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There are triple threats in the musical theater genre and then there is Aaron Cash whose one man show Last Dance, the forgotten masters sold out and brought the audience to their feet at the Long Beach Playhouse.

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Born in Australia, trained as an actor, singer, dancer and choreographer, Cash was an original cast member of Tap Dogs , which began in Newcastle, Australia with Olivier Award-winning choreographer Dein Perry. While continuing to work around the world, Cash has made Long Beach his home. In Last Dance Cash took on the personas and voices of multiple characters, focusing on three dance masters who were unfamiliar to me. Denis, and Ted Shawn. Rafeal Bonnac Aranjuezella Garcia was not known throughout the world, but in Spain he was considered one of the finest and fastest Flamenco dancers ever.

Peter Brown a. Both Gunter Von Pantzapffel and Peter Brown were gay and Cash lived inside these two men, taking on their speech patterns, mannerism, sharp wits and dance styles. Last Dance was written by Cash, and the dialogue is a blend of humor, history and tragedy.

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All three men that Cash chose to inhabit lived hard and died young. Performed on a set with only a bar, a high back chair, an ashtray and the audience seated on three sides, Cash took us into the private gay life of Pantzapffel who worked in cabarets and theaters, choreographing for the renowned Marlene Dietrich.

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Pantzapffel spent several years in California before he moved to the south where, after managing to survive being gay in a hostile society and escaping the Nazis, he was beaten to death by two southern rednecks. Garcia was in his twenties when he was bitten by a poisonous spider and died during a performance. Cash slipped in and out of all his characters faster than it takes to pronounce his name and during one scene Cash moves in and out of Irish, English, German and American accents with amazing ease.

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Cash related how his father could speak to the dead and that he inherited this gift. After attending Last Dance I am convinced that this just might be true. My google searches for these three forgotten dance masters bore no fruit. Were these men real? I found no proof of their existence but to Aaron Cash, they are very real. Must redeem within 90 days. See full terms and conditions and this month's choices. Author and journalist Sherry Jones is best known for her international bestseller The Jewel of Medina.

She lives in Spokane, WA, where, like Josephine Baker, she enjoys dancing, singing, eating, advocating for equality, and drinking champagne. Visit her online at AuthorSherryJones.

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Josephine Baker is most famous for her provocative banana skirt, but she was much more than that. Its themes of social, racial, and sexual justice, as well as overcoming insurmountable odds, all make this story a resonant and relevant one. This book left its mark on me. The champagne swirl of the Jazz Age fuels this amazing, untold story of a defiant woman who fought her way from poverty to become the toast of Europe, infamous for her bawdy act and banana-peel-barely-there skirt.

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Sherry Jones's new Fall release is an inspiring novel that women everywhere will find to be an important piece of literature in helping to bring about total equality in our current world. Jones beautifully evokes the era. Readers will feel as though they are walking the streets of Paris and experiencing the joy that eventually leads to heartbreak. The Sharp Hook of Love will have you up all night holding your breath as you turn each page. Wrenching and erotic, this is a grand romance in every sense of the word. With a sharp eye for historical detail, Jones weaves an unforgettable, compelling tale about enduring love.

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Josephine Baker's Last Dance

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