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Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. Michel Chossudovsky's powerful book is a must-read for those lulled by American propaganda. The professor makes use of incredible research and contacts for his books, which are always readable.

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Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Great book. Huge eye opener for many. Very interesting and relevant today as when first published over 10 years ago! Michel Chossudovsky has been one of my favorite writers on issues like globalization and the bogus "war o'terror" for some time now. He elegantly documents his meticulous research simply and without sensationalized embellishment.

Unlike many other writers, Chossudovsky isn't attempting to entertain you or sell books; rather, he is delineating critical information in a lucid and precise fashion that will make sense for even the most casual reader. While I personally didn't necessarily glean a great deal of strikingly new information of which I wasn't at least partially previously aware, this book certainly helped me to put the puzzle pieces together and frame a better glimpse of the larger picture, outside of the perception management.

It was nice to see this volume tie up loose ends and illustrate a time line of sorts. This is an especially great book for a new student of this topic. I won't bother to write a long detailed review,because on my last attempt it was mysteriously deleted. Nor will I attempt to cover the whole theme of Chossudovsky's book. Professor Chossudovsky provides tables and statistics which indicate that the Heroin Trade is the third most profitable commodity in Global trade, only exceeded by oil and timber production. This trade is sponsored by powerful interests who operate through proxies. The proceeds of this trade are laundered through the Banks and are worth something like 90 billion a year.

Those proceeds are then used to finance legitimate businesses. This is only the tip-of-the iceberg as it were. Read this book for yourself,and you will realise,that if Chossudovsky's thesis is correct, those in power are ultimately criminal. And the evil which calls itself,among other names, the C. The New World Order and much more. This book is well researched,and can be supported by checking notes and references. Altogether a highly creditable and well documented book.

The War on Terror: Timeline - HISTORY

Reading it will change the way one sees the world. America's war on terrorism is a brilliant book. Professor Chossudovsky has done a good job , a lot of research and he is a very well documented and informed writter.. He explains in detail the evil of those in power who have lied and deceaved not only the American people but the whole world. The evil of the empire who has forced its hegemony not only in South East Asia in the infamous Viet Nam war during the kennedy-Johnson regimes but also in South and Central America in the Regan years and has continued unbridled making wars in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Balkan States, the Middle East and continues intimidating the ones who oppose to its dominance and hegemony by using its military might.

However Mr. Chossudovsky fails to reveal the real causes and the criminals who are behind all this mess and are responsible for all the conflicts that are destroying the very fabric of the American democracy and economy. He blames the Bush Administration, the State Department, the Anglo American Oil Giants, Wall Street, the powerful media giants and the Washington think tanks operating discretely behind the scenes but he deliberately fails to mention the work of Israel in the United States through the Zionist Power Configuration in high ranking positions in the US governmet who work as a transmission belt from Tel Aviv to Washington.

When the Pentagon offices are flooded, like a crowded bordello on Saturday night with Israeli intelligence officers, crowding out even members of their own Pentagon staff full of Mossad agents, full of Israeli generals consulting day by day, hour by hour in the making of Iraq policy and this is very well documented a hundred times. There is overwhelming evidence that American and Israel officials didn't just have foreknowledge of the event, but planned the attack and carried it out.

It was Mossad-CIA false flag used to protect the Zionist entity from any future military threat and expand the parasitic hegemony of the illegitimate Tel viv regime throughout the world via Zionist inspired "war on terror". All these wars in the Middle East and Central Asia were done to favor Israel supremacy, hegemony, dominance and expansionism in the Middle East and to take out of the picture Saddam Hussein a staunch supporter of the Palestinian cause, with the money and blood of the American people.

There are many other books on the subject, videos, conferences etc Fine and well-researched book. Makes you wonder. See all 22 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway.

This item: America's "War on Terrorism".

Set up a giveaway. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free delivery with Amazon Prime. It also donates equipment, including vehicle X-ray detection machines and contraband inspection kits. Such training and assistance occurs across the Middle East and Africa, as well as in some places in Asia and Latin America.

Similarly, U. To many Americans, all of this may sound relatively innocuous—like little more than generous, neighborly help with policing or a sensibly self-interested fighting-them-over-there-before-they-get-here set of policies. Such training has often fed into, or been used for, the grimmest of purposes in the many countries involved. In Nigeria, for instance, the U. The government of Djibouti, which for years has hosted the largest U.

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The State Department has not attempted to hide the way its own training programs have fed into a larger kind of repression in that country and others. According to its Country Reports on Terrorism , a document that annually provides Congress with an overview of terrorism and anti-terror cooperation with the United States in a designated set of countries, in Djibouti, "the government continued to use counterterrorism legislation to suppress criticism by detaining and prosecuting opposition figures and other activists.

Please donate to our Mid-Year Campaign today. As we were trying to document those 65 training-and-assistance locations of the U. Sometimes, as I read them and tried to figure out what was happening in distant lands, I had a nagging feeling that what the American military was doing, rather than coming into focus, was eternally receding from view. In the end, we felt certain in identifying those 14 countries in which American military personnel have seen combat in the war on terror in We also found it relatively easy to document the seven countries in which, in the last two years, the U.

These were the highest-intensity elements of that U. However, this still represented a relatively small portion of the 80 countries we ended up including on our map. In part, that was because I realized that the U. Although there are more than American military bases around the world, we included in our map only those 40 countries in which such bases are directly involved in the counterterror war, including Germany and other European nations that are important staging areas for American operations in the Middle East and Africa.

To sum up: our completed map indicates that, in and , seven countries were targeted by U. How often in the last 17 years has Congress or the American public debated the expansion of the war on terror to such a staggering range of places? The answer is: seldom indeed. After so many years of silence and inactivity here at home, recent media and congressional attention to American wars in Afghanistan , Syria , and Yemen represents a new trend.

Members of Congress have finally begun calling for discussion of parts of the war on terror. Last Wednesday, for instance, the House of Representatives voted to end U. Research has shown that using war to address terror tactics is a fruitless approach.

The Unknown Story Of Osama Bin Laden - War On Terror

Bush, Barack Obama, and now Donald Trump have all used to wage the ongoing global war. Congress has not debated or voted on the sprawling expansion of that effort in all the years since. In the name of the war on terror in countries like Somalia, diplomatic activities, aid, and support for human rights have dwindled in favor of an ever more militarized American stance.

Yet research shows that, in the long term, it is far more effective and sustainable to address the underlying grievances that fuel terrorist violence than to answer them on the battlefield. All told, it should be clear that another kind of grand plan is needed to deal with the threat of terrorism both globally and to Americans—one that relies on a far smaller U. We want a more open and sharing world. All of our original content is published under Creative Commons—allowing and encouraging our articles to be republished freely anywhere.

In addition to the traffic and reach our content generates on our site, the multiplying impact of our work is huge and growing as our articles flourish across the Internet and are republished by other large and small online and print outlets around the world. An anthropologist, she has conducted research on security and civic engagement in the U.

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Does Donald Trump Think That the War on Terror Is Over?

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