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Reiki Lovers Lisbon (Guesthouse) (Portugal) Deals

Hallo Welt. My search history My favourites.

Interview with René by Portuguese association - Reiki-International

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Why Reiki and not Leiki?

The analysis proposed by Bardin was considered to evaluate the results. In conclusion, this therapeutic practice significantly improves chronic pain complaints, in addition to contributing to the balance of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of older people. Services on Demand Journal.

ASMR Portugues Reiki Limpando Suas Energias Whispers Sussurros

Keywords : Complementary therapies; Nursing; Pain. I spent a large part of my life trying to find answers, explanations, theories about existence and human nature. Psychology, as a starting point, offered me some answers.

Ladino Impiedoso Portuguese Edition

Psychoanalysis has extraordinarily complemented and deepened these insights, giving them a stronger color and greater clarity. Relational Psychoanalysis, today, walks on brighter and brighter frontiers of intuition. Still, it seems to me that Psychoanalysis stops creating and answering questions precisely when questions begin to become interesting. After contact with some religions, I realized that their essence, what people talk about when we listen with attentive ears, is exactly the same: love, peace, kindness, a path to enlightenment, healing for the soul, etc.

I ended up finding Reiki in its Western Style form in Lisbon.

Examples of “reiki”

A therapeutic style that has quickly become just a form of a therapeutic technique by laying on of hands. No symbols, no theatrical procedures, no interpretations of the Gokai - principles of Reiki - that by then, as I was taught in Shoden and Okuden Western Style Reiki Seminars, had already been distorted to become something that only paved the way for theoretical and technical incoherencies. I have found, to my dismay, that even in the world of energy and spiritual healing, people are often more interested in preaching than in Life in its fullness.

I have learned by now that Life transcends all prayers.