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Was that a murmur I heard? My erection showed up. I readjusted my penis so it was lying against my stomach, showing less of a bulge. I snapped the cap of the bottle of lotion closed. As I reached the top of her thighs, I witnessed an incredible sight. Her plump vulva was coddled by the gusset of her bathing suit, it filled the entire width of the gap between the top of her legs. I must have stared too long.

I quickly closed the bottle of lotion, dropped it on the chaise and dove into the pool, small giggles followed me. The cool water slowly caused my erection to subside. Oh God, it's started, and it'll be 48 hours before any relief arrives. I was not sure how much longer I could hold on, it had only been an hour since my sister dropped Mila off, and I'd already had an erection.

My erection now gone, I got out of the pool and sat back down. Mila got up, leaving her bra on the chaise. I was now looking at a pair of the perkiest, most petite breasts I'd ever cast my eyes on. They were quite firm, moving ever so slightly as she walked, a dark brown areola and nipple, sat atop each breast, in stark contrast to her cream colored skin.

She really had a beautiful body and my erection agreed. She ran and jumped into the pool, her buttocks moving in counterpoint inside her bathing suit bottoms. She just roared with laughter, as they landed on my head. I dropped the small cloth assembly that passed for a bathing suit and jumped in. She tried to get away from me, but I was a stronger swimmer. I caught up with her and grabbed an ankle. As I reeled her in, one of my hands found her crotch, mistaking it for her hip. She squealed with delight.

I made the mistake of not letting go of it. I groaned, my superhuman effort to resist touching her, had lasted exactly one hour and twenty minutes. The feeling of her firm breasts pushing against my chest and her pussy rubbing against my stomach was indescribable. My erection rose up to kiss her butt crack. I trod water and watched, as she slowly climbed out of the pool; the slowness was most definitely deliberate, giving me a good look at her rear, sexy dimples above two gorgeous cheeks and a flash of her plump vulva as she stepped onto the pool deck.

I followed her out, and when I got back to my chair, she was lying on her back, one arm under her head and the other draped casually across her tummy. It was the first time I'd seen her naked pussy. Beads of water collected in the fine, blonde, curly hair on the top of her impressive mons, they glistened in the sunlight, sparking like tiny diamonds. Her concave tummy made her mons seem even more prominent, a large arch-shaped pad nestled between two bony hips, the rounded end formed by her plump vulva, bisected by a deep cleft that disappeared between her cheeks.

Her pussy was nothing short of stupendous. In profile she had quite nice curves for a twelve year old; her buttocks rose up from the small of her back like two sensual hillocks, separated by a deep crevice. I'd already given up trying to hide my erection, it tented my shorts. I saw Mila looking at it. Later that evening after Mila had gone to bed, I was sat in bed watching Jay Leno, when I heard my bedroom door open.

Mila appeared wearing a long sky blue pajama top that came to the top of her knees. She came over and got onto the bed and lay beside me. She started playing with the sparse hair that covered my nipples and extended in a thin line down across my stomach, disappearing under the sheet where it joined my pubes. She followed the line of hair, and I watched as her hand disappeared under the covers. I had already resigned myself to letting her do whatever she wanted.

A few seconds later, I gasped as she touched the head of my erect penis and slid her fingers down around the shaft. For the next minute, she examined every inch of my cock, lifting it up, pulling the foreskin back, feeling the large veins running the length of the shaft, squeezing it. It slapped against my stomach as she released it; she pulled her pajama top over her head. A few minutes later I put my hand on her head and stopped her. Up close, her pussy was even more beautiful. I hadn't noticed before, as her cleft was closed tight, but now, with her legs wide open, her labia had parted a little and I could see thin, still-developing inner lips, her clitoral hood and the opening to her vagina.

As I rubbed her clitoral hood, a little pink bead emerged, and as I pressed it, she gasped loudly. She was quite tight, but not as tight as I expected a twelve year old to be. As I rotated my three fingers in her vagina, and licked her clit, she started to twitch. Her leg or bum would give a little jerk. I looked up at her breasts, her areolae were now puffed and swollen, and her nipples stood out, like hard beads. I shuffled up the bed and sat on my haunches.

Grasping the shaft of my cock, I rubbed its bulbous crown around the opening to her vagina. It looked huge, filling the entire gap between her legs. Could I even penetrate her? Would I hurt her? As I pushed against the opening, I felt resistance. I pushed some more, then I heard an escape of breath, as she relaxed and started to breath again. I felt her pussy dilate, and all of a sudden the crown of my cock popped inside her. She winced with pain.

My whole shaft filled the gap between her thighs, and the tight circle of skin that gripped the top of the shaft, just under the crown, was clearly visible, stretched and red. I guess I'm not a virgin any more. Thanks uncle. As I pushed in a little, I saw her brow knit a few times, as if she was feeling twinges of pain. After a few more pushes I finally hit the rubbery end of her vagina, my pubes pressed against her crotch — she had taken all of me inside her.

I lay down on top of her, taking my weight on my elbows, my hands hugging the backs of her shoulders. I started to fuck my twelve year old niece; I was fucking a child, something so illicit, so erotic, so wrong, yet so damn good. I pulled out slowly until only the crown of my cock was inside her, then plunged in, getting faster on each stroke, as she got even wetter from my precum and her own juices.

She was breathing faster now, urging me to fuck her harder with her ankles pulling me in deeper, until I was slamming into her rubbery cervix, eliciting gasps of pleasure and guttural "ughs. She climaxed suddenly; she held me inside her, with both her arms around my waist and her heels on my hips. I felt her whole body convulse and shake with her orgasm. She hugged me so tight I was surprised she could still breathe. Finally after a few minutes, I felt her grip slowly loosen, then her legs relaxed and dropped to her side, followed by her arms.

She opened her eyes. This was a much better way of losing my virginity, than letting some pimply faced boy do it. I resumed my thrusts, more urgent now as I had felt the edge of my orgasm several times while fucking her, and had to back off to stop from cumming too soon. Now there was no restraint, I fucked my niece with abandon, and it wasn't too long until I felt the stirrings again. My orgasm was gaining speed; I felt my cock swell as semen rushed up the shaft and spurted into Mila's pussy, spurting hard, filling her twelve year old vagina with my teeming fluid.

Then, my orgasm was gone too soon, and my rapidly softening cock slipped out of Mila's sloppy wet pussy. I rolled to one side and spooned her front. I think I like sex with you very much. I think you need to go put on a couple pairs of panties. She came back a few minutes later, wearing a pair of powder blue cotton panties with a lime green pair over the top. I pulled the covers open and she got back into bed.

I spooned her back, with my hand cupping a petite, firm breast. Sleep came quickly. At four o'clock the next afternoon, Ellie was on my doorstep with a big grin on her face. As she stepped inside and closed the door, Mila came running in from the patio and gave her mother a big hug. There was silence throughout the house and I missed Mila a lot.

It was going to be tough not seeing her every day — even tougher not being able to have sex with her. The next afternoon, Ellie called to say she needed to talk to me immediately. Twelve minutes later she was sitting at my kitchen island. I was mortified. The dream I'd had, flashed through my head. My sister was crying and pounding on my chest shouting, "how could you do that to my daughter, to your own niece for Heaven's sake.

You're a monster Louis and I hope you rot in Hell. The judge sentenced me to 30 years in prison for unlawful sex with a minor, incest, and statutory rape. I was confused. You can close your mouth now by the way. I knew you wanted to have sex with her, a mother can sense these things. I knew how much you tried to resist her, but resisting the guiles of a twelve year old girl in puberty, particularly Mila, was a lost cause. As I got older, I would masturbate imaging it was you doing it to me. Would you consider it? Father and daughter danced around each other's feelings, neither one with the courage to make the first move.

Shopping for underwear broke the damn. Word Count: 5, Date Published: April 24 Luke's daughter Sadie was fourteen, and he considered himself blessed to have such a wonderful young woman in his life. She was well mannered and respectful, and he took great pride in the fact that he had raised her, her mother having died at childbirth from complications.

Sadie was quite mature for her age, as well as tall; at five-six she easily towered over her classmates. She had medium length brown hair with lighter brown streaks that framed a face that was almost angelic. Her long lashes, hazel eyes and full red lips set against porcelain skin, always got second looks from men. In the last few weeks, Luke had started noticing them looking at her, well more like ogling her, as they walked the mall shopping for clothes as she was growing so quickly.

Every time a man would look at her body as he approached them from the opposite direction, Luke sensed that she was enjoying the attention, as she would straighten up and push her chest out, her breasts straining against the thin cotton of her top. He thought he should have been angry at these men, but he wasn't. He was puzzled as to why they looked at her the way they did; then one Saturday morning he got his answer. She came downstairs for breakfast, wearing a pale blue camisole and a pair of tight cotton shorts. Her bra and panties were outlined in the material.

