Contes dailleurs :de Madagascar 1 (French Edition)

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L'accueil hono- rable et empresse qui a ete fait a la Grammaire par M. Hanotaux, Ministre des Affaires 6trangeres, et M. Qu'il nous soit permis de rapporter ici quelques-unes des paroles d'encouragement qu'on a bien voulu nous adresser a l'occasion de la publication de notre Gram- maire malgache. Des les premiers jours de Janvier , je recevais de M.

Grandidier une lettre ainsi conene : Cher Monsieur, Je trouve en rentrant votre carte qu'accompagnaitnn char- mant et utile petit volume, et je ne veux pas tarder a vous dire combien j'ai regrette d'etre absent, lorsque vous avez pris la peine de passer chez moi. II m'eut ete particulierement agreable de vous adresser mes compliments ainsi que mes remerciements: ce n'est du reste que partie remise. Je n'ai pu, bien entendu, que parcourir votre Grammaire y mais elle m'a paru tres bien comprise, et je ne doute pas qu'elle ne soit tres utile a nos officiers et soldats, qui vont aller conque- rir Madagascar dans quelques mois.

Merci encore, et croyez-moi toujours votre bien devoue, A la seance du 16 fevrier de l'Academie des sciences morales et politiques, M. Elle est appelee a rendre de grands services, non-seulement a notre armee d'expedition, mais encore a la cause de la civilisation dans la grande ile de l'Ocean indien, quand la paix sera faite dans les conditions que la France est en droit d'attendre. Delahaye me l'a remise la veille de mon depart pour Bourges, lundi dernier. Elle a ete pour moi un bon compagnon de route.

And I like atlases. Each double page consists of a few paragraphs summarising a given subject on the left and a map on the right. Unfortunately, the text is neither clear nor helpful. The maps only contain three shades each of orange and green, just like in sixties and seventies schoolbooks, which is not great for readability.

Stories are divided between those who lived there all year long, and those who lived on the continent, but spent their summer holidays in their ancestral villages. With one exception — Petru Santu Menozzi, born in — every participant was born in the sixties or earlier down to the twenties. That means we get plenty of reminiscences about fetching water, riding donkeys, answering nature calls al fresco, old ladies in black, etc.

All very quaint and evocative, but obviously not particularly relevant to modern Corsica. It was a quick and pleasant read. Some authors were much better writers than others, as is generally the case with this type of book. The man can write.

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As the only non-circumcised boy in his Syrian village, Riad is picked on by his peers, who suspect him of being Israeli, which is the worst thing you can be. So, when his father announces that he is going to have him circumcised, he is at once scared and relieved, especially since he is promised a giant Grendizer toy robot Goldorak in French. A wince-inducing, funny, tender but also critical look at Syrian life in the eighties.

I have discovered this poet not earlier than last week There is an adaptation of two of his texts in prose available on France Culture at the moment. If you like this poet and you don't mind audio book, it might be an interesting reading. My interest in poetry varies over time, but I'm on a poetry kick at the moment! As he lays on his deathbed at a Franciscan monastery, Aristides recalls his life, and in particular the visa incident.

I would have been happy just reading the introspective parts of the novel, when he reflects on fate, good and evil, religion and other lofty subjects. When the author injected a bit of action or reported dialogue, the results often felt forced and sounded contrived. It could have been so much better…. Also slightly anxiety-inducing, as misunderstandings unfold. It could have been annoying, but somehow, he made it sound natural and moving. Not heard about him, even this January I am worse than you are on contemporary French literature either male or female authors Apart from reviews and recommendations from LT members whose judgment I trust, I mainly look at whatever's being showcased on my town's library website, and at what might fit Reading Globally's current theme But these days, I try to rely on the library as much as possible, which is why my reading skews French and contemporary.

Aristides recalls his life, and in particular the visa incident. She might also be unreliable as a narrator… I loved this novel and wished my review could do it justice. Thankfully, there are plenty of very good and thorough member reviews on its work page. Tilda and Elida Svensson are two stereotypical old maids in their eighties. Meanwhile, their younger brother Rutger is having marital problems. The French translation was a bit clunky. Ah, don't talk to me about stereotypes! Not good for my blood pressure I now know why: I was looking for it on the L for Lampedusa shelves, when I should have been looking in the Ts for Tomasi Anyway, I got hold of it eventually.

