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If you have the required permissions, the error response is DryRunOperation. Otherwise, it is UnauthorizedOperation. Command: aws ec2 describe-route-tables. Any virtual private gateway VGW propagating routes. The routes in the route table. Describes how the route was created.

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CreateRouteTable - The route was automatically created when the route table was created. CreateRoute - The route was manually added to the route table. EnableVgwRoutePropagation - The route was propagated by route propagation. The state of the route. The blackhole state indicates that the route's target isn't available for example, the specified gateway isn't attached to the VPC, or the specified NAT instance has been terminated.

Any tags assigned to the route table. The value of the tag. Constraints: Tag values are case-sensitive and accept a maximum of Unicode characters. The token to use to retrieve the next page of results.

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This value is null when there are no more results to return. Created using Sphinx. Each route specifies maximum accepted scope value for it's nexthops in the target-scope property. Default value of this property allows nexthop lookup only through connected routes, with the exception of iBGP routes that have larger default value and can lookup nexthop also through IGP and static routes. Interface and immediate nexthop are selected based on the result of nexthop lookup: If most specific active route that nexthop lookup finds is connected route, then interface of this connected route is used as the nexthop interface, and this gateway is marked as reachable.

Since gateway is directly reachable through this interface that's exactly what connected route means , the gateway address is used as the immediate nexthop address. If most specific active route that nexthop lookup finds has nexthop that is already resolved, immediate nexthop address and interface is copied from that nexthop and this gateway is marked as recursive. If most specific active route that nexthop lookup finds is ECMP route, then it uses first gateway of that route that is not unreachable.

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  6. If nexthop lookup does not find any route, then this gateway is marked as unreachable. Forwarding Information Base FIB Forwarding Information Base contains copy of information that is necessary for packet forwarding: all active routes policy routing rules By default when no routing-mark values are used all active routes are in the main table, and there is only one hidden implicit rule "catch all" rule that uses the main table for all destination lookups. Routing table lookup FIB uses following information from packet to determine it's destination: source address destination address source interface routing mark ToS not used by RouterOS in policy routing rules, but it is a part of routing cache lookup key Possible routing decisions are: receive packet locally discard packet either silently or by sending ICMP message to the sender of the packet send packet to specific IP address on specific interface Results of routing decision are remembered in the routing cache.

    If there is no routing cache entry for this packet, it is created by running routing decision: check that packet has to be locally delivered destination address is address of the router process implicit policy routing rules process policy routing rules added by user process implicit catch-all rule that looks up destination in the main routing table return result is "network unreachable" Result of routing decision can be:. Otherwise: if type of the route is blackhole , prohibit or unreachable , then return this action as the routing decision result; if this is a connected route, or route with an interface as the gateway value, then return this interface and the destination address of the packet as the routing decision result; if this route has IP address as the value of gateway , then return this address and associated interface as the routing decision result; if this route has multiple values of nexthop, then pick one of them in round robin fashion.

    Result of this routing decision is stored in new routing cache entry. Configuration item is disabled. It does not have any effect on other routes and is not used by forwarding or routing protocols in any way. Configuration item created by software, not by management interface. It is not exported, and cannot be directly modified. Discard packet forwarded by this route.

    Updating Your Route Tables for a VPC Peering Connection

    Notify sender with ICMP host unreachable type 3 code 1 message. Notify sender with ICMP communication administratively prohibited type 3 code 13 message. If no response from gateway is received for 10 seconds, request times out. After two timeouts gateway is considered unreachable. After receiving reply from gateway it is considered reachable and timeout counter is reset. Value used in route selection.

    Routes with smaller distance value are given preference. IP prefix of route, specifies destination addresses that this route can be used for. Netmask part of this property specifies how many of the most significant bits in packet destination address must match this value.

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    If there are several active routes that match destination address of packet, then the most specific one with largest netmask value is used. Array of IP addresses or interface names. Specifies which host or interface packets should be sent to. Connected routes and routes with blackhole , unreachable or prohibit type do not have this property.

    Usually value of this property is a single IP address of a gateway that can be directly reached through one of router's interfaces but see nexthop lookup. ECMP routes have more than one gateway value. Value can be repeated several times. Which of the local IP addresses to use for locally originated packets that are sent via this route. Value of this property has no effect on forwarded packets. If value of this property is set to IP address that is not local address of this router then the route will be inactive.

    If pref-src value is not set, then for locally originated packets that are sent using this route router will choose one of local addresses attached to the output interface that match destination prefix of the route an example. Name of routing table that contains this route.

    Not set by default which is the same as main. Packets that are marked by firewall with this value of routing-mark will be routed using routes from this table, unless overridden by policy routing rules. Not more than routing marks can be added per router. Used in nexthop resolution. Route can resolve nexthop only through routes that have scope less than or equal to the target-scope of this route. This is the maximum value of scope for a route through which a nexthop of this route can be resolved.

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