He was not looking at his daughter any more, but at a beautiful young woman who was both sexy and desirable. He got an immediate erection; embarrassed, he excused myself and went to his bathroom and masturbated into the toilet bowl. Sadie had a secret, and her father was about to find out what is was. On a Sunday afternoon she was in her room at her desk with her laptop open. Luke had no idea why she was spending so much time on her computer, and all he got for answers was that she was chatting with her friends.

As a good parent, he considered it his job to make sure she was safe Online. He tried not to put too many restrictions on her, such as putting her Mac into Parental Control, but he still needed to keep an eye on what sites she was surfing. The web was full of men trying to lure young girls into giving up their personal information, such as their age and where they live. She was in the bathroom. As he turned to leave, he noticed that her computer didn't have it's screen saver on.

He had tried to see where she was surfing before, but was stymied by the screen saver's password. He quickly hit the space bar key to stop the screen saver from kicking in, and looked at the screen; it was a chat room on a website called Motherless. It appeared she was chatting with someone called BigDave and her screen name was MinnieM. He made a mental note and went back downstairs.

Five minutes later, Sadie came down dressed in a blue Minnie Mouse teeshirt. Luke could see the outline of her bra and panties underneath. He quickly averted his gaze. I love your long legs and sexy ankles. What's for dinner," she asked calmly even though her pussy and nipples were tingling with excitement. This was the first time her dad had used the word sexy to describe her.

Can you set the table please. Sadie was elated that her father found her sexy. She saw the way he looked at her when she walked into the kitchen. He'd never looked at her that way before. It was the same look she got when men stared at her body. Sadie busied herself with place mats, napkins and cutlery, as Luke finished up plating the food. Although cooking was a necessity, Luke still loved to cook and experiment with new dishes; he hoped this one was okay.

He sat next to Sadie and ate, what he thought was a very delicious meal. Luke chuckled. Half an hour later Sadie was back at her computer. Luke needed to find out exactly what she was up to in the chat room, so he fired up his MacBook and created an account at Motherless. He entered the chat room and saw that MinnieM was in the main chat area. He clicked on her avatar, a picture of a mouse, and noted that she had only joined two weeks ago.

He requested a private chat with her. A minute later they were alone in, what was to him, an alien environment. MinnieM: " ur nu here. CumCarl: " Sorry, no I don't so maybe you could go easy on me and use regular words. MinnieM: " I wear a 30B bra, but I need my Dad to buy me new underwear as my boobs are getting bigger.

CumCarl: " Sorry have to go as my daughter's home. I'll be on again sometime soon. He guessed it satisfied her fantasies, and as long as there's no physical contact, it was just that, her fantasy. Over the next few weeks he pondered what to do. She was growing up fast, and after his epiphany in the kitchen, he found himself looking at her body more and more; and he liked what he saw.

Her breasts were definitely getting bigger, and, although she didn't have an hourglass figure yet, her bottom was getting more rounded. Then something happened that accelerated their changing relationship. One evening, they were sat on the sofa watching television, Luke at one end and Sadie at the other. She shuffled sideways, and rested her head on the arm of the sofa; she lifted up and tucked her legs underneath her body, exposing her behind. It was an exquisite sight, her plump pussy was cosseted in a pair of white cotton panties, the gusset hugging her labia, outlining her cleft.

Luke felt his cock getting hard, he was getting an erection looking at his fourteen year old daughter's pantied pussy. Then she turned and looked at him staring at her. She pulled her teeshirt down and covered it up. Is that all? How about the rest of me? Sadie had her father trapped with his own words. She shuffled over and put her head on his shoulder and her arm around his waist. He was thankful she avoided his erection bulging obviously in his pants.

The next Saturday, after breakfast that Sadie had cooked without burning anything, Luke suggested they go clothes shopping at the mall. She gave him a strange look. They shopped 'till they dropped, as the saying goes and returned home with two bags from Victoria's Secret, one from Nordstrom, and two from Belk's.

Luke's credit card had taken a big hit. Sadie went to her bedroom to try on all of her new clothes, or so he thought. He logged onto Motherless. He saw MinnieM was Online so he invited her to a private chat. CumCarl: " So you have a crush on your Dad. Is it anything other than just thinking he's handsome? CumCarl: " Interesting as I have a daughter your age and I think she's so sexy. I really want to have sex with her but don't know how to go about it.

Any ideas? MinnieM: " Just make it casual like and see how she reacts. I wish my Dad would do that. It would let me know he wanted to do more things with me. This could be the breakthrough she'd been looking for. Ever since her breasts had grown, she'd had the urge to walk around the house in just her bra and panties to see what he'd do or say but never plucked up enough courage to do it. Now she had the chance. A few minutes later, she came out wearing a pure white Bralette with lace edging and matching boyshort panties that emphasized her very plump mons.

She smiled shyly. Sadie had not called him Daddy in a long while but he loved it when she did. He was treated next to a powder blue bra with matching string bikini panties. The bra was little more than cloth triangles that offered no support, not that Sadie needed any. Luke couldn't stop looking at her petite breasts covered by small cotton triangles, and her panties, more cotton triangles connected with strings tied at the hips. He felt his penis starting to get erect. She could feel herself start to leak.

Luke couldn't stand any more of this visual stimulus, and he was getting embarrassed at the growing bulge in his pants. He turned and left her room and went downstairs. Sadie stood there in shock. She had seen the big bulge in his pants, and was thrilled that she could turn her father on so much with just with bra and panties. What would he do if she was naked.

The thought sent sparks from her nipples to her pussy. Luke was sat at the kitchen island sipping a cup of coffee when Sadie appeared. She was now dressed in a white tank top over the powder blue bra she had modeled for him and a pair of white capris that emphasized her developing body. She came up behind him and put her arms around his chest.

He could feel her hot breaths on his neck as she kissed him. He turned around and put his hands on her shoulders. You wouldn't believe what some of my friends say their parents tell them, just to shut them up, or make them go away. You've been the best father a girl could ever want. Luke sensed his daughter's nervousness. Did I get an erection? Is that what you're trying to ask? You turn me on every time you accidentally brush your breast against my arm, or I smell your distinctive aroma, or you look at me and smile.

You turn me on right now looking at your gorgeous body inside those pants and top. There are a hundred ways you arouse me. I didn't know how you'd react. If I did something you didn't want me to, it could have ruined our relationship for ever, and if that happened, I don't know how I could go on living. I've tried to imagine what it would be like to make love with you. To make love? Sadie was getting more comfortable talking to her father like this. It was if the dam had finally broken. They had crossed a threshold, and this was a whole new relationship that was going to take a little time to adjust to.

I know we've had many conversations about your body when you were growing up, but this is different. Sadie smiled and hugged him. I'm on my period right now, I'll be done by mid week, why? We could go to that restaurant you like so much. Wow Dad, that sounds so romantic. You gonna seduce me with wine and sweet talk? On Saturday at five o'clock, Sadie was in her room trying on different shoes to see which ones went best with her dress. She fretted that she didn't have anything to go around her neck, except for the gold locket Luke had given her on her fifth birthday.

It contained a photo of the mother she never met. She treasured it, but it just didn't go well with the dress, and she wanted things to be perfect for her first date with her father. Luke knocked on the door. He closed the clasp and stood back, admiring her reflection in the dresser mirror. Their server came over and Luke ordered a bottle of Champagne.

Their server had asked what the special occasion was, and Luke had said they were celebrating his daughter's coming of age. The way Sadie was dressed, with just a little makeup, she could easily pass for a sixteen year old. Sadie sipped her flute of Champagne. As they ate dinner, Sadie played footsie under the table, but on occasions would get serious and look into her father's eyes and see the intense love he had for her.

It would permeate her whole body, making her feel warm. The thought kept crossing her mind, that later that evening they were going to make love. The thought made her breasts ache and her pussy tingle. She was finally going to experience what she'd dreamed about; she was going to feel what was like to have her father's penis inside her pussy. By the end of dinner, her panties were wet. At ten o'clock, Luke took his daughter's hand and led her upstairs to his bedroom. He kissed her lips, more of a gentle brush than a kiss but very sensuous. When the bathroom door closed, Luke lit the half dozen candles he had secretly put around the bedroom.

He then undressed down to his boxers and sat on the edge of the bed, anxiously waiting to see what underwear his daughter was wearing. Five minutes later he was rewarded, as Sadie opened the bathroom door and shut off the light. When she saw the candles casting a warm glow on the walls, she put her hand to her mouth. The bra was a push up that, even though she only wore a B-cup, gave her a small cleavage formed by the swells of her breasts. Luke put his hands on her hips and pulled her to him, nuzzling her cleavage. Now she was holding both cups in her hand, as she smiled demurely at her father.

