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Commercial pig production has intensified significantly in recent decades. More pigs of the same few breeds are kept on fewer farms, with increased output of animal products. Large-scale production systems have achieved a high level of uniformity because they are based on the same genetic material and therefore provide similar feed and infrastructure for the animals. Very few traditional forms of pig husbandry survive in the developed world.

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Along with new niche markets such as organic pig farming, they demonstrate the feasibility of alternative production systems — usually mixed farming linked to local markets instead of landless production aiming at global trade. While there are no major illnesses on your horizon, Pigs will have to pay attention to minor ailments to keep them from growing into something large. Other than this, maintain a consistent exercise regimen and a diet made up of healthy, unprocessed foods. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet for an extra boost to your immunity.

It is important to note that your mental health this year may experience some complications. You expected this to be your year, and it may not be working out like you had intended. If it gets too difficult to bear, seek the help of a licensed professional such as a therapist. The love forecast for Pigs is also pretty unremarkable for It seems that while this is not the year for true romance, there will be plenty of enjoyable moments and new prospects during this year.

Fortunately for Pigs, the lack of relationship drama means they can focus on making new friends and connections. Remember not to be too quick to jump into a relationship as it may lead to more problems than it is worth, focus instead on enlarging your circle of friends. For Pigs who are already in a committed relationship, it will be important to communicate your desires to your mate. A failure of communication usually denotes the imminent breakdown of other major relationship foundations.

Why a pig is the last animal in the Chinese Zodiac

Pigs are in for almost an unfair year it seems. This year is about favoring the characteristics of Pigs in order to succeed, but for Pigs, to whom this comes naturally, they will have a difficult year and must practice patience and discipline. It is important to remember not to be short sighted. You could focus on this year and say it is unfair, or you could focus on the future and realize that this time is meant to set up opportunities for the long term and practice the elements that will make you successful in your future endeavors.


They must take advantage of opportunities to develop their career. But they must be careful of jealous people. They should keep a low profile and concentrate on doing their own work well. A plan should be made in the beginning of the year. Then accomplish things step by step. Rabbits and Tigers will be great help this year.

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However, Pigs might be sensitive and emotional in They should learn to control their feelings and leave some things to fate. Otherwise, they risk becoming isolated. March and June are months where they must be exceptionally careful. Luck with finances is also high this year. But similarly, Pigs must be careful of those who might take over the profits. Pigs have sharp minds and think quickly this year. They are highly intuitive too. If they can concentrate and ignore distractions, their grades will improve immensely. However, they are also sensitive this year. They must not let worrying or frustrating events affect them.

Pigs are almost always healthy and this year is the same. However, they may suffer from headaches and insomnia. In February and July, be careful of food poisoning. Pigs should also avoid high altitudes in April and October. Emotional issues are the only difficulties in an otherwise smooth year.

Pigs might experience mood swings. This will affect and hurt loved ones and friends. If anything happens, Pigs must remember that some things cannot be forced. If they leave things to fate, they might gain something unexpected. The directions of fortune and wealth for Pigs this year are the northeast, southwest and northwest. It would be the best to put the bed, worktable and sofa in these positions of the room. To avoid bad luck, do not put important furniture in the southeast and west. The lucky colors in are yellow, white and purple. Decorating the home or wearing these colors will help greatly with changing luck for the better.

Colors to avoid are blue and gray.

Pigs, Hogs & Boars: Facts About Swine

There are some small problems, but those are inevitable. Our site uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience. Horoscope Career Pigs' horoscope reveals that changing careers may bring unforeseen consequences, and in most cases should be avoided. Health Health can be rated as a mediocre category for Pigs this year.

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Relationships The love forecast for Pigs is also pretty unremarkable for Lifestyle Pigs are in for almost an unfair year it seems. Career Work is smooth for Pigs in Education Pigs have sharp minds and think quickly this year. Health Pigs are almost always healthy and this year is the same. Relationships Emotional issues are the only difficulties in an otherwise smooth year.

Lifestyle The directions of fortune and wealth for Pigs this year are the northeast, southwest and northwest. Lucky numbers that will open the road to wealth are 3 and 4. Overall, the Year of the Dog is a great year for Pigs. Welcome to CNY ! Got it! These Pigs mind their own business. However, they must learn how to budget and save.

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  6. Otherwise, their financial luck will be gone. These Pigs are responsible and serious. They are full of ideas but are easily influenced by others. In relationships, this is a good thing. They listen and communicate well with their friends and family. They have good fortune and will retire with ample savings. These Pigs are earnest and lovable. But they should still save and have an emergency fund.

    They take each day at a time and calmly face all difficulties. They have plain but smooth relationships. These Pigs are very dependent on others. They are more suitable for jobs that require cooperation and teamwork. If they focus on a specific skill, they can build a solid foundation for their career. They are pretty popular and get along well with everyone.