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But how often do we practice listening?

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Make notes when you leave if you need to capture details. This kind of active listening and remembering stems from truly caring about the donor. If you are listening and caring and, of course, remembering to ask for the gift, the gift will come. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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He likes to do things like play with his cars or Legos while I read aloud. I started to allow him to do this during read alouds and when I checked his comprehension it was always good. Amazingly, his brain is tuned in when it appears that he is busy doing something else! I have no problem with my kinesthetic learner 6-year-old-son when it comes to being attentive and sitting still because he LOVES storytelling time.

I have four children ranging from I love to read out loud to them all and I think they still like having me read to them. My frustration is that they just walk around and play. I guess I think they should just set still and listen and enjoy. I just keep reading hoping that something is being heard. I have seen reading improvement with my oldest son.

Rebekah, If you get frustrated with the walking around, maybe consider giving them sit down tasks they can do to keep busy. I think these are all really great ideas! I wish teachers would consider using more of these ideas in the classroom. We are very fortunate that our daughter loves reading but she does like to move around sometimes! We also use audio books when she is drifting off to sleep — she really enjoys that!

I know that sounds really weird. He wants no nonsense stuff but loves the make believe stories. We like Eric Carle books but are there any others?

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He is not yet ready for chapter books. We are on Level 2 in the AAR and he loves them because the pictures match the words on the page. Thank you for any suggestions. Amy, First, you may wish to revisit chapter books.

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I suspect, since you know what he likes, that you would just have to look at each book before you decide. We have old school looking desks. I took one of my resistance bands and tied it on the back legs. Now my son or daughter can put their feet on it and bounce them around as long as they are sitting there. They actually do more work at their desks because of it. Thank you for all the great ideas. I teach three boys ages My younger sons usually play with building blocks during read alouds. My oldest son will sit still or draw on a boogie board. Good ideas!

Thanks for sharing! This is great! Hoping he will be a book work! My daughter still knits while she reads as an adult. We started it when she was little and she still has to be doing something in order to read. This is a great list! I would also add listening to books on an iPod or other listening device. Then they can listen while they do things like ride bikes or jump on the trampoline.

Legos and blocks are a must in my house as well as my classroom. My children and my students alike can keep their hands busy and focused on something so their ears can be open to hearing stories. I have wigglers in my house.

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And bedtime for us has been the best approach for read aloud time for the boys. And my daughter loves to draw out what she hears in the story. I have my wiggler brush my hair while I read aloud to him. He sits on the couch and I sit on the floor. That way he can see over my shoulder to any pictures.

His hands stay busy and he listens! Gina, If it works for you, great! It would be too distracting for me. While I personally enjoy sitting still and letting the story carry me away, auditory learners need to have something to do while listening. When I sternly asked him about the material I had just presented, he readily replied almost word for word what I had said.

It is important to accept their differences and allow the students to use their learning styles to the best advantage. Becky, Yes! This is awesome… My little one is half and half on the wiggles meter. I now have great ideas for how to read to her and when. I saved this article as a reference! I am so happy to read this article. I am a teacher and was talking to a parent the other day about the importance of reading aloud to children of all ages.

It increases vocabulary, builds comprehension, and strengthens life long reading habits! I also consider reading, then shared reading, aloud, through all the school years, if possible! Thank you for your wonderful articles! I usually let my kids color during read alouds. This seems to stretch ready time considerably, even for my 4 yr old. I was surprised that your last tip is considered controversial. It was the first thing I thought of when I saw the title of this post, and is a commonly recommended solution in the homeschool circles in which I travel.

Plus, at least for my wigglers, it works! I really love these idea posts. Genuinely helpful suggestions to promote an already excellent program! Eileen, I agree that the last tip seems obvious for me and my wiggly kids, but many parents assume that children must sit still and calm in order to listen.

That has never been a reality for me. She usually asks for paper and crayons and will draw a picture pertaining to the story as I read… after I am done, she tells me about her picture and why she drew it and connects it back to the story she just heard! I like to have the boys act out the stories that we are reading when they are in a super wriggly mood. Sometimes we make up hand signals they do every time they hear a certain word. Other times, we read a section and they act it out.

