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Accelerated Math & Science program - North Garland High School: Garland ISD

In addition to piano, dance and gymnastics courses, students can take a full range of fine arts courses including band, choir, art, and theatre arts. Students expand their understanding of global business while learning languages and leadership skills that make them more competitive. There is a focus on problem based learning activities that connect class instruction to real world applications. Students focus on math, science and real world, hands-on problem solving through technology-enhanced learning.

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During that time, they shifted the magnetic field silently around the chamber and measured participants' brain waves via electrodes positioned at 64 locations on their heads. The test was performed with 34 human participants from a wide age range and a variety of ethnicities.

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During a given session, the participants consciously experienced nothing more interesting than sitting alone in the dark. However, among many participants, changes in their brain waves correlated with changes in the magnetic field around them. Specifically, the researchers tracked the alpha rhythm in the brain, which occurs at between 8 and 13 Hertz and is a measure of whether the brain is being engaged or is in a resting or "autopilot" mode.

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When a human brain is unengaged, the alpha power is high. When something catches its attention, consciously or unconsciously, its alpha power drops.

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Several other sensory stimuli like vision, hearing, and touch are known to cause abrupt drops in the amplitude of alpha waves in the first few seconds after the stimulus. The experiments showed that, in some participants, alpha power began to drop from baseline levels immediately after magnetic stimulation, decreasing by as much as 60 percent over several hundred milliseconds, then recovering to baseline a few seconds after the stimulus. The tests further revealed that the brain appears to be actively processing magnetic information and rejecting signals that are not "natural.

Because the magnetic field normally points down in the Northern Hemisphere, it seems that the brain is ignoring signals that are obviously "wrong. The fact that we see it in response to simple magnetic rotations like we experience when turning or shaking our head is powerful evidence for human magnetoreception. The large individual differences we found are also intriguing with regard to human evolution and the influences of modern life," says Shimojo.

One of the challenges in early attempts to test human magnetoreception was the difficulty of making sure that those changes in brain waves were, indeed, correlated to the magnetic field and not to some other confounding effect. For example, if the coils generating the magnetic field around the chamber created an audible hum, that might be enough to trigger a change in alpha power in participants.

Accelerated Math & Science Magnet

To address those issues, the chamber used in this study was not only pitch black and isolated, the copper wires for altering the magnetic field were wrapped and cemented in place in duplicate: each coil has a pair of wires rather than a single strand. When current is directed through these wire pairs in the same direction, the magnetic field in the chamber is altered. However, running the current in opposite directions through the wires in the pairs cancels their magnetic fields, while yielding the same electrical heating and mechanical artifacts. Bartow is following the lead of Cobb, Cherokee, Paulding, Fulton, Marietta and other school systems that have instituted magnet programs.

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Each school will spend the next two months creating a magnet team to research and design its program of study and will present its plan to Chiprany in August. From September through November, the district will hold magnet program open houses for eighth-graders and will encourage prospective students to complete the application process by December. A selective admissions process, currently being developed, will be based on grades, test scores, teacher recommendations and interviews or auditions, if applicable.

Regardless of their school zone, all students in Bartow County can apply to any of the three magnet programs. Limited space also will be available for students who attend schools in other systems besides Bartow.