She slowly removed each arm from the straps, all the while holding the cups in place. Finally, as she could see he was getting anxious to see her breasts, she removed one cup and then the other, letting the bra fall to the floor. Luke gasped as he saw his daughter's breasts for the first time. Two small globes space far apart, with pink areolae and soft nipples. As he looked at them, her areolae darkened and stippled with her arousal. Luke slid his hands down to her hips and hooked his thumbs inside the waist of her panties and pulled them down, slowly exposing her mons with its smattering of straight brown hairs that stopped at the top of her cleft.

He pulled some more and as her panties cleared her hips, he let them fall to her ankles. As he saw the dark opening to her vagina, he inhaled sharply. Luke got up and stood in front of his daughter, noticing a slight redness in her cheeks. She gingerly put her thumbs inside the waistband of his boxers, and, as she looked intensely at the outline of the head of his cock, started to pull them down. A big smile lit up her face as she pulled his underwear over his hips, releasing his cock.

It sprang straight out. She squealed with delight as he made it jerk. God it looks so much bigger than I thought it would be. Can I touch it? She grasped the shaft. Then she did something Luke didn't expect, she knelt down and took just the head of his penis in her mouth. Luke groaned. I didn't expect you to do that. My little girl is making her Daddy very happy.

I like it, but I'm not sure I could let you cum in my mouth, but I'd like to try sometime to see what it would taste like. Luke lay down between her legs and planted a big wet kiss on her pussy. He explored the entrance to her vagina, with a single finger, then two. With three fingers inside his fourteen year old daughter's vagina, he proceeded to lick and suck her clit that was now out of its hood. It was firm, like a little bead, and as he sucked it, he felt Sadie's body jerk and twitch. He looked up across her firm breasts at her face; her eyes were shut tight, little creases at the corners, her breathing was getting faster, her nostrils flared as she exhaled.

She was gripping the side of Luke's head, pulling his face into her crotch. Her legs closed tight against his face, as she bucked him, fucking herself with his fingers inside her pussy. Her body jerked as little aftershocks signaled her waning orgasm. Finally she released his head, her hands dropped to her sides. I just had an orgasm that I didn't give myself. He was leaking precum, leaving a trail inside her cleft.

This, together with her own juices, was making her whole pussy wet and slippery. He stopped at the entrance to her vagina, the head of his cock sitting on her perineum. She clenched her butt. They both looked down, Sadie on her elbows, craning her neck to watch as he penetrated her. Half of the head of his penis was inside her, a tight circle of skin surrounded it, stretched and inflamed. He pushed a little and withdrew, pushed and withdrew. Slowly he was penetrating her until he hit the rubbery end, causing her to gasp.

The thought excited him no end. He lay on top of his daughter, supporting his weight with his forearms, and slowly started to thrust into her. She hooked her legs over his hips, and as he thrusted she bucked back at him; the sounds of his crotch slapping into her cheeks filled the room. He could feel her body tense up as she neared her climax, then small jerks in her arms and legs got more frequent, until.

She actively fucked him, bucking against his crotch forcing her clit against his pubic bone, sending stabs of pleasure into her nipples. He held her tight as her orgasm crested, and then started to wane, small aftershocks came and went, until she relaxed totally; it was if her bones had turned to jelly. Her legs slipped off his waist and flopped onto the bed, followed by her arms. She lay there for three minutes, her breathing slowing and her eyes slowly opening.

I've never, ever felt anything like that before. I've fantasized about this moment for years, and now you've made it come true. Thanks for making this special for me, I love you so much. She felt his hard cock twitch inside her. How nice of you to let me cum first. Can I go on top Daddy? She straddled his waist and started to scrub her pussy back and forth, his cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy.

It wasn't long before he felt himself chasing his climax, teetering on the edge. That put him over the top, his shaft swelled as semen rushed up and out of the end, spurting into his fourteen year old daughter's pussy, flooding her with his teeming fluid. Then he was done, he couldn't make it last any longer, his penis started to soften; Sadie clenched her pussy, trying to keep him inside her, but her vagina was too slippery with his cum and her juices. His cock slipped out of her snug pussy and flopped onto his thigh. She cupped her crotch to keep his cum inside her and went to the bathroom.

A few minutes later she came back and snuggled up to him, putting her leg over his, her wet pussy pressing into his thigh. A young mother of a thirteen year old boy, desperately wants to have sex with him, but doesn't quite know how to go about it. Then a surprise in the bathroom provides the impetus. Word Count: 3, Date Published: May 1 Now twenty four years old, lying in bed after having great sex, I looked back at my childhood, in particular the year I turned thirteen.

I realized that it was not what you would call a normal childhood, certainly not normal by any stretch of the imagination. I had a single mother, never knew who my father was and Mom never told me, and, I know this may sound strange, but I never asked, never had the urge to find out. My mother was only thirteen when I was born, and for a thirteen year old girl, no more than a child really, to raise a son was unheard of.

It wasn't until I reached my thirteenth birthday, did it dawn on me what an incredible mother I had, and the age was not lost on me — the age my mother gave birth to me. After that birthday, for some unknown reason, I started researching on the Internet what girls of her age were expected to do when they got pregnant. I began to realize the pressure she would have been under to have an abortion. When she shunned that avenue, it amazed me that she resisted the many calls for her to put me up for adoption.

I think I have to thank my grandparents for it all, as they stuck by her, and helped her as she raised me. So this is my recollection of what happened during my thirteenth year. My relationship with my mother changed dramatically during that year, changed irrevocably. To a normal thirteen year old boy, his mother was a constant royal pain in the ass. I put it down to the fact that all my friends had mothers that were in their thirties, and some in their forties if they married late, apparently the latest fad.

There was a constant stream of friends at my house, as we had a pool. There was always a boy or two hanging around, boys with raging hormones, trying to grab a sly look at a good looking, sexy woman in a bathing suit. In a way, I think Mom liked the attention. I started to wonder why we had a pretty good lifestyle, so one day I asked my gramps. He told me that after I was born, my mother spent every free moment studying, learning.

By the time she turned eighteen, she started a software company designing apps, that apparently sold very well for Apple's iPhone as well as for the Android Galaxy phone. It was so successful in fact, that she could work from home and take care of me at the same time. I was by now extremely proud of my mother, but there was something that bothered me — my mother never dated anyone, well as long as I could remember, and every time I asked her, she would just say she was too busy, or didn't like any of the men her friends tried to set her up with.

It wasn't as if she wasn't attractive, because she was beautiful. She had long, curly, light brown hair, high cheekbones, straight nose with a slight upturned end and full red lips. I knew she wore a B bra as I'd seen them in the wash, and she still had her girlie figure with a small waist and narrow hips. All in all, she was what you would call petite, and I ofter wondered how she gave birth to me. I discovered later, that it had been a C-section delivery because of her age and the width of her pelvis.

Mom and I had been close as long as I could remember. I knew I could ask her anything that was on my mind, and she would always give me an honest answer or opinion. I put it down to us being closer in age than any of my friends were to their mothers. But lately there was something different going on with our relationship, and it all started one Saturday morning.

I'd been masturbating ever since I was ten, and my usual routine involved grabbing the copy of Hustler, that I kept hidden under the mattress, and heading for the bathroom. I would open the magazine and prop it up on the tank of the toilet and drop my pajama bottoms. This Saturday was no different, except one thing — I had neglected to lock the door. I had just started ejaculating when the door opened and my mother walked in.

When she saw what I was doing, she apologized and immediately turned around and left. I was a little embarrassed, but also strangely turned on by the thought that my mother had just seen me spurting cum into the toilet bowl. When I went downstairs an hour later, Mom was in the kitchen making French toast which was her Saturday morning ritual. We sat and ate breakfast at the kitchen island. The sexual electricity in the air between us was palpable, but no words were exchanged. After we'd finished eating, Mom looked at me with such love and affection.

Mom and I talked about a lot of things, but nothing this personal. You know it's nothing to be ashamed of, every one does it, including me. I knew girls did, as Keira, a girl in my class and my best friend, told me she did, we even did it together one time.

Now outside, it started to soften. The thought of my Mom watching me masturbate was a big turn-on. I didn't know I could do it though, as I would be too embarrassed with her standing right next to me. Perhaps I should let her watch where I couldn't see her. I heard the door bell ring and went inside to answer it, but Mom already had the door open. I saw Keira and waved; she smiled at me. Keira stepped inside carrying a small bag. A few minutes later, Keira came out and sat beside me.

I liked looking at Keira's body, as she had the nicest breasts and ass of any girl in our class, and I'd seen them naked. Her breasts were the size of small half lemons with tiny, tiny nipples. She had started to grow pubic hair, as we had compared pubes the time we masturbated together. This is the first time I've seen your mom, she's so young and very beautiful. How old is she? My mom seems like she's from another planet sometime, so's my dad.

