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Other churches who were okay with this were being polluted by "the world" and had lost their way. More extreme versions of this showed in punishing boys for playing with dolls and forcing young girls to learn how to cook and sew. Long dresses, long hair, and modest clothing were also additional factors since women cause men to sin, don't you know.

Buddhists are peaceful, but are also conniving. However, Eastern Religions and their influence were also greatly frowned upon. Yoga and certain alternative medicine were seen as them trying to worm their way into the Christians' heart.

Lessons My Mother Never Taught Me

Christians at least the kind we associated with don't meditate, don't do acupuncture, and most certainly don't do anything with gongs. These are all ways for the devil to enter your life. You open yourself up to that kind of stuff then who knows what will come next. My mom still will way things like, "I was doing yoga, but not the new agey kind. We just listen to Christian music. Catholics aren't Christians. They worship idols. This was universally accepted in the churches I grew up in.

The only Catholics I had ever met as a child were ex-Catholics who would loudly proclaim that Catholicism was basically idol worship. It wasn't until I got older and met actual Catholics that I realized how very wrong this was. Catholics absolutely believed they were Christian, never mind that the only thing that determines your salvation is a belief in Jesus Christ, which they had in spades. Never mind that there wouldn't be Christianity with Catholicism.

Never mind that millions of people love the same God Evangelicals do, but are blatantly dismissed because they also believe they can send prayers to other people besides Jesus and tell their sins to a priest.

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The Founding Fathers were all Christians who wanted a Christian country. The letter about separation of church and state was just a letter and should not matter. This was HUGE. That whole separation of church and state thing was seen as a way to try and secularize our country.

It was ONLY a letter. It's not in the constitution. It should be ignored entirely. Our country should be a Christian country because Christianity is the best. It should be run by Christian leaders particularly your brand of Christianity and laws should be made to make sure Christians are taken care of and can discriminate against others whenever they like.

Anything less is seen as persecution. I was in my late teens when I studied governmental affairs and learned about deists. And I was in my early twenties when I realized how terribly awful this country would be if only Evangelical Christians ruled it and were allowed to make all the laws. I'm not entirely sure what this would look like, but I am imagining something akin to Victorian England mixed with the Crusades. Rome fell because they were sinners. In many Evangelical minds, America today is much like Rome.

We allow homosexuality, drinking, drugs, fornication. As each year passes we slide down a slippery slope of degradation and eventually it will all burn. These Christians believe that the reason Rome fell was not because of the economy, stretching itself too thin, war or just things changing, but because they were sinful and God cursed them. This was in my home school history curriculum.

It is the reason that when a city is destroyed, these types of Christians immediately jump on the, God-is-punishing-them-for-their-sin bandwagon. It's kind of silly, because by any Christian standard, sin happens wherever there are human beings. God will reward purity before marriage with a great sex life afterward. Christians know this isn't true.

Having grown up in the South with black maids and nannies, she understood the importance of treating everyone with dignity.

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Stock picking. Agnes was a great stock picker, and in a related note, a great horse handicapper. She found Starbucks when it was a small outfit with only twelve stores while visiting my brother in Seattle. She wanted to buy the stock, but her only mistake was she asked my opinion knowing that I had recently landed a job on Wall Street. I talked her out of it. I explained that there were no barriers to entry for making coffee and so their margins would come under pressure from increased competition, at least that is the kind of thing we had learned to say in business school.

As an aside, when Agnes was 91 years old and confined to a nursing home because my siblings were convinced that mentally she couldn't manage her affairs, her nurse's father visited and took them both out to the racetrack for the day. After Agnes picked the winners in 8 out of 9 races, he told her, "Agnes, there's nothing wrong with your mind. And you wonder where I get my Type A personality from. The least among us. If you are struggling to answer the question, "What should I do with my life?

She understood that as long as there was suffering in the world we should do our best to ease it. And, like Rawls, she understood that it was the poorest among us who suffered the most. Life was not just about having fun and being entertained. We each had a duty, a responsibility to live up to. For Agnes, that meant helping the poorest among us. We weren't meant to live just for ourselves, we were a collective part of a bigger community.

I went to work at Goldman Sachs because of a love of financial markets I somehow inherited from my mother. But I left the firm because I realized that all my good work was only making rich people richer, something my mother would never stand for. In , when I wrote a book predicting a coming housing crash, her first reaction was that the book was a waste because it would only help rich people. I assured her that, like all financial crises, it would be the poorest who would bear the brunt of the housing collapse and ensuing recession so she finally gave her blessing.


The color of the curtains. Maybe the most important lesson I learned from my mother resulted from a five-minute conversation we once had. Funny, we spent 50 years together and yet it is a five-minute conversation that I recall most vividly like it was yesterday. My father was a career military officer so we moved often. Agnes had to buy, renovate and sell probably 30 different homes in her lifetime. On this occasion, we were sitting in the living room and I must have been voicing some frustration with a problem from work that I was wrestling with. My mother said it was just like the curtains.

In each house that we bought, Agnes had to decide what color the curtains should be. She told me that sometimes it didn't come to her immediately. But that was okay. If you had to wait a couple of weeks, eventually, the right color for the curtains would make itself known. And, this is the important point, waiting for two weeks was not a waste of time, nor were you being lazy. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image. Learn more More Like This. Gracie's Choice TV Movie Mom at Sixteen TV Movie Girl, Positive TV Movie A popular high school girl finds out that a boy she slept with is HIV positive.

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