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To ask other readers questions about Rules of the Game , please sign up. How would u put this in a small summary? See 1 question about Rules of the Game…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jun 01, Max Jackson rated it it was ok. This book is one of them.

Jean Renoir

It was literally thrown at me by my helpful roommate one dark day when my romantic despair was so intense it was almost bending the light around my head. I did my sincere best to bracket that noise and come at it fresh and open to new ideas and experience, figuring I could just take the good and laugh at the bad 1. See, humans and human connections and humanity in general are deeply important to me both concretely and conceptually, kind of replacing capital-G God in my little cosmology 2.

Human interaction more often than not leaves me feeling fried and drained and in desperate need of several hours of solid solitude. But one-on-one the task of weaving my emotions into the immediate experience that I share with another concrete human being is a different beast altogether. But enough about me 6.

This particular book opens 7 by jarring you to get your attention, the first page having a big READ ME title and the rest of the intro spent mostly mocking you for being so weak as to mindlessly follow orders. This is gimmicky and dumb. The military con- and de-notations are definitely intentional. No reading ahead, no skipping out on assignments. There are a few fields for you to fill out answers to questions, some good what are your strengths and goals in life and some bad explain with detail exactly how you will suffer if you fail to change your broken ways.

The calendar is supposed to take you from the zero at which you start to getting a date, defined as any agreement to meet with a woman after first meeting her as a stranger. The author goes over Opening, Demonstrating Value, Disqualifying i. There was indeed some positive and good advice to be found, such as making human interaction about enriching other people rather than satisfying some desperate need of yours for sex and affirmation Also worth attention is the idea of just having fun wherever you go, bringing value and positive-vibes into your own life and into the lives of others no matter what the ups and downs of what happens to you over the course of any given evening.

The good advice is vague and can be found from other more-robust sources. What makes this book less-robust is the lengthy digressions on NeuroLinguistic Programming, Astrology, Psychic readings, and Evolutionary Psychology. The Missions involved a lot of this, explicitly telling you to go out and engage girls about, say, how the rings on their fingers predict the planets they were born under and the personality implications thereof, etc. What did I learn? Some things! It kind of inspired that kind of reaction i. Not me. Not here, not anywhere, not ever.

For better or for worse I think rawness and openness and serious-togetherness are all we can really hope for - some beautiful people live this lovely life effortlessly, and the rest of us can only try. I tend to come away with a better understanding of my ideas, of the ideas of my enemies, and with a deeper appreciation for how someone like me might conceivably believe something horrible like that. I think atheism has conceptual consequences that my old New Atheist movement glosses over and ignores basically keeping God but stripping it of its personality , but it the movement remains a step rather than a leap in a good atheistic direction.

Gender-reference is a real head-clutcher and as a creature of almost-maximal privilege 4. Hearing that word used makes me want to gather a crowd and publically push my thumbs into the offending vocal chords. As half-alluded to somewhere around the main text 6. But man will it be fun. This, to me, is the single hardest part of being in public. For all the male bitching and moaning about having to deal with huge amounts of rejection from women it seems also and even more-so true that the acts of selection and rejection take their own heavy emotional toll, especially when some guys will do literally anything to provoke a response from you.

View all 5 comments. Jul 30, Eva rated it liked it. Some notes: One exercise: call a wrong number and get the person who answers to recommend a movie. It's to learn how to change the course of an interaction without making the other person uncomfortable. The dictionary definition of 'reject" is 'to refuse to accept. Do you feel an emotiona Some notes: One exercise: call a wrong number and get the person who answers to recommend a movie.

Do you feel an emotional sting? Probably not. But for most people it is different, and here's why: When the gum is rejected, we think the person doesn't want the gum. But when we extend and invitation and get rejected, we think she doesn't want us. She's known us only for a short while. She's practically a complete stranger.

She doesn't know how great we are, the way our friends and family do. Why do we value her opinion over theirs? Next time you see someone you want to talk to, open your mouth and say the first thing that comes to mind. As long as your comment or question isn't rude or hostile, you may be surprised by how difficult it is to get solidly rejected. If they feel you're not respecting or acknowledging them, they'll try to end the interaction. Don't begin by apologizing; "starting a conversation this way makes you sound insecure at best and like a panhandler at worst.

You can get opinions, start a conversation. If you catch yourself saying a situation was impossible, the guys were jerks, or the woman was just a 'bitch,' then you're wrong. It's your fault. It's always your fault. And that's a good thing, because it means you're in control. Even though you may be chasing her, disqualification turns the tables and makes her want to chase you.

What they don't realize is that they're losing points simply by submitting to the test. One was relationships, another was spirituality, and a third was animals. He just told me he knows kung fu. Why do you think he would say that to me out of the blue? A friend of mine taught me that the best way to butt into a conversation is to give someone something to hold. And I wanted to test it out. Jan 08, Douglas rated it really liked it Shelves: relationships. This book creates a 30 day 'bootcamp' to help train any man to improve his 'game' Each day, the book provides exercises and learning outcomes to help each man build out his repertoire and confidence when talking and approaching women.

The Rules of the Game - Criterion Channel

I have read a number of books about picking up chicks to hone my game. The top three are the mystery method, How to be successful with women, and this book. If you want to start dating better women, get those three books. I promise you a more exciting and rewarding This book creates a 30 day 'bootcamp' to help train any man to improve his 'game' Each day, the book provides exercises and learning outcomes to help each man build out his repertoire and confidence when talking and approaching women.

I promise you a more exciting and rewarding dating life lies ahead. The second book wasn't too special. Jan 23, Marie Bisgaard rated it liked it Shelves: own. I think the book had some good points and was an enjoyable read. A person who follows the rules will definitely improve his or even hers social skills. I however doubt that it is possible to achieve all the goals in one month. The book also doesn't really offer any magical key for scoring that you wouldn't find in other self-help-ish books. Or maybe that's just how I see it - nobody have tried all of these "tricks" on me, so perhaps I'm wrong.