Can I ask you something? As I was. Later, she asked me how often I did it, and she thought it would be a beautiful thing to watch. How'd you feel about your dad watching you masturbate? He'd never do anything though. I tried to let him know I was interested a couple of times. He got a good look at my tits. That's what my dad called me. I caught up with her and tried to grab her around her waist, but instead caught the back of her bra and it came undone and floated away.

She started to swim after it, but I got there first and walked up the steps and out of the pool, carrying it over my head with both hands, like it was a trophy. Just then Mom came out of the house to see what all the shouting was. Keira didn't even try to cover her breasts, her hands hung at her side.

I knew Keira, that she could be a little exhibitionist at times. She was loving standing there with her breasts on display with my mother watching her. I walked over and handed the bra back to Keira. She punched me on my arm. She took longer than normal putting her bra back on, fiddling with the fastener at the front before rotating it and pulling it over her breasts.

I saw Mom watching her the whole time, then she turned and went inside. Later that evening, after Keira's mother had picked her up, we sat having dinner. Mom had been quiet most of the time since the incident at the pool. She put her fork down. I don't mind if you're having sex with Keira, she's a beautiful girl and she does have nice tits. I just wanted to make sure that a pregnancy doesn't happen, as I know what that entails.

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We masturbated together one time. Were you embarrassed this morning when I saw you masturbating? Was it more exciting, more intense? It was the first time she'd seen a guys. I had never heard my mother use the words 'cock' and 'tits,' as she had always used the proper words when she talked to me about the birds and the bees when I was ten. I mean I've seen it on the Internet, but that's not the same. I think she was embarrassed enough just being naked and masturbating in front of me to do anything else.

That came out of left field. My mind was a mess, trying to process what she had just said. I touched her hand. The words almost spoke themselves. It was the first time she had ever done that and it felt good. Later that evening around nine thirty, we had just finished watching a movie together; Mom stood up.

Mom turned the television off and switched off the lights. I followed her to her bedroom, where she switched on a small bedside lamp. As soon as the bathroom door closed, I shed all of my clothes and got under the covers. A few minutes later, Mom came out of the bathroom. I gasped as I saw her naked body. She had perfect breasts that had no sag whatsoever and they were topped by small light brown areolae and soft pink nipples.

But what was the most astounding, was the wide gap at the top of her legs filled with the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. Her inner labia where just visible in the cleft formed by plump outer labia. Her mons was quite prominent as Mom had a flat tummy. It was covered with light brown straight hair that stopped at the top of her cleft. She pulled the covers back and looked at my erect cock lying flat against my stomach.

My body trembled, as she lifted it up and examined it. I think you're going to take after your father. I just realized that it was the very first time she had even mentioned my father. Was she telling me he had a big cock and I was going to have a big one as well? I had no idea what she meant, but as soon as she lowered her head and took my cock in her mouth, I knew. My whole body trembled, as she sucked the head of my cock and moved her thumb and finger up and down the shaft. I had been on the very edge of my orgasm from the first moment she touched me, and I didn't know how long I could last without cumming; I didn't want to disappoint my Mom by cumming too soon.

I had no control over my body, it was too intense watching my Mom's head bob up and down on my cock, and the extreme sensation of her hot mouth engulfing my entire shaft. I spurted cum into her mouth uncontrollably, spurted more cum than I'd ever spurted before, and the sensation was mind blowing. When I'd finished and my cock started to soften, Mom let it drop from her mouth. She had this wonderful smile on her face. I'd been wondering for a while now, what it would feel like when you came in my mouth, and it was much more exciting than I imagined.

When our mouths opened and French kissed, I was lost in the moment, my hand automatically went to her breast and cupped it, more than a handful, feeling her nipple get hard in my palm. She moaned in my mouth as I squeezed her firm breast. I could hardly believe my mother had just given me a spectacular blow-job, and that my hand was squeezing her breast, but it got better. She took my hand off her breast and guided it down between her open legs. I was trembling as I cupped Mom's pussy, my first pussy and I didn't know what to expect.

Her sparse pubic hair tickled my palm, but what surprised me the most, was how plump it was. I was lost, I didn't know what I was supposed to do, even though I'd seen it on the Internet, but this was my mother's pussy. Mom must have sensed my inexperience, as she pressed my middle finger pushing it into her cleft. I was surprised at how moist and soft it was, as her plump labia hugged my finger. She guided the pad of my finger up the cleft until I felt a small bump. As she pressed my finger against it, I heard her gasp loudly.

I realized what the bump was from watching videos on the Internet — it was her clitoris. As I rubbed and pressed it, Mom was starting to breath rapidly, and I felt little jerks in her body, and she started making noises, like she was whimpering. Not knowing that she was having an orgasm, I kept rubbing her clitoris. She clamped her hand over mine. As she calmed down and opened her eyes, she looked at me with so much love. She stroked my cheek. Do you think you could do it again? Come and lie on top of me.

She grasped the shaft of my cock and guided it to the opening to her vagina. I was trembling with excitement, as I realized I was going to have intercourse with my own mother. I pushed and my cock slipped inside her. It felt incredible, like I was being hugged by a velvet sleeve, warm and moist.

I had never felt anything like it before. I pushed some more, and the tip of my cock hit what felt like a rubbery pad, and as it did so I heard Mom gasp. So this is what it felt like to have intercourse, I liked it very much. Mom had her ankles locked behind my back and her hands on my cheeks urging me to pump faster. Then I felt my orgasm rising, my cock swelled and I spurted a small amount of cum inside Mom's pussy. I stopped stroking, my rapidly softening cock slipped out as I rolled to one side and snuggled up to Mom.

You know you cannot tell a soul what we did, don't you? It was very illegal. Would you like to do this again? I had just had intercourse with my mother, I had just cum inside her. The feeling was euphoric. As I slipped into sleep, my flaccid cock pressed against Mom's bum, and my hand cupped a firm breast, I was in Heaven. So, as I lay in bed remembering what happened the summer of my thirteenth year, my eleven year old daughter Anna, was snuggled up to my shoulder, snoring lightly. My mother lay on the other side of me, asleep.

Her hand was cupping our daughter's hand, that was holding my flaccid cock. I counted myself to be one of the luckiest men alive, to be able to make love to my mother and our daughter, my sister. A Serial Rapist Mf 17, oral, reluctance. Oscar is a serial rapist and seventeen year old Sara is his next victim, but she's not what he expected. Word Count: 5, Date Published: May 16 I don't know what it is about some women, but you would have thought that with all the warnings they get, such as park your car in a well-lit location, or, keep a small canister of Mace in your purse, or while walking to your car be aware of your surroundings, they would have heeded them, but no.

Take this Toyota Camry here, parked under a tree far away from the mall entrance or any of the dozens of parking lot lights. How do I know it's a woman's car? Well the fine coating of hand lotion on the leather steering wheel for one, and of course the front plate:. He parked his dark blue Ford Transit van with the side sliding door facing the driver's door of the Toyota, leaving one parking space between them.

The Ford Transit was a big improvement over his old van, as it had more room in the back and a side sliding door. He'd added a partition between the cab and the cargo area that was carpeted and the walls and roof were lined with sound deadening material. There were restraints attached to the side opposite the sliding door. He sat and waited. At nine thirty he was kneeling in the cargo area looking through a small opening in the partition, when he saw his mark walking toward her car carrying a Victoria's Secret shopping bag. He quickly checked her out, and, assured that she met his criteria, he poured a small amount of ether onto a rag.

A few seconds after she passed the front of the van, he heard the disarm double beep from her car's security system. He quickly slid the door open, and before she could turn, grabbed her from behind and put the rag over her mouth. Her struggle was brief as the ether quickly took effect. She was quite petite, weighing no more than a hundred and ten pounds, so he easily lifted her up and put her in the back of the van. A few minutes later, her ankles and wrists, were in the restraints. He added a gag and blindfold, threw her shopping bag into the back of the van, closed the door and got into the driver's seat.

He locked her car with the remote, dropped it back in her purse, and put it on the passenger seat. Five minutes later the ether started to wear off. He could hear her struggling and the occasional muffled scream as he turned onto the interstate. As he pulled into his basement garage, he killed the engine and closed the overhead door. How she did not involve her own daughters in the tea parties that were held for other children is unbelievable. Did she really treat them in this manner, banishing them like that?

How do you feel about the programme, Barney? It's left me feeling completely shocked and disgusted, and somewhat loath to pick up another book - even at the age of I'm sorry this is not quite the post you would expect to receive. I too feel in two minds sending it, but I need to express my disappointment. Barney says: I'm sorry you were disappointed, Simon. Perhaps a little more emphasis could have been put on her fun, creative side - not much was mentioned in the film about her musical ability, or her days as a teacher - but the fact remains that she did cut her mother and her first husband out of her life and that she had very little time for her daughters as they were growing up.