There was a borrowing queue, no doubt due to the fact that the revue Europe dedicated its last issue to its author, Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa. The writing style and the subject matter are rather old-fashioned — almost Victorian. I was quite surprised it was written in the fifties. The main character, Don Fabrizio, is a nobleman who manages to be whiggish and conservative at the same time.

I learned quite a bit about Italian history that is, I had to look things up in order to make sense of the novel and it was quite an enjoyable read, if on the snobbish side, which again, ties up with the Victorian feel of the novel. NB: My copy came with two postfaces. The first one was very useful. I tought it was moving and talked about important things, but I found it a bit immature and possibly not quite as sincere as it could have been.

In fact, the whole book is — rhetorically at least — addressed to his father, in the second person singular and in the present tense. The love and empathy he feels for his father shines through the whole book. It is also a bit of a political pamphlet. Louis lists a number of recent political decisions that had a very concrete negative impact on the health and livelihood of working-class people, and gives the names of the politicians involved, which is a very powerful way of forcing them —and the voters who voted for them - to confront their actions.

In it, Tancredi says that " For everything to stay the same, everything must change " — he sides with the revolution in order to safeguard his privileges. La politique ne change pas leur vie, ou si peu. I saw the Visconti film in a university film club screening in an uncomfortable lecture-hall not when it was first released! Possibly time for a re-read!

Enjoyed your review. My hunch was that he would be sympathetic to the disenfranchised people who make up the gilets jaunes, but that he wouldn't be one himself because of their links with the Front National and the numerous racist slip-ups of some of their members. Also, he's probably a lot more anticapitalist than they are - they're interested in having cheaper consumer products and being taken seriously by the "elite", he wants to change society. I had a look online to see if he said anything on the subject, and it turns out he actually wrote an open letter to Les Inrockuptibles that you can read here.

I'm not sure he goes as far as endorsing them, but he certainly is on their side - and he thinks the racism and homophobia can be eliminated from the movement, which is optimistic! This is the first time in years I've read something from this magazine: I've thought for a long time that they're part of the problem. This is not the case: it was written directly in French by Ryoko Sekiguchi , a Japanese author, poet, translator and organiser of culinary events who lives in France and writes in both French and Japanese. The author writes about the way this notion can shape the way we think about the world and about food.

She also examines the concept of seasons: what they are, what they mean in different places, whether they are universal or not, the central role they play in haikus, and whether our obsession with seasonal products is warranted or not. A little gem of a book. Interview in French with the author. She has the habitus of a well-bred French female academic down pat. Her mannerisms, the way she speaks sentences and word choice and the way she pauses and emphasises some words are all pitch-perfect I was reflecting this morning about how, now that I have left the city and finally managed to live in a tiny village, how I am mindful of the seasons and the changing in scenery, lights, etc.

This books resonnates so much with my current state of mind, it might be serendipity! Nice review, I'll see if I let myself be tempted. We wait to see the results of the Gilets Jaunes and the Grande Debate. It was featured all over bookstores about 5 years ago which is when I picked it up. It's Akira's reflections on his passion for the French language and how the transition from Japanese to French transformed him. I loved the book so perhaps you'd be interested in it as well. I'll check out Nagori for myself next I'm in France which might be in May.

Let us know how you found it if you do give in to temptation ;- I was reflecting this morning about how, now that I have left the city and finally managed to live in a tiny village, how I am mindful of the seasons and the changing in scenery, lights, etc. What's the scenery like? I recently moved from a town house to a 10th floor flat, and I do miss my garden a bit, especially the blue and coal tits playing in the rose bushes and the blackbird patrolling the wall. On the plus side, I get a lot more natural light and I have a nice view over the trees in the garden below.

And they can then turn around and blame the working class when their racism is expressed in an ungenteel, unseemly way. But having said that, you can't infantilise the working class and give them a free pass. Everyone is responsible for their own behaviour. I was concerned it might be an exercise in stroking French speakers' egos and as a nation, we're so anxious for validation about our language and culture, it's embarrassing , but having read the two LT reviews, it looks like it's not.


Would you agree? I'm disappointed my library doesn't carry it. Chronique d'une passion , the book Akira Mizubayashi wrote about his golden retriever. This book contains five of her short stories, spanning her whole writing career. I sincerely hope that the world she shows — with very young women in arranged marriages or marriages of convenience — was not the norm in early twentieth-century Italy. There is no epiphany. I thought it was self-centred and condescending towards the mother. Hope you get your hands on it somehow! I live in a flat to hilly area, with some marks of bocage still visible.

