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You can collect feedback from your mobile app users in various different ways. However, with user onboarding one of the most effective ways is by using activity-based feedback.

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Enables you to prioritise your roadmap. Many businesses in the process of building a new mobile app usually have tons of exciting features on their roadmap that they hope one day to implement. Responsive design, customisation, social media login, offline capabilities, speed, etc. Whatever it is, hold your horses! Lots of developers tend to get ahead of themselves here and start rolling out features all at once.

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This can be not only overwhelming for your app users, but it can also cause quite a bit of chaos in the UX department. Try starting off slow and test as you go. Insights obtained from collecting in-app feedback will provide you with an indication of which features are highly valued by your users and which features could use a little TLC. For example, you can try using touch heatmaps to find out where your users are focusing their attention.

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This knowledge will also help you prioritise your entire mobile roadmap so that you are better equipped to meet or even exceed the expectations of your users. Note: this will vary from app to app depending on the context of the app! Helps you consistently monitor in-app performance. Take it from McKinsey. Are you familiar with the Lean Start-Up methodology? According to this method, applying short feedback cycles before building a product e.

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By collecting feedback in cycles, you can continuously test how your app is performing and later make the necessary changes to enhance the performance. Lets you engage more with your app users and in real-time. On top of providing you with deep insights into the customer journey and user experience, in-app feedback can also give you more detailed information about your users.

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But the trick is doing it in the right way so that the burden of compliance is reasonable, right? In the U.

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