The drama did attempt to show some understanding of why Enid was like that, emphasising the trauma caused by her beloved father walking out on the family when she was twelve. Despite everything, Enid Blyton's books have entertained, educated and inspired millions of children over the years and in that way she has been, and continues to be, a force for good. I'd say that the best of her went into her books and that they can be enjoyed on their own merits.

I've read them and they're quite nice, although I prefer Enid Blyton's own stories of that lovely boarding school. And Barney - I just recently read "Mischief at St Rollo's"; I just didn't mention it because it isn't a series - well, at least I think it isn't. Is it a series, Barney? Looking at all the responses you wrote to the messages people send, you must be a busy dog - and a very big Enid Blyton fan! And considering how many messages you've responded to, I'd like to give you a bone for your hard work - here it is!

Barney says: Thank you very much, Amy Elizabeth. I'll enjoy having a bone to gnaw on while thinking up answers to all these questions that keep coming in! You're right that "Mischief at St. Rollo's" is a one-off book, not part of a series. I love your website. I have a quick question. I have recently found out that Blyton wrote a number of short stories featuring the Find-Outers and Dog. Could you please provide me with more information about these short stories? I apologize if you already have this information in the Cave of Books. I tried to find it and I couldn't.

All the best. Barney says: Hello Javier! They were originally published in annuals but have most recently been reprinted in Enid Blyton's Adventure Treasury. How has Enid Blyton managed to release some new books about Malory Towers, e. Thank you, Tiffany nine years old. Barney says: The new Malory Towers books have been published with Enid Blyton's name on the cover, which may be confusing, but in fact they were written by Pamela Cox. Continuation books by various authors have been written for several Enid Blyton series and, while some publishers put the real author's name on the cover, others only put it inside.

Enid Blyton's signature has the status of a logo, which is why publishers are able to print it on the covers of continuation books. It was my favourite as a child and I would love to share it with my daughter. Barney says: I've just had a look on Amazon and "A Book of Fairies" as it is called in recent printings does not appear to be available new from Amazon, though it can be bought from registered sellers.

You could also try eBay or Abebooks. Are Enid's two children still alive? And what happened to both of her husbands? Her younger daughter, Imogen Smallwood, is still living and is a patron of the Society, as was Gillian before her death. Blyton outlived her second husband, Kenneth Darrell Waters, who died in September He and Ida had a daughter, Rosemary.

Hugh died in November in Malta.

Elements of Story or Fiction - character, setting, plot, point of view, style, tone, theme

I have a 45 rpm vinyl record. Enid Blyton Voice. Anyone interested in making me an offer for it? I've read all the boarding school series - the Malory Towers series, St. Clare's series and Naughtiest Girl series. I read them quite some time ago, especially the Naughtiest Girl series, but I keep reading them over and over again! Enid Blyton makes me wish I went to a boarding school! I hope I will go one day; but I have many siblings, so I probably will never go. But hopefully I will.

Rollo's" is another boarding-school book by Enid Blyton. I mention it just in case you haven't read it, Amy Elizabeth. Having seen the film "Enid" I would be fascinated to read something by her younger daughter, Imogen. Has she written anything? Sadly, it is now out of print and second-hand copies are becoming increasingly hard to find.

You can see what the book looks like in our Further Reading section. We know that the makers of the film consulted that book as well as Barbara Stoney's "Enid Blyton - the Biography" and various other books and TV programmes. I have been hunting for this book for years - i. If so how? Barney says: 'The Village of Untidy' can be found in these books , Sue. Thank you Barney for sorting out the problem I was having with the quiz. I have now done the quiz and managed to get 18, a vast improvement on the zero it was showing!! Barney says: Not a bad score at all, Katharine!

How much money did Enid Blyton make in her lifetime? Her estate has now made millions of pounds after her death in Barney says: I don't think anyone knows the answer to that, John, but I'm sure she could have bought mountains of dog biscuits! My question is, could anyone tell me what the story was called near the end, it was about two children that were walking through the woods with ' baggage' on their backs?

Many thanks. In response to Sharon's comment about narcissistic personality disorder, I thought exactly the same thing when I watched the drama. I was in a relationship with someone until very recently for six years who I'm convinced had NPD. His behaviour was very similar to that shown by Enid Blyton in the drama. Being with this man was very difficult and in the end I had to leave the relationship for my own sanity.

He became very verbally and emotionally abusive quite early on in the relationship. The disorder is linked to putting up a false self to hide one's "true self" because of a fear of abandonment that evolved as a child. It does seem to fit the character and the story in the documentary. Anyone who missed the "Enid" drama can still watch it on the BBC iplayer.

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I think you can even download it free from the site. Barney says: Thanks for the link, Stephanie. I think I'm right in saying that BBC iplayer can only be watched by people and dogs! I would love to know what value the book has? You can get a rough idea of the value by checking out the price of the book in online second-hand bookshops or on eBay. I have a book and I am trying to find the date it was published. It is the make: Odhams and the story is 'What happened over the Wall' by Enid Blyton, the book consists of many other stories and is a fantastic read, however the first inner page is missing where the date would be.

Does any one know any thing about this book? Hello, have just found this site after watching the programme "Enid" with Helena Bonham Carter. I just wanted to say that Enid Blyton's "Bom the Little Drummer Boy" was the very first book I ever had from our local library as a child I was five I think and all through my childhood I would lose myself in her books, couldn't get enough really.

I am now in my late 50s and have bought a complete set of the Adventure series for a friend's grandson's Christmas present he is nine and loves the books , how lovely to think that children everywhere still love the stories even in this interactive age! Will log on to this site now I have found it! Barney says: Enjoy exploring the website, Linda! What a great present for your friend's grandson! I have a copy of "Toys in Toyland and Other Stories," hardback with cover, Is it worth anything? Please, can someone upload it on YouTube?

And please, don't ignore my message. Barney says: I'm afraid, due to the recession I am unable to buy books. I have been a book-loving dog since I was a puppy and I think I deserve to read stories without having to pay. Please could books be made freely available online instead of being sold in the shops? Hi, I've tried to take part in this month's quiz as usual and it's not letting me. It says my name has already been used, but I can't find it on this month's score list. I did try at the beginning of the month and my computer crashed on me, so maybe it still thinks I'm in the middle of the quiz!

Anybody else having any problems? Barney says: Your try at the beginning of the month was recorded in your name with a score of zero, Katharine, which doesn't show up on the scoreboard but is visible to my keen canine eyes! I've removed it now, so you should be able to do the quiz as usual. I am starting a library for children and young adults at the moment. I decided on this idea as I did not have a job for the last months and since I love reading and collecting books, I have my very own collection , I decided to open this library from my home, as I do not have the finance to get a place as it is expensive.

I do not have the funds to buy new books, hence, have decided to ask Ms. Mobile: Thank you, Cathrin Barney says: Sir Barney speaking! Enid Blyton died in , Cathrin, but I'm putting up your message in case anyone who visits the Message Board is willing to donate some books. I wish you well with your library. I remember reading what I think was an Enid Blyton book of short stories. Included were stories about trees getting a "green veil " in the spring, and how the boy sparrow got his black bib. Does anyone remember these, and the title of the book? Or the author if not Enid Blyton?

Barney says: I don't recall the "green veil," Suzi, but there are several Blyton stories about cock sparrows getting their black bibs, e. Hello, I am trying to remember the title of a book by Enid Blyton I loved very much as a child. In it, there's a poor family with twins, whose names, I think, are Peter and Mary; and the family lives just outside the gates of Fairyland. The twins make friends with a princess who lives in Fairyland.

The princess loses her ball, and a gnome takes her down a wishing well, I think - but the wishing well doesn't work. There's an "Enchanted Wood" but the book is not the Faraway Tree series, although the wood sounds much like the wood in those books ; and there is also a land of "Stupids". I seem to recall the word "Fairy" in the title of the story. I would much appreciate it if you could provide me with the name of this book. The princess is called Princess Fenella. I have several books from the s and 60s by Enid Blyton.

Is there anywhere I can go to find out if these are of any value? I read them all when I was young but I am now almost fifty. I inherited the books from my older cousins. Barney says: It's impossible to value books without seeing them, Janice, and a lot depends on condition, but if you want to have an idea of their value you could have a look on eBay or Abebooks to see what price similar books are fetching. I agree with Lizzie about the Adventure series.

In the s I remember having to wait for weeks for "The Mountain of Adventure" in the school library - it was incredibly popular. Part of the attraction were the marvellous illustrations which you would look at long before you reached them in the text! Barney says: Stuart Tresilian's detailed and dramatic illustrations are indeed wonderful, Gerry. Unfortunately, the pictures have been removed from the current paperback editions of the books. All Stuart Tresilian's illustrations can be seen in the Cave, here. Hi, I remember reading a book by Enid Blyton when I was about it was about the seaside - a nature book and I loved it.