At the moment, some trees are blooming. First there were the prunus, now the trees with catkins while other are still bare. The light is as changing as the weather, with pale pink and blue some evenings and a camaieu of greys the others, all those lights woven into with the different trees and their foliages. This morning, I was passing the Rance dam to go to work, and it was all foggy on the river side and all clear with green-turquoise water on the sea side, a strange vision I had not experienced before. I love the place I live. Of course, the village library might have less books than I have at home, but there are good bookstores not too far including the first village of used books bookstores in France You seem to have found interesting books while following the reading globally quarterly theme.

I'll wait a bit; the library might yet acquire it. Otherwise, it seems to be available in paperback. On their way from Mende to Arles, the coach in which little Diane and her father Mr Flochardet are riding overturns in the middle of nowhere, stranding them for the night.

Thankfully, a lady invites Diane into her dilapidated castle. Except that where Diane sees a veiled lady, Mr Flochardet sees a statue… They spend the night there, and the veiled lady takes Diane on a dream-like tour of the castle, which is richly decorated and full of dancing mythological figures. This is the start of a succession of events that will help Diane come into her own, as a person and as an artist. Often, girls have to be meek and mild, say their prayers, suffer in silence and serve the men.

In fact, she outperforms her own father as a professional artist! George Sand is a great writer that ought to be more famous and not boiled down to a rustic writer - even if there is nothing bad in being a rustic writer. Thanks for reminding me that I should read more from her. Those describe the life of Antonia and of the men in her life: her godfather, her Corsican independentist boyfriends and Dragan, a Serbian soldier. For some reason, this novel did not move me very deeply, despite its subject matter. There are 29 stories, aiming for a kaleidoscopic picture of Sarajevans, but I can only think of one centred on a woman, which has to be some kind of record.

Hopefully, the English translation reads better. I wonder if you had the same feeling. I was going to borrow Sermon sur la chute de Rome The Sermon on the Fall of Rome , but it was out, so I plumped for this one instead since it fit the Reading Globally theme as well. We seem to agree on Ferrari's style! The first one was about his relationship with his mother. This one is about his relationship with his father, or lack thereof. The book starts with an absence. Brahim will use this ticket to travel from his home in Clichy-la-Garenne to the Gibert Joseph bookshop in Saint-Michel in the centre of Paris, using only buses.

He describes the neighbourhoods along the way, and gives us the gender and ethnicity of every bus driver he encounters, all the while reflecting on the difficulties he has communicating with his father, with a bit of back story. Together, they will have to travel to the temple in Haz. The novel is stylistically close to a prose poem.

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Pog, de l'espagnol polio, p o u s s i n , poulet. Toper — de l'espagnol topar — choquer, h e u r t e r. Cela s 'ap- pelait les macorner ou mancuernar. Truitier, qui descendaient de l'ancienne famille d e Saint-Domingue. Fanmille moin, Vini joinne moin. En octobre , M. Petite tribune publique. Enfant perdu. Z'enfants moin yo! On calcule que c h a q u e carreau de terre porte environ Huit avec Madam!

Pitites-pitites en pile. Chadecquier ou oranger de la Barbade. Exportations du p o r t de Saint-Marc, en : 3 millions J e n'ai p a s besoin de vous rappeler que vous devez avoir toute bienveillance envers lui et lui faire tous les a c c u e i l s possibles.

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Grand-Orient local. Jodi m'chita. Lan nuite, au mol : desse, pam!

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Soldats jodi pas soldats. Yo pas connin fait gade ; go jeinne. Reine, du Havre, et Altieri. Blanc Cy- rilleau Fond d'Oie. Dans la plaine de Cayes. La garnison de Cornil- lon.

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Voyages, Explorations 3 Atlas. Un vol. Espagnols et Portugais chez eux, par M. Et n'allez point croire q u e M. In, br. Le pays et les habitants, par F. G r e n a r d Mission Dutreuil de Rhins. Un fort vol. In br. Gautier et R. La France. Avec reliure amateur 40 fr. L'ouvrage sera complet en 4 fascicules. Le Tome II comprendra 2 fascicules. Quelle e s t leur origine? Br 3 fr. La Valachie. La Colombie Britannique. Revue du Mois. In, P. In do P. Camena d'Almeida. Oblong, cart. In-4, cart 1 fr.

In-4, cart. Ces Cartes sont physiques au recto, politiques au verso. Vidal de la Blache, L. Gallois et Emm. La Flandre. La France P. L'Europe 1 9 cl. Le Morvan. A U Pays russe.