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Film Review: The Rider Offers an Unforgettable Blend of Reality and Fiction | Consequence of Sound

Perhaps it runs in the family, since the other Jandreaus and those around him do just as much to bring these scenes to life. Surrounding these unforgettable performances is one of the most gorgeous-looking films of the year.

Zhao, who debuted with the lyrical Songs My Brother Taught Me , imbues the Dakota landscape with a bittersweet sense of cinematic grandeur. The vast majority of The Rider seems lit entirely by sunset and moonlight, taunting Brady and the audience with its natural wonders while accentuating the melancholy he feels.

“The Rider”: A Narrow Portrait of a Thwarted Rodeo Star

Some of the most breathtaking scenes take place when character-Brady does what the real Brady does best — train horses. This is a man who lives and breathes these beasts, someone whose identity is inexorably tied to the sense of brotherhood he feels with them.

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Make that two artists. Zhao wrote the screenplay; the cinematographer is Joshua James Richards. Zhao honors their essential freedom and understands what is important to them.

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  8. The actors are nonprofessionals playing versions of themselves — members of a Native American family that has seen its share of hardship. Brady and Lilly, who has an intellectual disability, lost their mother to cancer a few years before. And so he grapples with grief, denial and the dreadful feeling that his life is shutting down before it really got started. Their evenings around the campfire or at the bar, trading banter and rodeo stories, connect these young men, who proudly see themselves as both Indians and cowboys, with the iconography of the American West. Brady is lean and taciturn.

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    From time to time, Brady visits his friend Lane Lane Scott , whose exploits in and out of the rodeo ring have made him a legend among the other riders. Lane is now paralyzed and unable to speak.

    Chloe Zhao's ode to the fringe corners of America stands among 2018's best films

    Brady helps him with physical therapy exercises that mimic sitting up in the saddle and holding onto the reins.