I am now nearly 60 but would love to know if anyone could tell me its title,it was a big book. I Loved her books and so does my daughter. Barney says: I am not at all sure which book you might be referring to. Enid wrote a number of nature books, but none of them was specifically about the seaside. I do wonder if by any chance you are thinking of a book called The Seaside Book , which was written by Malcolm Saville and published in You say you are now nearly 60 so this would be roughly the right date for you to have read it as an 11 year-old.

I adored Enid Blyton books as a child. I am now in my 50s! My favourites were the Adventure series. I especially recall reading them on holiday in Cornwall, I just think the books were magical and a fantastic read! My daughter, now in her thirties, was also a great fan and we have a third generation discovering her books! The granddaughters are big fans of Noddy I think it is wonderful that children still adore her books and get so much fun from them and I hope that will continue for ever! Barney says: I'm glad to hear that Enid Blyton has brought pleasure to several generations of your family, Lizzie!

My mother has two first edition books. She is wondering where we can look to find out if they have any value. In good condition. Thank you for your time. Barney says: Hello Beverley, you didn't actually say whether the two books are by Enid Blyton, perhaps you could let us know. Hello, My Aunty had a plaque in her bathroom many years ago, it started, "Please remember, don't forget, never leave the bathroom wet.

Cathy Barney says: The verse goes like this, Cathy, but I don't think it has anything to do with Enid Blyton: "Please remember, don't forget, Never leave the bathroom wet, Nor leave the soap still in the water, That's a thing we never oughter, Nor leave the towels about the floor, Nor keep the bath an hour or more When other folks are wanting one, Please don't forget, it isn't done! I loved Enid Blyton's books as a child in the 50s, but I am saddened by what I have read about Miss Blyton's behaviour. Has anyone come to the conclusion that I have, that she suffered from Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

Her behaviour fits the bill completely. Her parents' fights and subsequent parting would all help to form a narcissist. They get worse as they get older. I have a sibling with this disorder and it is quite horrible. They just do not know how to love. Please could I ask which boarding schools were Gillian and Imogen sent to and were the stories that Enid Blyton wrote Malory Towers centered on the experiences of her own daughters?

Barney says: Gillian and Imogen went to Godstowe and then Benenden. Enid Blyton had already started writing boarding-school stories before her children were sent away to school, so it's likely that she relied mainly on her imagination and on memories of boarding-school books she had read as a child. Later on, her daughters' experiences might have played a part. At least one probably both of Enid's brothers had also attended boarding-school. At the age of 73 I can still feel the warm feeling of snuggling in an armchair with an Enid Blyton book. Paper was rationed and books were like gold dust but my mum travelled by train to the next town where she had heard some Enid Blyton books were available.

It started: 'There's no ice cream for you to eat, no sugar biscuits crisp and sweet How do I still remember this, when I have difficulty in remembering what I did last week? I would love to hear from anyone who remembers it. Barney says: Someone once asked about that poem on the forums, Wartime Child. The full text is: "There's no ice-cream for you to eat, No sugar biscuits, crisp and sweet, No quivering jelly, all a shake, Not a single creamy cake, No holidays upon the sands, No donkey-rides, no jolly bands, No gay balloons to toss about - so many things you've gone without: No easter eggs, exciting, gay, No crackers for your Christmas Day.

Well, just a few, But no bananas all year through. No thrilling toys, no birthday treats, Not much chocolate, too few sweets! We grown-ups think we've lots to bear, But, boys and girls, you've done your share! My only relative outside my parents and brother was my cousin Dorf - she lived next door to Green Hedges in Beaconsfield.

I longed to meet Enid Blyton and would try to see through into the garden, but my parents and Dorf wouldn't let me go and knock on the door. She died when I was six years old and I wished I hadn't had to 'respect her privacy'! Barney says: Sorry you didn't get the chance to meet Enid, Dorothy. I can understand how excited you must have felt as a young child to know that Enid Blyton lived next door to your cousin. I've been a fan of Enid Blyton since I was a child. It started when my mom bought the first book of Enid Blyton for me. I can only recall that book is known as "Betsy May", blue background and Betsy May is sitting on a swing.

However, that book has small print and I was not used to reading such small print then so I didnt complete it eventually. But for all these thirty years, this book has been on my mind and now I want to read my first book of Enid Blyton - "Betsy May" again. I have looked through your list of books and I can't find that book cover with that title. Maybe I have recalled the title incorrectly. But at least I can recognise that cover. I am wondering if there were many reprints in which the cover was changed. I intend to read and pass on the books to my children next time.

I hope I can find that book again. Please help me. Thank you. Barney says: The full title of the book you're looking for is "Tales of Betsy-May. The cover shows Betsy-May standing while swinging on a swing, against a bright blue sky. You could look for a copy in online second-hand bookshops, or on eBay. Hello, I didnt like the film starring Helen B.

I have always been an Enid Blyton fan, from the age of nine. Apart from Noddy and the fairy stories, and Mr. I thought she was magical. Meddle and his muddles! She was not a nice employer, she was not nice to her daughters and cared more about their dog than her own children. I wonder if her daughters are still alive and had any say in the production. Barney says: It's good to hear from you, Suzanne. You may be interested to know if you weren't aware already that the Austrian maid Greta in the book "House-at-the-Corner" is thought to have been based on Mary.

Enid Blyton's elder daughter Gillian Baverstock died a few years ago, but her younger daughter Imogen Smallwood was invited to the film set of "Enid" and talked to some of the cast about their roles. Is there any way I can write to her? Where is she residing at the moment? Please let me know as soon as you can! I would be very grateful. Barney says: We have to respect people's privacy, Mehak, so I'm afraid we can't give out information like that.

Imogen Smallwood is a patron of the Enid Blyton Society and has attended many Enid Blyton Days, where Blyton enthusiasts have the opportunity to talk to her. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of The Land of Nod? It's my mum's favourite story and I can't seem to find it anywhere and I have lots and lots of Enid Blyton books!!

Anna is a sleepy-head and her bed takes her to the Land of Nod. Her brother Guy goes there to look for her. The story can be found in these books. As I was growing up myself I was made aware by my mother and aunt that their mother my grandmother was in service when she left the north, and came down to London. My daughter is so excited about knowing this information, but we have no way of confirming this information or dismissing it. Would anyone know how we would go about trying to find out if this information is correct?

Barney says: That's very interesting, Karen. Enid Blyton would have had many members of staff over the years, only a few of whom are mentioned by name in Barbara Stoney's Biography. If you know the dates your grandmother was in service, it might be possible to find out further information from a census or some other record. I have just read your message, Chris, regarding the large sundial from Green Hedges, do you have a provenance for this item? And as Barney has already mentioned, it would be fascinating to know more. My mum was a parish councillor and, when Green Hedges was demolished and the new houses built, campaigned to have the new road called Blyton Close in memory.

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  • Barney says: That's interesting, Pushkin. Well done to your mum! I am the man who owns the firm that demolished Green Hedges in for the builder Frank Perfett of Penn, Buckinghamshire. I have the large sundial that was on the right hand side of the house, I am looking for a good photo of it. I would consider selling it if the right offer is made.

    Barney says: It sounds like an interesting item, Chris. Were you present at the demolition of Green Hedges? It would be fascinating to know more about that. I loved Enid Blyton as a child, now I am reading the books to my six year old. Tuppeny, Feefo and Jinks and Mr Pinkwhistle. Love them! Being Portuguese I would like to say that when I was younger my brother, my sister and I read several times all the books of Enid Blyton. Now it is very difficult to find them here in Portugal, as they are no more sold.

    Barney says: I'm sorry to hear that the books are currently hard to find in Portugal, Beatriz, but I'm glad that your son shares your enjoyment of Enid Blyton. Hey, I'm so glad about the Enid Blyton biopic. I'd really appreciate it if someone would record it and upload it on YouTube.

    I'll be dying to see it! Barney says: Those who are unable to watch "Enid" when it's shown on BBC4 on Monday will be glad to know that they won't have to resort to YouTube as the biopic is to be released on DVD at the end of the month. Dear Society and followers, Is there anybody out there who can tell me more about Enid's youngest brother Carey Charles Blyton ? Vital statistics and other basics? Thank you Barney says: I don't think we can help you very much, particularly with 'vital statistics'. I can tell you that he had a son who is still alive, but obviously now fairly elderly.

    Hello, you are my favourite author! I love reading and really enjoy reading the Secret Seven books. I have read all of them and have started the Famous Five. My all time favourite book is "Secret Seven Adventure," book two. I get them out of the library. I like to read them in bed but sometimes they're too scary and I can't get to sleep for a long time! From Lucy. I am eight years old.

