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From the start we must educate children so they understand that dogs are not toys and that they should treat them with love and respect.

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To keep a Yorkshire Terrier in proper hygienic conditions we can set out a routine of bathing the animal every fortnight. However, we must not forget that this is a recommendation. The frequency with which you should bathe your pet also depends on the lifestyle it lead whether it is walked through the city or gardens, whether it rains As you can see, caring for a Yorkie's fur is very important.

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Furthermore, another area we can not neglect is the perianal area. We must cut the fur around this area, if not the dogs feces could become stuck to it. Yorkshire Terriers have long hair so it is advisable to use a conditioner after shampooing to avoid knots. Also, it is essential to dry our pet's fur with a hair dryer. We must go brushing the hair as we do this. Do not forget that you must brush the Yorkshire Terrier's coat at least twice a week. If its hair gets knots very often you can consider alternative cuts for a Yorkshire Terrier's fur and find coat options to avoid tangles. These animals are very likely to have eye discharge.

Everything you need to know about a Yorkshire terrier's Coat - Yorkie Advice

Care must be taken when removing this. Never pull on the mucous , you must soften it first by moistening it and then you remove it without difficulty. In addition, in AnimalWised you can discover tricks to remove stains around a dog's lacrimal. These dogs generate a lot of tartar, so it is very important that from an early stage we be vigilant with this. There are many ways to clean your pet's teeth. If you plan to brush its teeth it is essential that you begin to accustom it as a puppy and always do so gradually.

Everything you need to know about a Yorkshire terrier’s Coat

Yorkies struggle to have standing ears and in some cases the ears never stand. One trick to help them stand is to shave off the fur on the back of the ear so that these weigh less. Need more tricks? You will find all the information you need to make a Yorkshire Terrier's ears stand in AnimalWised.

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Another issue that has to do with fur and is notable in the case of this dog breed is the hair in the inner ear. It is important that this hair is not cut, instead it should be plucked out to promote good health in the Yorkshire Terrier's ears. We are trying to collaborate with high quality kennels for breed improvement.

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We are very thankful to Betty Ann Durrer for letting us use her beautiful dogs in our breeding program and sharing with us her huge experience. Our show dogs are not only show champions, they also practice obedience, agility, flyball, tricks etc. We want to see our dogs not only beautiful, but smart and active companions as well. This is why we are always happy to help new owners with training and grooming their puppy. From March we had three gorgeous Maltese joined to our Rigair family see page Our Maltese for more info.

In that time we are proud to have bred some of the top Yorkshire Terriers in the breed. Eight of our dogs have won a total of 44 Specialty Shows. The two latest Specialty winners are Bugsy and his beautiful daughter, Mi Mi.

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Not every dog makes it to the show ring so we occasionally have exceptional pet puppies for sale. Our commitment is not only to the quality of our dogs, but also to their health. All of our dogs are raised in our home and are dearly loved.