bottom. At just over 16 ounces, Giggle Time babies are easy to take along in their very own baby carrier. The giggle mechanism is removable before machine washing. Girl Scouts celebrates its year anniversary this year. Nursery Time Babies are swaddled in a one-piece jersey outfit, and tucked inside a cushioned baby doll carrier.

Weighing two pounds, seven ounces, they feature button noses and tiny hands and feet. Adora Playtime Babies, weighing approximately 12 ounces, are designed to be a first baby doll and have a silky smooth body. There are 35 interactive phrases, complete with facial and head movements. Dorothy is dressed in the classic Wizard of Oz blue-and-white checked gingham dress and red ruby slippers.

Each costume is hand sewn. There are several styles to choose from, including Oink! Pink piggies, black-and-white polka dots, and ruffled stripes decorate her costume. The inch doll has dark brown hair and brown eyes. She is costumed in a storybook-inspired satin dress that was created in the traditional colors of white, yellow, red, and blue. The Tori Doll wears her signature red dress, which comes straight from the show. She also wears boots and other accessories so girls can play out key scenes from the series.

Each doll looks just like the real character, and their fashions come straight from the show. The Victorious Microphone gives any girl the chance to express her inner Tori Vega. Combine with additional sound effects, such as a back beat and audience applause, to make the performance unique. Little Miss Muffin peeks out of the muffin cup when you pull her hat, and can be pulled all the way out to reveal a full inch soft doll. Little Miss Muffin is also available in a nine-inch version. The Featherageous kit comes with an easy-to-use styling tool, faux feathers for the doll or child, and a doll stand.

History World History. For All Subject Areas. Resource Types Songs. Ten Little Ladybugs Musical Program. Looking for a fun program for your Kindergarteners and First Graders? Want to use program songs to teach your music curriculum? Kindergarten , 1 st. PowerPoint Presentations , Activities , Songs. Add to cart. Wish List. You want to look good, So you need a lot! A 'demo. Math , Numbers , Music. PreK , Kindergarten , 1 st. Fun Stuff , Songs , Games. Insect Song! Lucille the Ladybug Singable. Balanced Literacy , Arithmetic , Spring. PreK , Kindergarten , 1 st , Homeschool. Fun Stuff , Songs , Printables.

Welcome to Debbie Clement's zipped file with three of her original songs for children. This set contains three simple and repetitive songs that are filled with rhyme and alliteration. This would be a perfect set for spring and summer -- in the classroom or family room. Included in the set are 3 Mp3. Vocal Music , Spring , Summer.

PreK , Kindergarten , Homeschool. Fun Stuff , Songs , For Parents. Music , Vocal Music , Other Music. This Shared Reading singable is a count-up song using ladybugs. This product features a Mini-movie of thi. Balanced Literacy , Reading , Spring. Activities , Songs , Printables. Your crew will be a-buzzing with lively non-fiction songs and rhymes about these spring and summer insects! Balanced Literacy , Biology , Vocal Music. PreK , Kindergarten , 1 st , 2 nd , Homeschool. Activities , Fun Stuff , Songs. Children are so fascinated with ladybugs, the small, polka-dotted creatures that are said to bring good luck.

This enchanting piece of music lends itself to a variety of teaching and musical assessment opportunities. Spelling , Vocal Music , Spring. Kindergarten , 1 st , 2 nd. Music , Music Composition , Other Music. The Ladybug Song with glockenspiel. A simple song about the growth of a ladybug. Integrated into the first grade insect curriculum. I added the glockenspiel for the students to play along. Earth Sciences , Music , Vocal Music. PreK , Kindergarten , 1 st , 2 nd. What a fun activity for the spring or summer season using ladybugs.

It is a great way to learn some letters of the alphabet! Included is a cover sheet and directions. Sing to the tune. Activities , Songs , Interactive Whiteboard. Turtle and Ladybug Circle Time. A teacher friend of mine gave a gift to me of a stuffed turtle and stuffed ladybug sitting in a basket. She said, "I bet you can make a song out of this. That very day. This version of the song is for circle times and transition times. Sometimes I will have 2 children lead then song.