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    Barney says: These paws of mine haven't written many stories, Lucy, but I do share your admiration of Enid Blyton's books! The scary ones are even more scary read by torchlight at night, curled up in a dog basket beneath a blanket! Why, Marilyn Penny! I was born in Canada, and am living in it in an orphanage right now -- and Enid IS known! Her lovely books are in many bookstores. My late Canadian parents were travelers, and I accompanied them on most of their trips -- but I lived in Canada for most of my eleven years, and to my knowledge Enid Blyton was always popular here.

    Perhaps this is because we live in different places? Barney says: You are absolutely right, April June! When Enid was at her writing peak, Canada was part of the British Empire and her books sold just as well there as they did in countries like Australia. However, probably, if Enid Blyton and her company had seriously considered marketing their books in America, their books would have been better known.

    Enid Blyton visited the USA only once. Maybe, if she had visited the country more, maybe even like more times, punctuated by book signings, her books would probably have been better known in the country. Her "heir-apparent" JK Rowling makes several trips to America that include book signings as well as appearing on several prominent top TV shows. To some extent, this may explain why her Harry Potter books are popular in America.

    If Enid Blyton had done the same, maybe she and her books would have been better known in North America. How many books did Enid Blyton write? Barney says: I'm afraid it's almost impossible to say exactly how many books Enid Blyton wrote. We do know that she wrote over novels and about - short stories, which is a remarkable achievement.

    To find out more about her phenomenal output, have a wander through the Cave of Books. Love Enid - but here in Canada she is all but unknown Barney says: Your guess is as good as mine, Marilyn! Enid Blyton never caught on in a big way in Canada or America during her lifetime. Perhaps British books in general weren't popular in those countries at the time, or perhaps Canadian and American authors produced enough mystery, adventure and fantasy books of their own so there wasn't room for similar books from other countries.

    Hello Barney, BBC4 have put up a website page for "Enid" and there is another clip of the programme on the site. Regards, Maisie Barney says: Thanks, Maisie. Only a week now until the programme is broadcast! Anne, there are at least four Facebook accounts. Type Enid Blyton into the search box, and they should come up! Hello, I am writing about Enid Blyton for my English project at school and have found your website very interesting. Please could you tell me whether Enid Blyton has won any major book awards? That novel was awarded a prize by the Boys' Club of America for being one of the six most popular books of Just like to say, I love Enid Blyton books and have read most of them!

    They're fantastic! I would advise many people to read, and become part of the adventures! Barney says: I love that feeling of being in the adventure, especially when there is talk of meaty bones or nipping baddies' ankles! Hello Barney, Perhaps your members may be interested to know that there is now a clip on You Tube , a preview of the forthcoming biopic "Enid". Thanks Barney for your reply of the 6th November to my original enquiry about the book based on Brecon. My memory is a bit vague because my childhood was some years ago!!

    However, I think that the story referred to a real gravestone in the Cathedral churchyard of a French Prisoner from the Napoleanic Wars. If this helps to narrow down the book please let me know,otherwise I shall research the titles you mentioned in your reply. Thanks again, Mark Barney says: I don't think there's a reference to that gravestone in any of the books I mentioned, Mark. Perhaps someone else reading this will be able to help.

    Is the story definitely by Enid Blyton or could it possibly be a book by another children's author of the time? I do not even know how to express how Enid Blyton made me the person I am today. Her books molded me into being who I am and I need to inspire that in my nephews and nieces. Please create a fan group on Facebook; that way you can reach out to many young people who are online but without character.

    Barney says: I'm afraid we dogs don't know much about Facebook. Isn't there any information on Enid Blyton there already? I know that there is an Enid Blyton MySpace account. I hope you're able to inspire your nephews and nieces, Anne! Lovely site! Enid Blyton is one of my very favourite authors. I have many books of hers, and I hope I shall be able to obtain many more!

    I started reading Enid Blyton's books when I was five and was immediately absorbed in them. Sometimes I wish I was older than ten, much much older, so that I could have had a chance to write to Enid Blyton! And I wish I had a dog just like you, Barney - that would be wonderful! Barney says: You can share my bones and biscuits with me any day, Amy Elizabeth! I'm glad you've had so much enjoyment from Enid Blyton's books and I hope you have plenty more in the years to come! I have a query - can anyone help?

    I come originally from Brecon, Powys, in Wales. I recall reading an Enid Blyton story based in Brecon when I was a child. Can anyone please give me the name of the book? Barney says: Do you mean a short story or a full-length novel, Mark? What you must remember, Alicia, is that the original Blyton hardbacks were published in their thousands, so there is no chance whatsoever that the original text will be 'lost forever' as you put it, as most of the books from her main series are still out there somewhere. There is a danger that some stories might be lost, but we are talking here about books that have never been reprinted and therefore won't have had any text changes.

    So don't panic, the future of non-updated text is quite safe! I worry that the original texts could be lost forever. Would someone be able to publish or preserve the original non-updated versions of her texts? Barney says: If a publisher wished to publish original-text editions, preferably with the original illustrations and cover designs, I hope that Chorion would give their permission. There seems to be a fair amount of interest in facsimile editions among Blyton fans. It's possible that Chorion or some of the major Blyton publishers have first editions of at least some of the books in their archives.

    If not, perhaps collectors would be willing to help. On the cover are seven children holding hands. Barney says: You're looking for an early Brockhampton Press hardback edition, Raymond. Originally the book would have had a dustwrapper over the top, with the picture you describe being on the blue cloth boards beneath. You could try eBay or websites like Abebooks.

    Hello, I've just joined. I wonder if you can tell me when the Enid Blyton Day will be held? Also, are there any groups in Melbourne, Australia? Barney says: Loddon Hall in Twyford, Berkshire, has been booked provisionally for Saturday 15th May for the Enid Blyton Day, though the schedule will not be finalised until nearer the time and tickets have not gone on sale yet.

    I know there are a number of Enid Blyton fans in Melbourne but I'm not aware of any official groups. Barney says: I could take what you've written in a way I don't think you meant and reply that, as Enid Blyton's autobiography came out in , she certainly didn't write it on a computer! If you wanted to know whether the autobiography - The Story of My Life - can be found online, I'm afraid it's still under copyright and therefore it would be illegal for anyone to make the full text available on a website. The book has been out of print for a number of years but second-hand copies sometimes turn up on eBay or online bookshops.

    Heyo Barney! Could you please tell me when Journal no. Does the online store sell "Island of Fog" by Keith Robinson? Journal 40 is currently at the printers so we hope it will be ready to send out within the next couple of weeks. We don't sell "Island of Fog" in the online shop - at present it can only be obtained from America. I expect you're already aware of Keith Robinson's Unearthly Tales website, Debs, but if anyone else wants to know more about "Island of Fog" and how to buy a copy, just click here.

    I didn't pay over the odds for it but would like to know Barney says: If you look opposite the contents page it should say 'First Printed '. You don't say if the book has a wrapper, but if so there should be just four books listed on the back flap, the last one being 'Five Go Down to the Sea'. Hi, I have a Noddy car with Big Ears and a grey-faced golly, can you tell me if the car with just Noddy in it was made before or after my car?

    Mine is made of cast with plastic parts. Thanking you. Barney says: These are the Corgi cars that you are talking about that were made in the early s. Noddy first appeared on his own and he was then joined by Big-Ears and a golly in the boot. This came in two versions, one with a grey-faced golly and one with a black-faced golly. Later still the golly was replaced in the boot by Master Tubby Bear. Could you please tell me the value of my book? Barney says: I'm afraid we can't give valuations but the book comes from "Noddy's Castle of Books" and you can find out a little more about it here.

    Enid Blyton is my favourite ever author and I was wondering how many books and stories she wrote before she died. Just bumped across this page while checking out for anything on my most adorable "Enid Blyton's" books and I was delighted to know there are thousands of people worldwide who cherish her books just like I do. Since my junior school days I haven't been able to lay hands on any Blyton books, I don't mind getting old copies, can I also buy? Thanks for your society. I'd like to join immediately.

    Barney says: Welcome, Eni. We don't sell books through the website but you could check online bookshops like Abebooks or sites like eBay. Many sellers will ship worldwide. It would be great to have you as a member of the Society - information on how to pay for membership which includes receiving the thrice-yearly Journal can be found here. It is nearly 93 years old and such an interesting book. It is a green and gold hard cover with all the illustrations intact and I was just wondering what an antique like this would be worth today? If anyone has any information for me please feel free to e-mail me at reneepollard07 live.

    Barney says: Thanks very much indeed for that information, Maisie. My tail is wagging madly now! Anyone who wants to know more, click here and scroll down. I simply cannot get enough of the Enid Blyton Society, just like I can't get enough of Enid Blyton's books and stories! Whenever I can, I go to this website.

    It's wonderful, and I never tire of it! I wish to thank Mrs. Anita Bensoussane very much for compiling Enid Blyton's biography, and for all the information she provided about one of my favourite authors. Enid Blyton is indeed amazing. Here I can learn more about her and her books than I ever thought I could! Barney says: I'm delighted you're enjoying the website, April June. Don't forget to arm yourself with a torch and a length of rope when venturing into the Cave of Books, just in case!

