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Murdering the innocent leads to punishment in Hell:. If anyone killed a person - unless it was for murder or for spreading mischief in the land - it would be as if he killed the whole people. In order to see this content you need to have both Javascript enabled and Flash installed.

Visit BBC Webwise for full instructions. The Qur'an emphasises that war should be fought only for noble motives without seeking any earthly reward:. Those who readily fight in the cause of God are those who forsake this world in favor of the Hereafter. Whoever fights in the cause of God, then gets killed, or attains victory, we will surely grant him a great recompense. Islam bans the killing of non-combatants Qur'an , above , or of a combatant who has been captured. Muslims are forbidden from attacking wounded soldiers unless the wounded person is still fighting.

The Prophet 's view of non-combatants is shown by a hadith in which Muhammad sees a woman killed in the battlefield and condemns the action. So when you meet in battle those who disbelieve, then smite the necks until when you have overcome them, then make them prisoners, and afterwards either set them free as a favor or let them ransom themselves until the war terminates.

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Abu Bakr the First Caliph gave these rules to an army he was sending to battle:. You are likely to pass by people who have devoted their lives to monastic services; leave them alone. A noble example of ideal Muslim conduct of war is the capture of Jerusalem by Saladin in Although a number of holy Muslim places had been violated by Christians , Saladin prohibited acts of vengeance, and his army was so disciplined that there were no deaths or violence after the city surrendered.

The residents were taken prisoner, but their ransom was set at a token amount.

Search term:. To be sure, the Islamic State has a reputation for taking credit for terrorist acts it had nothing to do with. Its claims must therefore be treated skeptically. And these groups, in solidarity with the Islamic State, have in the past targeted Christians on Easter. Yet the specifics of the Sri Lankan case make it unusual.

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For one, given the planning, sophistication, and scale, the attacks there on April 21 rank as one of the worst terrorist acts recorded. During the violence, the LTTE often resorted to suicide bombings, and it is understandable that people initially thought the group was responsible for the weekend attacks. Although the Sri Lankan military has feared an LTTE comeback, though, the now defanged group never really mounted such coordinated bombings even at the height of its military power.

In any case, the LTTE never attacked Christians if only because many Tamil Christians played a leading role in the separatist struggle. Meanwhile, extremist Buddhists have periodically attacked Christian evangelical groups, but suicide bombings are not really their forte.

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This left Islamist extremists as the potential culprits, yet Muslims in Sri Lanka have never before resorted to suicide bombings, and their moderate leaders have gone to great lengths to discourage reprisals for anti-Muslim attacks. The two local Islamist groups that the government claims were involved in the bombings are relatively obscure.

The other is National Thowheed Jamath NTJ , which appears to have been set up after Sinhalese Buddhist radicals with links to the previous Mahinda Rajapaksa regime orchestrated a wave of anti-Muslim violence in June There exist various jamath organizations in Sri Lanka and South Asia thanks to breakaway factions.

The NTJ could well be one such breakaway faction.

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But no one appears to have thought the group was capable of unleashing the carnage it did this past Sunday. Their miniscule size, coupled with the sophisticated nature of the attacks and the targeting of churches rather than Buddhist temples and assemblies, was therefore one reason for concluding a foreign hand was involved. Now pro-Islamic State posts on social media claim that the attacks were a response to the Christchurch, New Zealand, mosque shootings that killed 50 Muslims. The Sri Lankan government has also concluded that the Christchurch shootings were what inspired the attack.

So why was the country chosen? The group envisions a permanent war between believers who defend Islam and crusaders who undermine the religion in varied ways, including those whose lifestyles are antithetical to fundamental Islamic values.

10 hadiths, Quranic verses that forbid murder of non-Muslims

Their worldview respects no borders and nationalities. Bans on Sharia and International Law.

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Discrimination Against Muslim Women. The government uses discriminatory profiling as official policy in the national security context in multiple ways. The ACLU has pushed back on all of these fronts. We have unearthed thousands of pages of documents detailing the surveillance programs that target American Muslim communities; repeatedly taken the government to court to challenge such programs; lobbied in Congress; and more.

Gill v. ACLU v. Raza v. Following the terrorist attacks in Paris in November , a new wave of anti-Muslim sentiment rose up across the country. Governors declared they would refuse to accept Syrian refugees within their state borders. The House of Representatives passed a bill designed to halt the resettlement of Syrian and Iraqi refugees to the United States. Congress tightened controls in the visa waiver program by passing a law that enshrines discrimination against dual nationals of Iran, Iraq, Sudan, or Syria, or anyone who has visited those countries in recent years — including the relatives of American citizens wanting to visit family.

The ACLU has worked actively to oppose these measures. Constitution and federal law. We are representing the International Rescue Committee in litigation to prevent Texas from barring the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Texas. And we have actively lobbied Congress to oppose changes with discriminatory effects to the visa waiver program.

The Problems with the Visa Waiver Law. Preventing acts of violence is a laudable goal, but there is no evidence that CVE programs are effective — and much evidence that they threaten basic freedoms and are counter-productive. They are based on discredited theories of purported radicalization to violence, even though decades of research has failed to identify reliable indicators that can be used to predict who will commit a violent act.