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In many cases, it is also something we would rather not be reminded of and may be hard to accept. But what happens when failure occurs in the public sector? While failure may be just as inevitable, it is all the more important to prevent or learn from mistakes.

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Yet, in the public policy realm, plenty of examples remain of cases where important lessons remain unlearned, mistakes are buried, responsibility is deflected and the causes of the original failure continue unchallenged. Often, the same — or at least similar — mistakes are repeated time and again.

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The difference between success and failure is, however, not always clear-cut. In many cases policies are not an outright success or outright failure, and may succeed in some respects while failing in others. There are many reasons why a policy may fail. A policy may be poorly designed and fail to tackle the problem it was intended to solve or largely be symbolic e. Newig, Alternatively, a well-designed policy may unexpectedly fail due to unforeseen circumstances or simply not have the effect intended.

Failure can be measured in different ways, and is often subject to interpretation. Disagreement over whether a policy actually should be considered to have failed may arise depending on who is asked see e. Policy failures, inevitable or not, are not necessarily problematic.

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If it is possible to identify the causes of the failure, it may also be possible to adapt the policy or to replace it with one that is better suited. More problematic, however, are persistent policy failures, in which the same type of failure is repeated over time. In addition, it is argued that a great deal of the research only examines the causes and characteristics of failed policies in individual cases, rather than looking at the broader political or socio-economic environment in which these policies are embedded Peters, , p.

Failure is not only limited to policies and other contributions focus on failure in terms of, e. Alternatively, from a sustainability perspective, it has been defined in terms of resource sustainability or the inability to conserve resources Acheson, The innovation approach Woolthuis et al.

Finally, while not everyone agrees see e. Currently, these ideas are not yet sufficiently developed and there appear to be few systematic studies into the lessons that institutional failure can provide to scholars and practitioners.

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Focusing on institutional failure and its productive functions will therefore be at the heart of my PhD project over the next three years. Acheson, J. Annual Review of Anthropology, 35, pp. Bovens, M. New Brunswick: Transaction Publishers. People with sickle cell are at risk of complications [like] stroke, acute chest syndrome, blindness, bone damage… damage to organs such as the liver, kidney, lungs, heart and spleen. Death can also result from complications of the disorder.

The institutional failures of the International Monetary Fund conditionality

Thalassaemia is another group of genetic blood disorders, which mainly affects people with specific ethnic backgrounds. Its symptoms are similar, for example the complications caused by severe anaemia. Both sickle cell disorder and thalassaemia are complex, serious conditions needing life-long care. All Healthcare Professionals carrying out assessments are medically qualified and highly-trained practitioners in their own field….

The assessment is not a medical assessment… The focus is on ensuring Healthcare Professionals are experts in disability analysis with knowledge of the likely functional effects of a wide range of health conditions. So, they produced a report to outline their concerns. It was damning. The report made numerous recommendations, but overall it concluded [pdf, p24] :. A survey of people living with the diseases backed up the report. Of more than 16 questions asked to people [pdf, p3] , not one had a majority of positive answers. Most responses were negative about the PIP process; some questions even revealed that no one viewed parts of the process positively:.

Based upon the results of our survey and the experience of sickle cell and thalassaemia patients… [we] believe that the current PIP assessment process is unfair, inconsistent and fundamentally flawed for people living with these conditions.

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The DWP need to do more, including assessing the current system and training assessors to gain a greater awareness of the conditions, to ensure that all future assessments will be fair. Buscombe said :. One that is filled with bureaucracy, disregard and blatant mistreatment of some of the sickest people in our society. Read the full report:. Featured image via UK government — Wikimedia.

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