    Personally, I also make sure I'm well supplied with dog biscuits! Hello Barney, Could you tell me if there is still a copyright on all of our beloved Enid Blyton books please or can anyone use or abuse? Barney says: Enid Blyton's work will remain under copyright until the end of , Little Bird. Continuation titles may only be released with the permission of the current copyright holders Chorion. I'm trying to track down an Enid Blyton book much cherished from my childhood which included three children whose rabbits were stolen and they had to go to a strange land to retrieve them.

    They had to grow wings and sneak off in the middle of the night and the wings flew off on their own the next night. The title 'The Land of Nowhere' springs to mind. Can anyone help please? It's about two children - not three - called Denis and Susie, and the stolen rabbit is called Snowball. The story has appeared in a number of books. I have several little comics called Enid Blyton's Sunny Stories dated which my Aunt used to place one at a time on the end of my bed when I spent my summer holidays with her. Would these be of interest to anyone. Barney says: I am sure they would be of interest, but it would be helpful if you could supply a bit more detail.

    How many do you have and what numbers they are for a start. Please can you help me? I cannot remember a book's name I had as a child. Barney says: I wonder whether you might be thinking of the Amelia Jane books , Sharon, about a naughty rag doll who lives with other toys in a nursery.

    The cover is green, with a gold embossed illustration of holly and mistletoe, with the Wise Men's star above it. I'm not a dealer, by the way - just the owner. Best wishes, Phil P. Barney says: Thanks, Phil. Unfortunately Val didn't provide her email address but maybe she'll see this and get in touch with us - then we can put her in touch with you. Hi, I've just come across a book tiltled 'The Greatest Book in the World' by Enid Blyton which is personally signed by her and addressed to a 'Rosalind Watson' with words "with my warm thanks for all your help and my best wishes from" followed by her signature.

    I'm curious to konw if this book was addressed to the daughter or some relative of the printer? Could you please shed some light? Also, what is the value of such a book? I am currently collecting vintage children books. Barney says: Hello Lulu, sadly I don't think that we can help you. It is hard enough trying to find out details about the illustrators and their families, but the family of printers would be harder still. As far as value is concerned I'm afraid that we are unable to offer valuations, but it sounds like a very nice book to own as part of your collection.

    She was delighted to receive it but was saddened by the fact that pages 3 and 4 were missing. Would any of you or any of the members be able to help with what the lost pages said. Thank-you, John Barney says: That's bad luck John, but I have asked Tony if he can help and he tells me they are already on the way attached to an email. Two pages missing are annoying, but it is much worse when it is the last two pages of a whodunnit! When this happens to me I just say that it was obvious that the cat did it!

    My sister and I both mums to young children living in Seattle and Melbourne Australia, love Enid's work. I would desperately love to purchase the "Naughtiest Girl in the School" series for my seven year old niece. Can anyone help? Thank you so much. PS, my lovely husband just completed a poster of the Faraway Tree for my little son's school book week Barney says: Congratulations to your husband, Cheryl! The Naughtiest Girl books are still in print, published by Hodder. If your local bookshop doesn't have them in stock I'm not sure of the availability abroad , they should be able to order them for you.

    Alternatively, you could buy them online. Just now I cried, just a little bit. I cried because today my seven year old son came home from school, talking about the land of the Faraway Tree, which he had just seen in an animated film that must have impressed him very much. He loved the characters, Silky, the Saucepan Man, etc. So this evening I Googled and found this Enid Blyton Society page, with her year-by-year chronology, and then I realised Enid had died the year before I was born. Yet she had had such a profound effect on me as a small boy in Primary School growing up.

    I had all but forgotten it, but my son brought all these memories rushing back She is the best children's author that ever was, and I dare say that if one enjoyed her as a child, one can enjoy her again as an adult. Her writing never ages. May her memory stay alive in us for ever. Barney says: I hope you enjoy rediscovering the books, Peter, and that your son will enjoy them too. Enid Blyton may have died in but her stories still enthrall countless readers. Long may they continue to do so!

    I would like to introduce my six year old granddaughter to the Enid Blyton books. I regret to say I never read them as a child myself and therefore I'm unfamiliar with them, though many titles are familiar. Would you be kind enough to suggest a starting point, i. I would be reading them to her, but don't want to start off with books that are too old for her. Would appreciate any suggestions. Barney says: The short story collections many of which are published by Award are ideal for someone of your granddaughter's age, Megan. Some volumes have a mixture of stories while others focus on one character, e.

    You can find out more about these titles - and others - in the Cave of Books. I hope these suggestions are of some help and that you and your granddaughter enjoy discovering Enid Blyton together. It is signed "congratulations and love from Enid Blyton" and I am wondering if the book has any value. Barney says: I'm afraid we can't give valuations, Pattie, but it's lovely to hear that you won the book in a competition.

    A genuine Enid Blyton signature will undoubtedly add value to the book but things like edition and condition make a difference as well. Can't help commenting that I wish with all my heart some kind publisher would publish Enid Blyton's original works just for adult purchase and reading, as it seems to cause so much controversy for children. It just means so much that not even one element of her work should be altered because it completely ruins the "feel" of the stories and you really can SENSE it. My friend and I were discussing the new prints as compared to those we read as children and how different they felt!!!

    I'm afraid the joy of Enid Blyton's stories will gradually be lost with time. As for me I'll aways cherish my childhood memories of Enid Blyton stories, the adventures, magical tales, family and animal stories etc. Thank you, Barney. I've read the link you posted. Enid would be so proud I'm sure that her granddaughter is continuing to write about Noddy. Hello Barney, I'm just catching up reading your notice board and got to the message posted by a lady called Julie also.

    But I was just wondering what article she was referring to. Obviously the book written by Sophie, but I wondered where I could read the post. I may have missed it somewhere. Just adding to Barney's reply below, apart from not commenting on Sophie's book as I haven't yet seen it, I wouldn't anyway have expected it to have reinstated the golliwogs. The reason for this is that the book was written and illustrated in the style of the original classic Noddy Library books and all golliwogs were removed from these about twenty years ago. It would therefore be a complete nonsense to have a set of books with no golliwogs in, if they suddenly reappeared in the new book.

    They were actually removed for sound commercial reasons. The BBC were prepared to take out a licence to both republish the books and put Noddy back on television, but they made the condition that the golliwogs had to be removed. As this would put Noddy back in the limelight, Darrell Waters considered this to be a sensible move and one that Enid herself would almost certainly have approved of. What's up Barney? I am a great fan of Enid Blyton and am really concerned to find out when I can read more but can you tell me any libraries I could go to to find more books?

    In addition I really enjoy writing to you. Barney says: I'm not sure where you live, Zahraa, but the best place to start is your local library. If you ask the staff about Enid Blyton books, you might find that they're willing to get more in. Libraries in the UK run an inter-library loan scheme which means that, for a small charge, your local library will get books for you from other libraries.

    It's also worth keeping an eye out for Enid Blyton books at second-hand shops, jumble sales and markets, as they're usually much cheaper than new books and sometimes you can pick up a lovely old edition for very little money. I agree with you, Tony Summerfield, about the golliwogs being omitted from the book by her granddaughter.

    It was too ridiculous when he was taken off the Robertson's label all those years ago. Society has taken PC to the limit. He is one of her characters and should be recognised with the respect he deserves. He always brings a smile to my face, and those of my child. If you teach children to love and respect in the true fashion, there shouldn't be racism, anyway. Barney says: Tony tells me that he has been slightly misquoted here. He wasn't commenting on Sophie's book as he hasn't read it, but simply on the general principle of altering what the author originally wrote.

    For some reason the author of this article has chosen to concentrate largely on golliwogs, but they only ever occupied a very small bit of Enid Blyton's immense output. Thank you so much, Barney. I wish all of the original Enid Blyton books were still in print; for I want to read them all, and I do so want to read a great many of her other stories, such as "The Family at Red Roofs" and "Tuppenny, Feefo, and Jinks" and the "Sunny Stories".

    It's such a pity that some of Enid Blyton's works are out of print now. I would have enjoyed reading them very much. But I guess even if they still were in print it would be hard to get them, being an orphan. I sometimes pretend they're my friends, although I love all nature, animals and wildlife and Dinah doesn't.

    Oh, well. Here, Barney - I have a nice meaty bone for you! Barney says: Gnawing bone Thank you, April June! I hope you'll be able to get hold of the books you're looking for over the years - it's nice in a way to discover them gradually and savour them slowly rather than devour them all at a gulp. I suppose the same applies to bones really! My mother fondly remembers a favorite Enid Blyton book she had as a very young child but cannot remember the title.