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Breadcrumb Home Press Releases 06 12 Six indicted in drug conspiracy that included production and distribution of power synthetic opioid. Atlanta Robert J. Murphy, Jr.

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If convicted on all charges, the two face sentences of up to life in prison. Larry Overton, 46, of Harlem, Ga. If convicted, he faces a sentence of up to 20 years in prison. Jonathan Britt Lester, 22, of Loganville, Ga. Synthetic Opioids.

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Conspiracy of Power: Part 1

Retrieved 5 January Retrieved January 17, New York: Columbia University Press. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press. Oxford University Press. Retrieved 4 January Random House Digital, Inc. Tired of being relegated to middle school math classes and high school remedial math classes, geometry put its symmetric foot down and infused itself into symbols of power.

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As America and the Masons attained power, so too did the most important and basic shapes of geometry: the sharp triangle, the encompassing circle, and the feathery eagle. Shapes have pervaded into every aspect of life. From the money we use rectangles! Conspiracy Claim: The Illuminati, a secret society formed in in Bavaria, have subversively played large parts in most major events throughout history.

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They reign now through front organizations such as powerful secret societies, private business clubs, and influential think tanks and almost all major world figures are members. Debunking Claim: The Illuminati as a society was suppressed and broken up in Bavaria around There is no proof that any form of it has survived, let alone amassed the power and scope speculated.

Rebunking Claim: The Illuminati does exist, but the only power they have is in spreading gossip about the all-powerful nature of the Illuminati. They have been working behind the scenes to keep Nazi practices of heightened militarism, propaganda, spying, and imperialism alive in all countries until they can take supreme control.

A successful Fourth Reich would have to be completely different from anything history has seen.

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Nobody expects the next great German Empire to be a revolutionary transportation system, but the clues are there. And the real smoking gun?

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  • My last Uber driver said he gets paid in old Nazi memorabilia. He said he could get money, but the fact that Uber even makes that an option proves the Fourth Reich is alive and well and waiting out front for you. No need to heil a cab this time. Conspiracy Claim: Extraterrestrials from other planets or dimensions have been living secretly amongst us, gaining positions of power in governments, corporations, and religious institutions in order to soon take over the world in one fell swoop.