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Is individuality to be contained or nurtured in schools? Peer pressure vs Parental influence: Who is the winner? Do shows like 16 and Pregnant encourage or discourage teen pregnancy? How Positive Peer Pressure Works. Toggle navigation. The psycho-behavioral impact of ethnic and racial identity Despite the strong commitment to teaching their kids how to deal with peer pressure, minority parents have had little success.

Attitude towards academic achievement has a role to play too The meta-analysis further suggested that teens that are positive about their ethnic and racial identity are likely to be more conscious about academic achievements than their negative counterpart.

Diversity in Graduate Education: Looking at — and Beyond — Admissions

The crucial role of parents in development of positivity in kids In order to develop positivity among kids and nurture their resistance to negative peer pressure, parents have a vital role to play. Teens enter the world of cyber crime for money, thrill and fame. Movies that prove that bullies are actually sore losers.

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Peer pressure is pressure from others to conform to the behaviors, attitudes and personal habits of a group or clique. Sometimes kids within a clique will pressure other kids to participate in bullying. In fact, a lot of relational aggression and cyberbullying involves peer pressure. Other times, tweens and teens will feel an internal pressure to do things they think their peers are doing.

For instance, some kids will participate in sexting because they think everyone else is doing it too. In other words, peer pressure causes kids to do things they would not otherwise do with the hope of fitting in or getting attention. Many times, kids will pressure or encourage others to cyberbully. They fear that if they do not go along with the group or clique, then other kids might make fun of them.

As a result, bullying sometimes is an act of self-preservation.

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Kids are afraid if they do not exclude others, participate in gossip, spread rumors and make fun of others, then they too will be ostracized or tormented by bullies. With this type of pack mentality, kids often leave their better judgment and common sense behind. When it comes to peer pressure, parents often feel like they are fighting a losing battle. But in reality, parents have much more influence than they realize.

Although tweens and teens are pulling away at this age and trying to assert their independence, they still very much need their parents. Talk to your kids.

Handling Peer Pressure

Try to understand the pressures they are experiencing. Ask them about the pressures they feel to engage in relational aggression , cyberbullying and other forms of bullying. This kind of influence helps to raise the bar, improve group performance and foster healthy competition.

How To Play "Peer Pressure" (Eternal Sunshine OST) by Jon Brion - HDpiano (Part 1) Piano Tutorial

Sometimes, peer pressure can be direct. Have you ever been under pressure from your friend or colleague to take a particular decision or to change your decision? Have you been pushed to a corner, hustled, or simply bullied into accepting peer decisions? These kind of influences, can have a negative impact on you. Peer pressure is not only on campuses abroad. It is felt by students in their home country too. Peer groups are complex, intricate, and diverse. It is a web of relationships that have an effect on the learning of everyone in the group.

In a classroom of diverse individuals, coming from different parts of the world, peer influence can be rich, energetic, and highly impactful. Well, a lot of culture shock comes from interacting with the peer set in a foreign educational institution. Having studied all your life in India, with little or no exposure to global cultures, cuisines, beliefs, and values, you may initially find the peer influence a little overwhelming.

There will be occasions when you question your own belief systems, and try to juxtapose them along with the beliefs of your peer group.

Play About Peer Pressure | Maggie's Blog!

While living abroad, away from your native social environment, you develop an ability to appreciate and look beyond your limited horizon. Students often worry about feeling alienated in a multi-cultural, diverse foreign country, with few fellow Indians to befriend. They also find themselves at a constant pressure to cope with social behavior, conduct, and foreign cultures.

Some even feel homesick initially, because they are unable to conform to the new environment. However, these feelings are natural, and often unfounded.