View 2 comments. Apr 02, Ronnie rated it really liked it. Just when you thought all the PUA stories were told, Neil cranks out another soon to be bestseller. A fascinating sequel to Strauss's groundbreaking pick up artist classic with a twist. The void of male social dynamics and pick up advice with substance is masterfully filled with the entry of Rules of the Game.

His techniques are compelling, and his tales are infectious page turners. This slickly packaged title is a two volume set. Its focus begins with establishing your identity, expectations an Just when you thought all the PUA stories were told, Neil cranks out another soon to be bestseller.

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Its focus begins with establishing your identity, expectations and desires to better concentrate your efforts on your relationship goals. It dissects the psychology of female expectations, and lays out in classroom format the smooth adaptable skills that satisfy their wants and needs to create physical and an emotional connection.

Part one -the Stylelife Challenge is a 30 day instructional mental-workout program; the HOW TO for improving your social marketing; perfecting your personality, body language and image, creating sexual chemistry and attraction; virtually s of tips, exercises, and techniques, logically explained step by step. What I really liked is he explains exactly how and why each facet of your studies works, and assigns you homework. You're forced to do somewhat uncomfortable things until you become a natural through repetition; till each skill is performed effortlessly.

Each chapter builds and expands on the previous.

  • Transforming the way people see the world, through film..
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  • Denn Sie wissen nicht was Sie tun: Die Gesellschaft im Kreuzverhör (German Edition);
  • After learning all 30 you've got the mindset and confidence to have Game. Part 2 - The Style Diaries: fascinating to unusual stories from the trenches that focus on the unexpected bad results that occur due to bad decisions in the middle of encounters. As always, Neil's infamous story telling of underworld situations are riveting and bizarre, from conquests to hilarious train wrecks.

    Edge of your seat field reports brilliantly written. He hangs with the who's who of Rock Stars and travels the globe, injecting himself in situations most of us can only dream of. The conquests could be penned in a braggadocio style, but his writing is self-deprecating and fun; he's learning and laughing along with us. A contagious writing style. Rules of the Game is a very unique concept, and needed to be written.

    The first title simply left too many men desiring all the PUA tools Style used in the previous title. It's an advanced classroom explaining how he learned to execute all the killer pulls of hot women in the Game. If you're reading this, you've probably already read Mystery's manual. I'd also highly suggest for deeper PUA psychology and a million laughs another bestseller in this genre.

    View 1 comment. Dec 12, Jay Tate rated it really liked it. I read this as a self-help book, not just as a treatise on picking up girls. I'm already married, and before that I never found meeting nice women difficult. But, meeting girls is a lot like meeting friends, finding a job, buying a car, and winning at poker. So, the lessons of the book can be applied more widely than with the ladies. The L-movement is mostly used from one door to another. The camera tracks to reveal the background.

    They walk back, and their place is taken by Robert. Did anybody miss that look of his? The characters look at Octave. Like a cue, the camera pans right again to reveal Lisette. Then it moves in closer. Jean Renoir uses the L-movement so he can get maximum action in the same shot. The characters can walk through doors, appear in hallways, linger in mirrors, hide or reveal themselves.

    The entire movie is filled with such delightful blocking. Through the L-movement technique, Renoir expertly carries the viewer through the action. As we can see, Renoir likes to move the actors either towards, away, or to the side of the frame. So, what are the advantages of this technique to aspiring filmmakers? In essence, the camera is moving either towards or away from something. It could be anything, but by using the L-movement, Renoir is able to tap into the visuals at his disposal to enhance the story that is playing out through the dialogue.

    The L-movement is normally used to give the viewer a dynamic view of the space that the scene is set and that the characters are inhabiting. Renoir constantly keeps his camera moving giving the scene a sense of urgency as he does it. The L-movement calls for a smooth movement of the camera, either through a tracking shot or a panning shot. For a more DIY approach you can use trolleys, wheeled chairs, and camera rigs on your body to allow for more dynamic camera movement. Another important tip is to plan the movement before the day of shooting.

    As well as storyboards and shot lists, this will involve location scouting. Make sure you have the space to maneuver the camera for the L-movement. More than half the shots we have looked at in The Rules of the Game have camera movement in them. This was hard in , and it is still hard in It takes a lot of time to block and rehearse these moves. It was the same for Hollywood directors until the mids, when lightweight cameras where introduced. Before this the movement of the camera was extremely limited.

    The consequence of this was that filming on location was expensive and impractical, meaning that most films, both in Europe and in America, where filmed in a studio. Renoir also improvised dialogue and scenes on the day of the shoot. So, it was a lot harder.

    The Rules of the Game

    This is yet another reason why The Rules of the Game is still so impressive; even more so than Citizen Kane which popularized these techniques years after Renoir perfected them. A great example of camera movement and also the first two techniques is towards the end, when Schumacher goes on a hunt:.

    I hope when you watch the movie you will remember to make the connection with the earlier hunt.

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    When someone runs left, we turn left, when they move right, we pan right. When they go down the room, we pause. Sometimes the camera makes these imperceptible moves on a dolly to reveal more space. Exactly how we would behave if we were spying down a corridor and trying to get the best viewpoint. This is the scene where the two classes intertwine, and they both get each other.

    Waverly finally snaps and runs away when Mom gets angry. When she comes home, she's greeted by a roomful of stink eyes and no dinner. While alone in her room, she imagines her mother as an unbeatable chess opponent with scary eyes—and begins to ponder her next move. All rights reserved.

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