When performing what I have read it gives me an insight on how well they comprehend the material and they have a blast moving and pretending. Rachel, My boys have often enjoyed building projects related to the history I read aloud. I have particularly fond memories of one Viking longboat, complete with dragon figurehead and mini-figures with morning star maces, built from Lego.

Great thoughts! Lots of wiggly kids out there and fidgets help wonderfully! Chewing things like gum, fruit snacks, twizzlers, anything chewy can help them concentrate as well as it provides deep pressure into their jaw which is calming. I even had to limit him to one fidget at a time — he discovered the kitchen scoop that you squeeze at the bottom to release the contents makes a great catapult for the small, rubbery balls we have in the box!

Paula, My oldest son is like this; he needs to manipulate things in order to listen or even just think intensely. Yeah, we did a lot of homeschooling barefoot. He will be 19 this week and is in his first year of college.

5 Ways to Read to Children Who Won't Sit Still for Books

He took his Thinking Putty and stress ball with him, because he knew he would need them. My 6 year old is very wiggly! I let her draw on a white-board while I read. I also let her play with legos. She acts out the stories. It works for us and has made reading much, much easier. When they first came I despaired of ever being able to read to them for more than a few minutes at a time. Now several years later they easily sit for 20 minutes if the story is to their interest. My advice is make most of your reading time something that intensely interests them.

But still a minute or two of a good book that is harder. My other thing is, read for just a few minutes more often. Keeping on will almost always pay off. One more idea that helps. Read some of the same books over and over. At what age do parents stop reading aloud to them? I have 6. I make him read to me. I still read to my boys every night until they didnt want me to anymore — about age Most students are 8 to 10 when they finish AAR 4, so we recommend reading aloud daily to at least then. However, there is a lot of benefit in continuing reading aloud to children regularly to even older ages, even into high school.

To name just a few:. Through read alouds, children can enjoy harder books. By the way, this last one has had a noticeable impact on my kids even though there is many years of difference in their ages. When I read aloud books to my younger kids that I read aloud years ago to their older siblings, there is a bonding that occurs when the olders reminisce with the youngers.

We do recommend listening to your children read aloud to you when they are learning to read, but having them listen to you read aloud to them is equally important. My son loves listening to books on cd in his room during quiet time. He usually is doing something with his hands while listening as this article suggests, like building Legos or even looking through other books.


He loves being read aloud to! I have a boy for whom reading is torture. I think some of these ideas for read aloud time will work! Candace, You might also try reading different kinds of books. If you have been reading chapter books, try picture books. If you have been reading fiction, try non-fiction. Once you build up his listening comprehension, you can branch out again, but finding a kind of book that he does enjoy will help get to that point. We do read a loud before bed.

Awesome tips! I recently got a book on cd from the library and my daughter has been loving listening to it every time we drive somewhere! Teagon, Many U. We use that to put audiobooks on my phone, so they can listen at home or while we are driving. Much easier than CD audiobooks. I have an extremely wiggly 10 yr girl and an 8 yr old boy who plays organized sports.

They are very tired at the end of the day and to aid calming down I read aloud as a reward for getting the bedtime routine completed and getting into their own beds. The reward of hearing a story plus the end of the day tiredness really helps my kids get comfortable with sleep and drift off after I finish and we tuck them in for the night. April, I always like the idea of bedtime read alouds, but it has just never worked for us. It sounds lovely. What wonderful suggestions! Rolling the wheels with her fingers seems to help keep her listening without creating any distractions. Amazing, I naturally have been doing several of your tips.

Thanks for the encouragement. I have encouraged my kids for years I have 11 to draw during read-a-loud time. They will listen to reading till I loose my voice or have to go start dinner. Then they beg me to read again after dinner and chores are over. They listen to full audio stories off you tube while doing their chores, except I just put the kibosh on that because they slow down to a crawl on their jobs they are so engrossed in the stories.

