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Year Newest Pub. Check box to include out-of-stock items. View: Grid List. Lawler as editor: he is the most eminent of the Valery scholars today, the wisest, and the most modest.

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If is introduction is excellent, obviously impeccably informed, suggestive, and well-written. Art of Poetry Collected Works V.

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  3. “Everything that is masks for us something that might be.”?

At once they stretch their stumps Though only just awake:. There is something almost shocking in the monosyllabic, spondaic weight of the Anglo-Saxon, and it reminds me of Matthew Arnold deploring the barbarism of the short phrase "Wragg is in custody".

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  • What is light and Sibylline in the French becomes lead-booted, because the sound-values of the two languages are so different. But by opting for rigid imitation of the French rhyme and scansion, Dale has to dance in chains that frequently prove too heavy for him.

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    Unsurprisingly, he scores his greatest successes with the short poems -and I would value such gems as "Le Sylphe", "Les Grenades" or "Le Vin Perdu" more highly than he seems to in his introduction. This, from "Les Pas", a flawless poem in which a lover's approach embodies, in intimate analogy, the gift of the poem to the poet, is pleasing in English:.

    Children of my silence, they tread, Your steps, saintly, gently, unrushed, Towards the vigil of my bed, Processional, polished and hushed.

    ISBN 13: 9782070105762

    In the case of the long poems, there are of course some lucky breaks and some resounding successes. Each of us calls this object My Body , but we give it no name in ourselves , that is to say, in it. We speak of it to others as of a thing that belongs to us; but for us it is not entirely a thing; and it belongs to us a little less than we belong to it.

    It is for each of us, in essence, the most important object in the world, standing in opposition to the world, on which, however, it knows itself to be closely dependent.

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    We can say that the world is based on it and exists in reference to it; or just as accurately, with a simple change in the adjustment of our intellectual vision, that the selfsame body is only an infinitely negligible, unstable event in the world. The thing itself is formless: all we know of it by sight is the few mobile parts that are capable of coming within the conspicuous zone of the space which makes up this My Body , a strange, asymmetrical space in which distances are exceptional relations.

    My right hand is generally unaware of my left. To take one hand in the other is to take hold of an object that is not-I.

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    These oddities must play a part in sleep and, if such things as dreams exist, must provide them with infinite combinations. Our Second Body is the one which others see, and an approximation of which confronts us in the mirror or in portraits. It is the body which has a form and is apprehended by the arts, the body on which materials, ornaments, armor sit, which love sees or wants to see, and yearns to touch.

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    This Second Body , with its cruel concreteness, is also the one that causes us distress — the part of our mortality paradox that makes it so burdensome and so distressing:.