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But it never tastes good. Must just make my own. Ask yourself: who paid for this ad?

The Twitter Diaries : Georgie Thompson :

And pithier than Wizards and evil geniuses for equality! So many people seem to identify themselves primarily as parents. Does this place a psychic burden on the kids? Which is meaningless: probably half are bots or dead accounts. I really look better in jeans. DeepakChopra What does that mean? How does a person turn into love?

Tobie Diaries: Vol 1

You become some sort of disembodied love spirit? Will you back me up to the boss on that? KeithBurtis Whom? Or be subjected to more cute banter with Gwyneth Paltrow. Oracle oow10 javaone10 pelegri I could have helped with that… way more t-shirt experience than anyone needs.

The Twitter Diaries: 2010-01-10 – Tulsa, CO, SF

I have said it thrice: What i tell you three times is true. KeithBurtis in response to Just need to execute — whom? Thanks hp. SoLoKeii : No offense but all agnostics and atheists are going to hell.

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But I also tweet about other things. Brendan and Roch on DTrace. Sysadmins are all artists. So many people I enjoy spending time with are in town; very frustrating to be so ill and tired. A few days on a different antibiotic should tell. It expires tonight so enter your name in the drawing NOW!!! New yuppie HoS will open soon — yay!

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I apologize in advance for how bad this will look. What you get when you pay for professional filming. Plus the filming, of course.

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Which do you own and why? Down, Boojum down I say! Weird collection of headlines all featuring Mom — murdered mom, murdering mom, miracle mom. Uh oh, new tweet hack? I have a few? Oddly specific. Well, emplaned.

Walking Dead Compendium 1 4. Star Wars: Jedi Academy 5. Drama 7. Big Nate: Genius Mode 8. Walking Dead Compendium 2 9.

Big Nate Makes the Grade The Walking Dead, vol. Persepolis, vol. Maus I Lego Ninjago vol. Saga, vol. Naruto, vol. Attack on Titan, vol. As Hibbs points out, eight of the top ten graphic novels are aimed at kids, which may reflect the fact that BookScan has started picking up sales from WalMart.

I would add that the remaining books on the list may not be targeted at teens but probably have a big teen readership. The top selling book is the first volume of Dork Diaries, which one could argue is more an illustrated book than a graphic novel. It basically has the same format as Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which is not classed as a graphic novel by BookScan; if it were, it would lead the pack by an order of magnitude because those books sell in the millions, while the first volume of Dork Diaries sold just shy of , copies.