Lunch and a story work out great. That way if there is conversation it is being guided by the story at hand and not plummeting into nonsense and useless talk. I start with setting books all around babies as soon as they are big enough to focus on something. It just always made sense to me to not let them just space out, but give them something with bright pictures to focus on. These look like such fun ways to work with, rather than against the wigglers! That last tip absolutely works! I was a bit of a sceptic as well at the beginning but it really helped my son listen more intently.

Thank you for the great suggestions! Jen, Thank you for sharing your experiences with the last tip. A lot of parents and teachers get the idea that good listeners sit still, but while sitting still is necessary for some children to listen well, other children need to not sit still to really listen. I learned years ago to let him move, play, draw, etc.

Often two or three of my kids will be making Lego creations, drawing pictures, or even looking at other books while I read. I even let them draw pictures or copy verses during church, much to the dismay of some of my friends, because they actually listen better that way.

I want them to listen and learn more than I want them to sit perfectly still. My 3 year old son always has to move no matter what we are doing. I would do voices and be as animated as possible to grab their attention. Now that they are at the learning to read age they are so eager to read. They are really enjoying their current All about reading program and are really enjoying the activities it has to offer.

However, many wiggly children have been read to from infancy, including my own. The need to move and fidget when listening and learning is just an attribute that some people have. Have you ever looked around at a congregation during a church sermon, or in a college classroom during a lecture? Lots of people fidget, and many of them are paying attention. Some days, I feel like the only time I am not reading out loud is during meals!

Our Bible readings are going much smoother since I introduced coloring sheets. I try to find pictures that reinforce what we are reading. Also, scheduling Bible reading before schoolwork encourages the kids to want Bible reading to continue! The more verses Mom reads, the longer they can put off schoolwork! Our history readings are on audio cd and we listen to three or four lessons on the way to co-op once a week. Our short unit study readings are right after Bible readings. I choose books geared towards the youngest, which keeps her attention but also gives the older kids time to just kick back and enjoy listening to a good book.

By then, they are so tired and just ready for good snuggles, with lovies in hand. Of course, they always beg for more story because it delays bedtime! Thank you for sharing the many ways you and your children enjoy books and conversation together. Lots of great ideas here. My almost 8 year old can rarely sit still while listening to a story. He jumps around, moves from chair to couch to floor, waves his arms in excitement.

Frankly, being able to move about while he listens seems to improve his comprehension significantly. Movement is the natural state of many children, and does not impede understanding, but may improve it, I think. Amy, I do think movement improves understanding for many children. So much so that I provide coloring pages, blank paper, and a box of crayons per child in my Sunday School class, and I teach older elementary students. At home I never sit down to read aloud without having something for my kids to do, even if it is just doodling and coloring. Thank you for these great tips!

Some great ideas to try. I try and read at lunchtime whenever I can but this gives some great options. We often read during meals. Angela Beyer : Another time I was in Hokkaido with my bf and uncle. The bf soon to be ex had to climb Ashe Darke the volcano thingy to achieve yet another pin on his map. My uncle and I opted for a walk around the mountain and the beauty was spectacular! We sat on a rock next to 2 steam vents through the snow, drank coffee from a thermos and watched a bird in a surreal natural zen setting.

My uncle and I often discuss that shared experience : Oh, The bf got photos of cloud… Not even a view for his efforts… And a tick in a box for mountains climbed lol. Miguel Arboleda : Nevin, do we not? Yohei, sometimes I want no trail, and no reason to be there. The variety of your interests and experiences surprised me.

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You seem like someone who be happy anywhere. Beth Adams : Miguel, please cross-post this wonderful and important post to your blog — I want to link to it for the Cassandra readers. Miguel Arboleda : Beth, thanks! I will. Thank you. Veg, lately it has been too seldom that we talk, so it is nice to find your words here. Lisa, Lisa. Thank you so much. So open, so honest, and so well articulated. Thank you so very much. Thanks, Damon. So I want the silence in the trail. Viviana, thanks. We live in a world that is far better than anything we could have up with.