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Deutsche Bahn: Hell of a way to run a railroad

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Share this. Related Items. Description Each of the players fancies himself an engineer of the HellRail conducting the souls of sinners to their torturous abodes in the great Inferno. Additional information.


Additional information Weight 2. Rather than unify the disparate parts, we prefer to let the mix speak for itself. But if I had to answer Auerbach's question today, my response would be either "It's a monthly publication covering arts and politics" or -- to borrow from the evil empire -- "We write, you decide.

In our niche-driven media world, that answer probably will frustrate some observers. But personally, I find the idea of not knowing what you're going to get in every issue exciting.

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In the current issue, for example, you'll find a long-form meditation on eating at White Castle alongside an even-longer form interview with an art-world figure whose work most people have not yet consumed. Put differently, our various palettes can please many distinct palates.

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My own taste is for political reporting with literary flair. And so in honor of our tenth anniversary, fellow Rail mainstay Williams Cole and I put together a "Greatest Hits" anthology -- Pieces of a Decade -- that showcases the stylistic range of the Rail 's nonfiction writing over the past decade.

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Like the Rail , the collection is rooted in Brooklyn. Along the way, some of our writers even say nice things about the once-reviled G train. Yet, like any good denizens of the American empire, we also know that our wars abroad begin at home, and so we let Brooklyn's own Howard Zinn explain the Iraq conflict six months before it began. We pay tribute to our late pal Garrett Scott, who left behind a great documentary about Iraq Occupation: Dreamland. Our hope is that Pieces of a Decade will provide at least a partial answer to Red Auerbach's question.

Starting this week, it will be sold via our website, where you can also find details of our many upcoming anniversary events. A combination of impenetrable geological formations, underground rivers and minor fault lines all conspired against much progress. The most challenging of these obstacles were a constant inundation of water coupled with extreme temperatures. The construction crew labored in ambient temperatures regularly above 40 degrees centigrade and suffered through constant relative humidity of 85 percent for three years, according to official news accounts.

The "breakthrough" announced June 26 , involves the installation of proper and permanent ventilation, alongside a complex water drainage system able to deal with up to 78, cubic meters of water per day.

Hell Rail Board Game by Mayfair Games Spiele

Additionally, "micro-faults" in the surrounding rock have been sealed with chemicals. With such improvements, the construction crew will no longer have to don raincoats underground or require five tons of ice each day to help keep them cool. The Chinese press has dubbed this stretch of tunnel "the world's most difficult", and for those who have spent the past 11 years building it, the moniker is apt.

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Official estimates now say the dedicated men and women struggling to finish the underground passageway will finally be done as of late Once finished, the line will connect central Yunnan to the border with Myanmar, and maybe one day to railway systems in Bangladesh and India. Patience is a virtue.