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This way, the speaker can visualize the sequence and flow of ideas in the presentation, but also an entirely separate and distinct level of complexity: the physical movement in space. To the audience, it simply appears that the speaker is relaxed and comfortable in front of the group. She introduces her topics, then moves easily to stage left, hitting her invisible mark spot on, where she hangs out for a while, working through Section One.

Remember, everyone deserves a place to stand!

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Perhaps behind a big, safe, lectern or even a podium. Find your spot, make sure the light is right, that you can get all the electronic support you require, and that it works from a choreographic standpoint. Then Rock!

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At Home The Kids need some help and coaching to be comfortable in front of a group. At Work The Office can be terrible about forcing you into a space behind, underneath or beside something some designer thought would look good. You can speak from wherever you feel best, and that has a lot to do with your setting it up to suit your requirements.

Then enjoy the glow of having done a dynamite job and hearing the applause…. The discipline of having established the marks and handled the choreography gives you enough free brain circuitry to handle the other issues with certainty.

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You always perform better if you know where to stand. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. The focus of the lens is pre set to the different marked positions throughout the scene, so it is vital that the actors hit their marks accurately. When working on location you will also be given precise marks. Again it could be strips of gaffa tape or points of reference within the landscape.

Learning how to hit marks accurately and seamlessly is a vital component of good technique and something all actors must master. Name required. E-Mail required will not be published.

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